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As I untangle myself from Jill....
The Chauffeur (#28) Guns and Other Stuff


Copyright 2019


When I woke up on Tuesday morning, Jill was still all entangled in me. It took a couple of minutes to untangle and not wake her. As I stepped into the shower, it dawned on me that neither the security guys nor the gate people had made it here. I made a mental note to phone both.

I knew that our safe guy was now handling the lock changes at the Hawk. Need to have Sharon ask him to stop by at his convenience and finish installing the safes that he left in one of the bedrooms.

I was excited with today’s agenda having the Police pistol range on it. I am very curious about who has firearm training and who doesn't. We're due at the range about 10am and I believe that Dakota has a list of who wants to learn and how many limos we need for everyone to travel.

Roger had set us up with someone that he knew and trusted in teaching firearm safety and usage. I suspected that both CG boys, Fred and maybe John have experience with a firearm. I haven’t heard anything from any of the ladies about previous firearm training. I smelled food being cooked, bacon and maybe some sausages, eggs, and toast.

There was a knock on our door. I unlocked it and found Jennifer and Paula standing there. Both were already dressed, smelled wonderful, and had big smiles on their faces as they were both excited in this mornings adventure. They both kissed me, but their reasoning for knocking was to ask about if the instructor would be bringing enough weapons for all of us who are attending. I assured them he would have enough for all of us. They smiled, kissed me and left. I looked at our clock and woke Jill. She needed to get into the shower and get ready for our adventure.

I got her up and going. I headed down the hall to our primary kitchen. To my surprise, I found both Sammy and Bobby cooking breakfast for everyone. John and Diane were already eating, of course, with John, that was an enormous amount of food he was consuming.

“Good Morning everyone,” I said smiling.

I got lots of groans, a couple of good mornings back, and a couple of completely silent because coffee had not taken effect yet.

I went around kissing all the ladies, warning John that I was NOT going to kiss him, which drew a big laugh from everyone.

Amy told me that the security guys had already called and would be here shortly. The gate people said that since we had changed the name from The Commune to the Chateau it would take a bit more time to fix the name over the gate. The safe guy said he would take care of the safe’s soon, as he was working diligently on the locks of the Hawk.

I pointed out to Amy that we needed a place for her to have the security to be set up, easily accessible to her, and being recorded on a cloud server. She said she already had a location set up just off the primary kitchen with a secondary location in the big kitchen. I was glad she had a plan in mind.

Since I had already gotten dressed in my dress shorts and a Cuban style shirt, I headed outside to the pool homes. I noticed the lights on in the pool home that was now a porn studio. I knocked. Allison answered. I heard moaning and groaning in the background. I saw both twins on their knees in front of guys that I recognized from the porn industry. I didn’t see Belinda though. When I asked about her, Allison took my hand and led me to a back bedroom, where she was the centerpiece of a 12-man circle jerk. She whispered in my ear, how excited she was wearing her collar in the house the other day and is looking forward to doing the same thing again.

I asked her how using the studio was going, she said that she has had a tremendous response and now has a small waiting list, that included a couple of guys that specialize in the BDSM lifestyle. I reminded her about that guy and his antics slapping her around, which was not going to be allowed as she was now MY submissive. She readily agreed, noting that she was only directing the BDSM shoot and would not be part of anything without my personal permission, which I was not going to give her.

I did lean into her and whispered to her that she is my favorite submissive. This made her smile. She offered her services to me, but I declined to say that she was working and needed to focus on that. She smiled and kissed me whispering in my ear how happy she is now that she has a Dom that she can trust.

I squeezed her ass as I left the porn studio. As I walked back across to the house, I see John peering out the glass doors at me with a big cheesy grin on his face.

He opened the door for me. I responded, “No John, it’s not what you are hoping happened. I was just checking on our porn studio as I saw their lights on,” He just shook his head and went on about his business.

This morning the house was buzzing. I wasn’t sure what got everyone moving around so early, but with Bobby and Sammy cooking, the house smelled delicious. I took a plate full of eggs, sausage, syrup, and toast. The guys also set out a glass of pineapple juice and milk for me. I sat at the kitchen table thinking about what Mom had said about needing a formal dining room table. She was right. I texted her that I had seen a pecan table somewhere and thought it to be a beautiful table, but that our table needs to be able to seat at least 20 people.

Both Dakota and Jill came to the kitchen. Dakota was all smiles seeing the coffee pot all filled and waiting for her. She kissed Bobby and Sammy on the cheeks before filling her coffee cup.

Jilly also filled a coffee cup, but she also held a plate out looking for food. Sammy gladly heaped food onto her plate. She picked up Mrs. Butterworth's syrup and carried it over to the table. She used it and then I used it covering my sausage patties with the sugary substance.

I heard a splash and looked out to see the two twins naked in the pool. This drew a chuckle from the inside group. I sent John out there to check on them, which he did gladly. They reached up and under the guise of him helping them out of the pool, they pulled him into the pool fully clothed. Those of us who were watching laughed out loud. John was happy being in the pool with two naked twins. I looked around but didn’t see Diane anywhere.

Both twins took to kissing John. They pushed their naked bodies against him and began removing his clothes. The first thing he removed was his wallet. He now needed to dry it as soon as possible. Thankfully, he did not have his cell phone in his pants pocket when he hit the water.

Corey dove under the water only to emerge with John’s pants and boxer shorts. John looked over at the house and just smiled. None of us cared if he has some pool sex with the twins, in fact, I think a couple of the guys, like Marcus, envied John. I leaned over to Marcus and told him to go join John, I'm sure they would love to have you as an addition. Marcus wasted no time in getting up, shedding his clothes and went running out into the pool. I saw Carol swim over to Marcus and begin playing with him.

Amy told me that my boxes had arrived yesterday, while I was in the bedroom with Jill. She put them in the front bedroom behind the living room. I got up and headed there, with Amy following close behind. I opened the door to see about 50 FedEx boxes of various sizes. I didn’t even know where to begin. I told Amy that I wanted the twins and Marcus to handle the same sorting job here that they did at the Hawk.

As I went to turn around, Amy cornered me. She put her arms around me and pulled me in for a kiss. I pulled her to me, figuring that she felt a bit lonely without Tina being here. I walked her out to the living room. She shed her clothes quickly and began shedding mine. As we both got naked, she sat me down on the couch and straddled my lap. She positioned herself over my manhood and lowered her sex onto me. I began slowly thrusting into her. She began moaning as we rocked together. She began kissing me, well, it was more like making out. We parted our lips allowing each other’s tongue to enter our mouths. I felt her begin to orgasm on me, her body stiffening up as she expelled wetness onto my lap. I thrust into her as deeply as I could get.

I felt that wonderful twinge as I began to shoot rope after rope of my man seed into Amy. I pulled her into me, hugging her and kissing her. I felt her again reach an orgasm. This time her whole body shook with an orgasmic rush. We declared our loved for each other as I shot another round of sperm into her. She wrapped her lithe legs around me pulling me deeper into her as I shot again and again. Her eyes glazed over, and I felt her body spasm underneath me yet again.

As we were uncoupling, my little Dakota came bounding out from her room to see Amy and I untangling. She came right over to us, kissing each of us. I felt her hand rubbing my cum covered cock. Her light strokes felt wonderful. It didn’t take long for me to be hard again just for her. She pulled Amy off me and planted herself down on my lap. She impaled herself onto my manhood in one deft movement. We began to rock back and forth. We continued rocking back and forth for quite a long time. She began kissing me, licking my neck, and playing with my ear. All of that felt wonderful. I thrust into her, shooting rope after rope into her. She moaned in total acceptance, declaring her love for me yet again.

Amy didn’t leave us, she sat on the end of the couch watching us and fingering her own cum filled pussy. She was making a mess on the leather couch. Her pussy was expelling all the cum that I had put in there. She pulled out two fingers full of cum, licking them clean. She moaned as she cleaned her own fingers. As my cock finally began to deflate, Amy took one last lick of my cock taking care to clean the cum from Dakota off my manhood. Dakota just smiled seeing Amy being submissive to me yet again.


As the time for us to leave quickly approached, I remembered that Fred had left one of the limos out into the courtyard. He got up, got dressed and headed outside to go fill up the limo. He returned less than a half hour later with the car all filled up and he even vacuumed the car out.

I returned to the kitchen and saw virtually all the playgroup dressed and waiting to head to the pistol range.

The other limos arrived, and we all piled into any of the cars. Jill, Dakota, Sharon, and Mom all joined me in Fred’s limo.

The rest of the group all chose a car. All three limos were full of our playgroup. Off we went to the pistol range.

Marcus was left behind with instructions about the security company along with instructions that the gate people may show up as well as the locksmith putting the remaining safes into various rooms around the house. He accepted the responsibility.

As we drove to the range, Jill told us about how hard it was for her to learn to qualify on the range in the Marines, although she was using more than just a pistol, she had to qualify with a rifle as well.

Sharon told us about growing up in a house where her Dad went hunting when the season came around. However, it was all a ruse to have a girlfriend on the side. Her Mom figured it out when he came home after a week of being gone ‘hunting’ but he had the exact same clothes on that he left in. She rummaged through his luggage only to find a cute lacy bra, certainly not one of her Mothers’. They divorced after that hunting season. He married his ‘girlfriend’ about 6 months later.

Mom told us that Bob disapproved of guns saying ‘that is the job for someone else’ so he never had guns in their mansion. She never ever even handled a gun, let alone shoot one. Fred offered his assistance making everyone in the back of the car smile.

Dakota had to be cajoled to talk about guns. She said she grew up in a tough neighborhood, lots of gangs, lots of unsavory people many if not most had a gun. She said in high school one of her friends was brutalized at gunpoint. She was so shaken up that she ended up committing suicide. She told us that she is very apprehensive about this training. Jill put her arm around Dakota and said something in her ear that I couldn’t hear.

Then the onus was on me. I told them about the Saturday morning class that I took my son to when he was about 8. This really pissed off his Mother, but I was intent on taking the ‘fun’ out of handling a firearm. We sat and listened to an instructor teach the kids about the difference between a revolver and a semi-automatic pistol. He showed the kids how to be able to look at a weapon and know if there is a safety or not, how to load and unload a pistol, as well as how to clean a weapon properly. I explained that at his age all his friends were enamored with guns. He told me several years later as he became a teenager that his best friend Billy nearly shot the family dog. He had found his Dad’s .45 under his pillow and ran around the inside of the house when it went off. The dog ran and hid underneath a bed. He remembers how Billy just dropped the gun on the floor and went running to his bedroom knowing that he was getting a beating when Dad got home. As I told this story, we arrived at the range.

When Fred parked the car, he turned around and said that he wished more parents took the responsible road. I agreed with him as did everyone else in the limo.

I was happy to see the size of the group once we all emerged from their respective limo. The instructor introduced himself and his assistant since Dakota had warned him about how large our group would be.

We all followed him into a classroom type setting where the learning would begin. He had many more pistols than we needed, which was a relief to me.

As we all took a seat, I noticed that Dakota was seated right next to Jill. Fred, both CG boys already had firearms and carry permits. The instructor had us fill out the carry permit form if we wished to be cleared to hold and handle a firearm.

The first two hours of the training were…. well…. boring. Necessary, but boring.

Before we were even allowed to handle a firearm, we had to pass a short quiz about handling a gun that the instructor had put together. It was a quick quiz, but it took everyone off guard a bit. Surprisingly John and Dakota both finished ahead of everyone else. Jill and I were moments behind. The instructor told us as we were working on the quiz that as you finish you then get to pick a gun to learn with.

John chose a Smith & Wesson .357 Dakota took hold of a smaller Smith 9mm that fit her hand.

Jill took hold of a Glock 9mm. I picked up a larger version of Dakota’s Smith 9mm, this one had a longer stock that fit my hand better.

Mom, well she was quite funny, she picked up a gun like she was picking up a dead rat. This made several of us chuckle, but it was Fred who saved the day with her helping to choose a gun to her size but not with such power to overwhelm her. He gave her a Charter Arms semi-automatic. It fit her hand and coming from Fred she kissed him on the cheek.

Sharon, Paula, Allison, Donna, and Jennifer all relied on someone else to choose their gun. Of course, John wanted to show off, but the CG boys kept him in his seat.

It surprised me to see both Sammy and Bobby with us. I guess I never anticipated them joining us, but I was glad that they did. They each took a Glock as Jill had. Everyone was inspecting their gun. One of the CG boys sat next to John explaining that although a .357 is a great gun, it’s better suited for the movies and not in real life. He selected a Smith & Wesson 9mm which John took reluctantly and gave up the large revolver.

In my head, I again see the maturity level of John growing. Not all that long ago, he would have argued about what gun he wanted, but here he listened to reason and made the switch. Maybe I need to include him in a real work session with me.

Now it was time to head out to the range, but before we did the instructor gave us each a pair of safety glasses. He also did not give us ammo until we got to the range, he said he would then give us five rounds each. Paula made us snicker again asking what a round was. The instructor explained that around was another word for bullet. Paula shrugged her shoulders and Jill patted her on the back.

The instructor divided the group down the middle of the class. One half of the class went with the primary instructor, the other half went with the assistant. We all got up and followed our respective instructor with him putting each of us at separate stalls in which to shoot from.

I chose the very end, closest to Dakota and Jill. I wanted to see Jill shoot, but after hearing about Dakota’s previous experience with a firearm, made me worry about her.

Somehow, John ended up on the other side of me. Jill laughed when she saw me and my shadow, even Dakota laughed a bit seeing John next to me.

In my head, it thought this to be a rather easy task, boy was I wrong. I guess I should be happy that we were all shooting in the same direction at least. It was clear who had handgun training and who didn't. I wasn't bad, all my rounds at least hit the target paper. However, poor Paula and Jennifer had no rounds hit the target paper. They were both ready to give up almost immediately. The primary instructor moved Jennifer and Paula closer to the CG boys, that way each one of them could give them gentle suggestions about being more successful.

Sammy and Bobby also helped. They each made gentle suggestions to Donna and Allison, although I don’t think Allison was comfortable holding the gun. She kept putting the gun down after each shot. Sammy told her to fire all five rounds then put the firearm down.

Next, to me, I heard five shots all grouped together. I turned and saw Jill coaching Dakota. Jill, the CG guys, Fred, and Sammy and Bobby all had put their rounds inside the black, but the CG guys and Fred all hit center mass. The instructor offered to change the target paper from a target to one of a ‘bad guy’, Dakota readily accepted the offer.

It was as if a light switch turned on with Dakota. She put her next five all in the face of the bad guy……all five! She smiled at her results, Jill laughed even the instructor made mention that sometimes you just need something more than a paper target to make things click.

The secondary instructor went along the shooting line offering to change from targets to the bad guy target, John wanted to try. He did ok, all five of his shots hit the guy, but there was no grouping. Bobby stepped over to John and suggested that he hold the gun with one hand and the other hand act as a base underneath the gun stock to keep the recoil to a minimum. When John tried the suggestion, he got four out of the five together with the fifth one not part of the group but directly between the eyes. John was ready to be done after seeing that. We all laughed at our new ‘gunslinger’. What surprised me the most was the care Jill was showing Dakota on how to properly utilize her weapon.

Dakota would take her five shots, Jill would give her advice, and then Dakota would fire five more. Clearly, Dakota was determined to master this and kept at it until her shooting became much better.

I asked the instructor if we could get all our military people lined up next to each other and have ourselves a little shoot off. He shrugged his shoulders and asked the group if they would be willing, which they all agreed. In my head, I thought that one of the CG boys would rise to the top. However, it was a surprise to me that although the CG boys were spectacular, Fred and Jill took top honors. Fred put all five of his again center mass on the regular target. Jill used the bad-guy target and put all five squarely in the chest. The CG boys all had center mass shots, but each one had one single shot that drifted and touched the line, whereas Fred did not.

Dakota just kept practicing repeatedly, focusing on her mastering this skill. Jill was clearly a great help to her giving her advice and direction on bettering her technique.

The other ladies all enjoyed the event, but they didn’t believe that they would ever need this skill. However, Sharon also kept at the shooting trying to master the skill as well. She was quite the spitfire, not willing to quit. Mom, well she really didn’t feel comfortable using the gun, but she did anyway. She kept trying until all five of her shots hit the target at least.

I was impressed that both Sharon and Dakota were determined to master this skill. John, well he was his usual John self, but he again showed signs of maturity when he was given advice on how to further his shooting skill set. All in all, we had a great time. The instructor took a group photo of everyone together holding their gun in front of them. He told me that he would have them developed and mail the set to us.

Once the training class was over, I felt it was time for another great lunch at Fred’s favorite Italian restaurant. Mom was excited to hear we would be going back there. In her mind our rock star would still be there, however, the rest of us just rolled our eyes thinking to ourselves ‘you wish'. It dawned on me that I had made a promise and had not followed through. Before we all got into the cars, I pulled Fred aside and spoke to him. He assured me that he would take care of what I was asking.

Since the CG boys were Fred’s nephews, I assumed that they knew of Fred’s Italian restaurant. Oddly, they had no clue when I asked them to call ahead and let them know we were coming over, all 14 of us. Thankfully, Dakota had the number already on her phone and made the call.

Everyone seemed all hyped up as if adrenaline was pumped into everyone. There was lots of chatter heading to the restaurant. Mom, Jill, and Sharon were all talking as if they were sisters talking about the cute boy in high school.

“Daddy, would it be OK with you if I went home instead of eating lunch with everyone? I’m feeling a bit nauseated and the thought of garlic bread is making my tummy do flip flops,” Dakota said to me.

“Sir, I’d be happy to take Miss Dakota back to the house,” Fred offered.

"That would be fine, thank you, Fred," I answered.

As we pulled into the parking lot, Fred pulled up next to the door and let us out. I kissed Dakota before getting out. She assured me it was nothing to worry about she was just a bit nauseated.

I got out and everyone else got out of their limo. The CG boys were quite happy as they had never ridden in a limo before today. Yet, the buzz was still about the gun class and the shooting. Everyone congratulated Jill on kicking the hell out of the others, but Jill being Jill politely told everyone that they all ‘let’ her win. In my head, I wasn’t sure if they did or not. I knew one of the CG boys was a sniper but shooting a 50 caliber from a moving helicopter is far different than shooting a pistol.

Fred left with Dakota. Jill knew by my face that I was worried about her. The last two times we had pregnancy issues, there was more to it than just being nauseated. I decided to call Dr. Ronda.

“Hey cutie, what makes you call me, horny again are you?” She says in a cute joking manner.

“Well, my sexy darling, I’m actually calling you to please give Dakota a call. She is skipping lunch with the gang and is headed back to the house. I’m sure that I’m just being a big old worry-wort, but I want to err on the sign of caution. Will you check on her as a favor to me?" I ask.

“Darling, for you I’d do just about anything. I’ll call her when we hang-up. But don’t be surprised if I’m at your house collecting my doctor fees,” She gives me a quick phone kiss and hangs up.

Jill rubs my back, she knows that I’m worried.

Jill’s phone buzzes.

“Hello, this is Jill Greene,” she says.

There’s a pause as I can only hear Jill’s side of the conversation.

“Yes, tomorrow morning would be fine. We’ll see you then. Have a great day!” She says before hanging up.

“What was that all about?” I ask.

“A large stockholder of Churchill Downs wants to buy all of our horse racetracks. He’s put an investor group together and they would like to meet with us tomorrow morning at the Hawk. They wanted to make sure they were not intruding on any funeral or family time with respect to Bob Jaxson.” She says to me.

“Well, darling, you’ve told me that the tracks are great cash cows, their operating costs and liability insurance have gone up exponentially. I was thinking about the financials you sent me and maybe selling one, two, or all of them would be a good idea. What do you think?” I say to Jill as we go inside the restaurant.

“If we can, I say sell them all. Right now, they are all in the black, but it wouldn’t take much for that to change.” Jill tells me as I hold her seat out for her.

“Didn’t we get them in the Happy, Happee Limo deal? Weren’t they bought under the limo license and we acquired them for next to nothing like the recording studio?” I ask.

“Yes, we did. Let me take a quick look but off the top of my head we may be able to get them to take the whole package, including that one in upstate New York that hasn’t made money in three or four years.” Jill says. I just love it when she gets into the business mode, she is so sexy then.

The owner comes over to greet us. Before we even say anything, he has two bottles of Chianti and three baskets of garlic bread being delivered to the table. He also has several glasses of water. Fred had mentioned that we would like water with the meal. The owner did inquire where Fred was. I told him he is running one of our party home, as she wasn’t feeling well.

“Must have eaten Greek food, too much lamb,” the owner says laughing. We all chuckled along with him.

I leaned over to Jill and asked, “Darling do you have a company check with you? I’ll need one for after lunch,” I say to her quietly.

“Sure, let me get you one out of my handbag,” she says reaching into her bag.

“What’s it for?” She asks.

“I promised something and it’s time to pay up,” I say avoiding the real answer with all the ears around listening.

It wasn’t very long before plates full of spaghetti and meat sauce started arriving at the table. It didn’t even dawn on me until we were eating that Diane did not join us.

“Darling, have you seen Diane?” I ask Jill.

“Um, come to think about it, no,” she replies.

“Jennifer, where’s Diane?” I ask.

“Didn’t she tell you? She went to the office since she was uncomfortable with handling a gun. She said you told her it was optional,” Jen replies.

“Of course, it was optional. I just don’t remember her saying she was uncomfortable with guns,” I reply.

I get up and walk around the table and squat down next to John.

“Hey, where’s Diane?”

“She’s at work. She didn’t want to do the gun thing, but she felt she should be at work if not with us. I told her she was being overly sensitive, but she’s serious about making sure you’re happy with her,” John tells me.

“Dial her up for me on your phone please,” I ask John.

John takes out his phone and dials it and hands it to me.

“HI HUNNY BUNNY,” Diane says thinking it was John calling her.

“Well, hi back Diane,” I say to her chuckling.

“OH SHIT” she replies.

“Darling, why are you at work? This was supposed to be an outing day for everyone,” I say to her.

“Daddy, I screwed up before. I want you to think good of me. I figured that if I wasn’t at the gun thing, then I should be here at my desk working,” she says back.

“Well, darling, we’re missing you. No one is here to slap John upside his head when he says something stupid,” I say to her trying to be funny.

I add, “Darling, can we bring you lunch or something to eat?”

“No, I just had a couple of sandwiches that I made before I left the house this morning plus, I have a small salad to have in a bit,” she says back.

"Diane, are you taking the prenatal vitamins as Dr. Ronda suggested?" I ask.

“Well, I keep forgetting,” she says.

“OK but know that we’ll talk about fixing that tonight. I want you to have a bright beautiful child, even if John is the Father,” I say looking at John and laughing. She laughs as well, even John chuckles.

I tell her that I’ll see her tonight and hand the phone back to John.

I walk back down to my seat. I stop at Sharon and lean in an ask her, “Will you move down by me please?”

I hold my hand out and help her up from the table. We walk down to my spot. One of the CG boys brings her chair. Jill scooches over and pulls my chair over as well making room for Sharon.

I put her plate of food down at the empty spot, wait for the chair to be set in place and hold Sharon’s hand as she sits down.

Just as I sit down next to her, I see Fred walk in the restaurant. He gives me a quick thumbs up, so I know what I asked him to do is done.

“WOW, lunch with the boss," Sharon says smiling.

“How has the day been so far?” I ask.

“Oh, my goodness. This has been a crazy day. The gun range, the classes about how to handle a gun, lunch here, this is an awesome work day,” She says with a big smile on her face.

“Good, we have an errand to run after lunch before we head back to the Chateau. Oh, by the way, Jill and I need to reserve the big conference room tomorrow. I don’t know how long we’ll need it but let me book it for the entire day. Also, we need to have coffee, water, juice ready for tomorrow. We have an investment group meeting Jill and me tomorrow. Can you have that ready for us?" I ask of her.

Sharon stops eating and dials up the office and has a quick conversation with someone and in just a couple of minutes she has everything set up. I smile and thank her. She goes back to eating. As Fred joins us, everyone welcome’s him. He sits down next to Bobby and Sammy who are stuffing their faces almost as fast as John, which I didn’t think anyone could even come close.

We all sit and take our time enjoying the food and the friendship of everyone at the table. Fred tells me that Dakota got a call in the car from Dr. Ronda and that she will stop by tonight just to check on Dakota.

“Oh, yeah sir, she told Dakota to tell you that your bill is past due,” He says to me.

I just laugh.

We spend about an hour before I see virtually everyone done. Jill and I exchange items, I give her some cash to pay for the meal and she gives me a company check.

I get up and thank everyone telling them I need to head to the office for a bit asking Sharon to join me. She willingly agrees.


We walk outside the restaurant and there is a Town car waiting for us. I hold the door open for Sharon and get in with her. The driver already knows where we are headed. Sharon asks, “Why are we heading to the office?”

“We’re not,”

“But you said….” she says.

“Just trust me,” I tell her.

We don’t travel too far, about three miles before we pull into our destination. A Mercedes dealership. Sharon’s eyes get big then tear up. I just smile. The driver pulls the car up to the front doors of the dealership. We get out and walk inside.

We meet a receptionist, who inquires why we are there. I just think to myself other than cars what are they selling?

“Ma’am, we would like to speak to your newest salesperson,” I tell the receptionist.

She picks up the phone and dials someone up.

“She’ll be right here. Would you like some coffee or bottled water while you wait?” The receptionist asks.

“No thank you, we’re fine. How long until the salesperson is here?" I ask.

From behind me, I hear, "Hello, I’m told you asked for me?” a young voice says.

We turn around and see a lovely young woman standing with a big smile on her face.

“I’m Brandi Johansson. My friends call me BJ. Do I know you from somewhere because you don’t look familiar to me,” she asks.

“Ms. Johansson, you don’t know us. I asked for the newest salesperson,” I answer as I try not to be obvious that I’m looking her body over. I guess I wasn’t that subtle as I feel a poke in the ribs from Sharon.

“Please call me BJ,” she says making Sharon and me smile.

“OK, BJ, we’re here to buy this young lady a car,” I tell her.

“Well sir, we don’t sell cars,” she replies.

“Um, then what are those things parked all over your lot and inside this building?” I ask now that she has me curious.

“Those automobiles sir are Mercedes Benz, the finest automobile on the planet,” she says with a big smile on her face.

“But they’re still cars are they not?” I ask.

“Well, um……yes, I guess they are,” She says a bit more subdued.

“Look BJ, we already know the type of MERCEDES. We just need to pick out color and options and check to see if you have it in stock,” I tell her.

“Um, OK. Which one do you want?” She asks.

“It’s not for me. It’s for Sharon,” I tell her turning and looking at Sharon.

“Hello Ms. Sharon, your Dad says you only have to pick out the color and the options,” BJ says.

“My DAD? No honey, he’s my boss,” Sharon says with a bit of redness to her face.

“Oh WOW, I wish more bosses bought cars for their people,” BJ says.

“Um, did you just call them cars?” I ask smiling.

“Yeah, sorry. They make a big deal in training to not call them cars,” she tells us.

“BJ let’s start over. Hi, I’m David Greene. This is my building manager Sharon. My company is buying her a car of her choice and she chose a Mercedes. Can you help us?” I say to her.

"Yes, sir. I would be happy to help you. Do you have a model picked out and do you know what color is available in the model?” She asks.

“BJ I was hoping for an E class,” Sharon says.

“Which E class and what color,” BJ asks.

“Do you have an E-300 in either red or blue?” Sharon inquires.

"Yes, Ma'am. We have one of each. They are also available in black, silver, and white,” she explains.

“David, I would really love a red one, if that’s OK with you,” Sharon asks.

“Darling, it’s your car, chose what you want,” I tell her.

“BJ may I see the red one?”

“Certainly, please follow me. I just have to stop at our security desk show them your license and get the keys,” she explains.

We both get our licenses out and hand them to BJ. As she walks away from us, I again get poked in the ribs with Sharon saying in my ear, “Bet you’d like a shot at her eh?” chuckling as she says it.

“Would you expect anything less from your boss?” I reply smiling the whole time.

BJ stops at the security desk who takes our licenses and runs them through a machine before he hands them back to her and gives her a set of keys as well.

We walk over to BJ and she takes us by golf cart to a row of E class Mercedes. Sharon’s eyes light up when she sees the red one. She grabs my bicep and squeezes as she is excited like a child on Christmas morning.

BJ begins her ramble about owning a Mercedes. 50 coats of paint, 15 coats of clear lacquer, 5-star crash rating, hand-stitched leather seats, seating for five, rear view camera, blah, blah, blah. My eyes roll listening to the prepared speech about the Mercedes.

“BJ can we take the vehicle for a test drive?” I ask.

She opens the door and Sharon gets in the driver’s seat. I get in the back seat and BJ gets in the passenger side. Once we are all in and secured with the seat belts, she hands Sharon the key fob. Sharon starts the car. She is so excited that her hands are almost shaking.

Sharon listens intently to BJ explain things about this model. I just sit back and listen. The test drive takes more than an hour as BJ wanted Sharon to experience all the features of the car.

“BJ what did you do before selling Mercedes?” I ask. Sharon looks at me through the rearview mirror and smiles. She knows I’m up to something.

“I bounced around from one retail job to another while finishing college. I began dating this guy, an older guy, who told me I would make lots of money selling these cars. I’ve been working here 3 months now and have not sold even one car. I’ve gotten close twice, but they did not qualify for financing. I feel like I got hoodwinked, but I owe them for 12 weeks of a draw with no sales,” she explains to Sharon and me.

“Do you like doing this job? Selling cars, I mean.” I ask.

"At first, yes. It was fun and exciting all new, but now it is getting more depressing by the day. I'm sorry, I shouldn't be telling you all this," she says.

“Then, tell me what did you go to college for and what would you like to do?” I ask.

“Well sir, I only got my AA degree in business finance. I would really like to have an office job working regular hours but feeling like I was accomplishing things,” BJ tells me.

“Great, then come work for me. I think Sharon needs an assistant. What do you say, Sharon, would you like an assistant?" I say smiling to her.

“Absolutely Boss!” She says back.

“BJ, I saw a car next to this one in a beautiful blue, is that the same as this red one?” I ask.

“Oh no sir, that one is more expensive. This one that we’re in is $61,000 that blue one you saw is $83,000,” she tells us.

As Sharon pulls the car back onto the lot of the Mercedes dealership BJ directs her where to park the vehicle.

“Well, Sharon is this your car, or do you want to test drive something else?” I ask.

“You know I want this one, why are you teasing me?” She says smiling.

“Because I can,” I say to her laughing.

“Let’s go inside and talk to your sales manager,” I tell BJ.

We get out and head inside. She stops at the security desk and hands the key fob back to the security guard. She walks us to this tiny office with a cheap desk that has two crappy hard plastic chairs. She tells us she will be right back with her sales manager.

It only takes a couple of minutes before she appears with a guy who epitomizes the very definition of a used car salesman. She introduces him as Tony Rollo.

“Hello sir, I’m Tony Rollo, sales manager. BJ tells me that you’re looking to buy that nice red E300. She’s a beauty, isn’t she?” He says to me, but what I hear in my head is blah, blah, blah. My head likened the sound to the teacher’s voice in the old Charlie Brown cartoons.

“Tony, I am interested in that car. What is the best OUT THE DOOR price you can give me?” I ask.

“Well, you’re in luck, we have a great deal on special financing for all new customers,” he begins.

“Tony, Tony, stop right there. I asked for your best out the door price,” I tell him.

“Well sir, we haven’t discussed….”

I cut him off mid-sentence. “Mr. Rollo, do you want to make a sale, or do you want to waste my time. I have little patience for time wasting. I work for a living. If you can’t tell me what I asked you for either get your boss or I’m going to your competition,” I tell him sternly. I see BJ’s eyes get bigger. Apparently, she hasn’t seen anyone put Mr. Rollo in his place.

“Sir, I’ll be right back with my boss. The owner of the dealership,” He gets up sounding a bit defeated.

He returns a couple of minutes late with a slender man.

“Sir, this is Klaus. He owns this dealership,” Tony tells me.

Klaus extends his hand and we shake.

“Mr. Klaus, we came in here to buy a Mercedes. No financing just to buy the darn car. Yet, your man here seems to want to waste my time. I work for a living and would like to get back to doing what I do. So, I’ll ask you the same question What is the best out the door price on that red Mercedes that we just test drove with this hardworking lady BJ?” I say in a stern voice, now getting a bit annoyed.

“That car sir goes for $61,000 but I can let you have it for $58,500,” He says to me.

“And what if we want the blue one?” I ask.

“Oh sir, that one is more expensive. The MSRP is $83,000 but I can let you have it for $79,500,” He tells me.

“And that’s your best price to me and these are out the door prices, tax, tag, and all your little preprinted fees?” I ask.

“OK, I’ll take both and I want your assurance that BJ here gets the credit for the sale. I’m only here because she worked so hard on this sale. If I didn’t need to get back to work soon, I would have just left and gone to your competition. How long do you think this will take?” I say with an air of superiority.

“Sir, we will have all the paperwork done and the cars ready in less than 90 minutes. Will that be sufficient?” Klaus says to us. However, I see Sharon having a hard time sitting still in her chair, the uncomfortable chair.

"Mr. Klaus, can we move to somewhere that is more comfortable. These chairs really suck to sit in,” I say to him.

He leads us to another much more lavish office. I see the nameplate on the door that it belongs to Mr. Rollo.

We go in and sit down. BJ tries to excuse herself to go back out front to wait for another customer.

“Oh no BJ, you get to stay in here with us. You’re our sales person you get to reap the rewards of selling us not one but TWO cars,” I say to her in front of Mr. Rollo.

He nods telling her to sit down and join us while the new car get-ready department preps the two cars and their back-office people prepare all the paperwork.

The three of us chat and laugh about lots of things. Sharon goes on a sales pitch to BJ about how good of a boss I’ve been. She tells her about today’s adventure, the gun range, the class on gun safety, the fabulous lunch, and now getting her a new car. I think to myself that BJ is truly a beauty. She is certainly more beautiful than the twins Corey and Carol While she is no Jill, nor Dakota, nor even Amy for that matter she is quite beautiful, you can see it.

A conservatively dressed lady comes into the office and sits down across the desk from us. She turns her paperwork around so we can see the two sales contracts as she goes over them line by line. Once she is done, she asks for payment. I write out the check to the name of the dealership and in the amount of $138,000, signing my name at the bottom. She looks at the check and asks if I’m the new CEO of the company that she saw on MSNBC. When I tell her that I am, she asks if she could get a cell phone picture of us. I tell her only if our sales person BJ is in the photo.

The three of us stand together, the ladies flanking me as the back-office lady snaps three pictures trying to make sure she gets a good one. I ask that a copy goes to BJ as her first sale. She assures me that one will.

“BJ how close to breakeven does this sale get you?” I ask her.

“Pretty close, maybe even a smidge ahead,” she says.

“Please go get our dear Mr. Rollo,” I say to BJ.

Sharon knows what’s coming next, of course, I haven't been shy about things, I just don't like Mr. Rollo.

“Ah, Mr. Rollo, I want to thank you. You made it easy for BJ to quit your firm. I’m taking her with us. If you think she still owes your firm money, feel free to send me the bill. I’ll have my forensic legal team go over what you say she owes you line by line. Should we find even one penny out of place, I’ll have no choice but to file complaints with the California Better Business Bureau, the California Department of Business, AAA, and any other agency I can think of. Please tell Mr. Klaus we thank him. Goodbye Mr. Rollo," I say to him as I get up and leave with BJ and Sharon.

As we walk to the door, I hand BJ the keys to the blue car.

“I want you to follow Sharon and me to my house,” I say to her.

BJ stops, turns around and runs over to a desk. She opens the bottom drawer and pulls out a purse. She walks back over to me, stopping at the security desk and handing over her keys and security tag to the guard and says goodbye to him.

“BJ, please hand me your phone,” I say to her.

She hands me her phone. I put my cell number and the address of the Chateau on her phone and tell her to use the car's GPS to get to my house. She hesitantly agrees. I can tell that she is very nervous. I just turned her life upside down, but hopefully for the better.

As I get into the red Mercedes with Sharon, my phone buzzes. It’s Jill.

"Hey, there Sexy. What’s up?” I say to her.

“Did you just buy Sharon a Mercedes? They called to verify that you had the authority to sign a check for that amount,” Jill says to me.

“Well, Sharon has a new car. I’m very glad that I fulfilled my promise to her when I hired her. Hey, I have an idea about tomorrow, let me talk to you when we get home, oh, and I have another new person to join our group. I hired our car salesperson,” I say to Jill.

“How blonde is she?” Jill asks laughing.

“Sharon, tell Jill what you think of BJ,” I say to Sharon.

“Jill, she’s beautiful. I’d do her in a minute, you would also. I can’t wait until you see the car that David bought for me,” Sharon says as she hands the phone back to me. It dawns on me that we’ll need BJ to set up the blue tooth in both cars when we get to the house.

As we turn down the service road to the house, I see in my visor mirror BJ’s face. She is astounded at the homes. We pull into the courtyard of the Chateau. I see the gate guys have installed the gate, but it is still in the open position. I also see the security guys van here. Although, I don’t see the safe guy’s vehicle.

Sharon parks her car in the absolute center of the courtyard. BJ parks the blue car next to Sharon’s car. We get out of the cars and head to the door. BJ is shocked and amazed. When we open the door and go inside, I was worried for a moment that she might just pass out. Her head is swirling, and she is spinning around trying to see everything. Sharon takes her hand and tells her to follow her.

Jill and Dakota come bouncing over to me. Both of my ladies give me a big romantic kiss. I take Jill by the hand and take her outside to the courtyard. I ask her, “Jilly, what’s your favorite color?”


“OH, MY GAWD, DAVID, IS THAT FOR ME?” She says screaming with excitement. Dakota follows her over to the car. I toss her the key fob and tell her to take it for a spin. Both she and Dakota get in the car. They slowly circle around and then peel out of the courtyard heading down the service road at some ungodly speed, screaming all the way.

I shake my head and walk back inside. Sharon comes bouncing over to me and gives me a huge passionate kiss, right in front of BJ. When she breaks from the kiss, she takes BJ’s hand and tells her that she’s going to get a tour of the shack.

They bound off together. I smell some good food cooking, clearly, Sammy and Bobby are working. I go into the kitchen and ask what smells so good.

“I’m making Grilled Chicken to toss into freshly made alfredo and egg noodles. Sammy is making some finger food appetizers and I think he’s going to make a multiple layered vanilla and strawberry cake for dessert,” Bobby tells me. I look at the microwave clock and see that it is after 5pm. I feel bushed and sit down at the table.

I have a delicate pair of hands cover my eyes, but by the perfume, I can tell that the hands belong to Amy.

“Hi Daddy, you have a guest on their way over. She says you owe her for an unpaid bill. Daddy, I thought Jill handled all the bills?” She asks.

“Yes, my dear, Jill does take care of all the real bills. However, I’m guessing that our guest is Dr. Ronda. She’s referring to wanting to play with me, she hasn’t had the opportunity in a while. Oh, Amy, this is BJ. I hired her away from the car dealership. She’s going to be Sharon’s assistant at the Hawk, so please make her feel welcome,” I say to Amy.

“Um, Mr. Greene,” BJ begins to say.

“David,” I correct her.

“Or Daddy,” Amy interjects.

“OK, David. Who are you? I mean this house is bigger than the shops that I go shopping in. And you seem to have beautiful women bouncing all around here. Are you, um, Hugh Hefner or someone like that?” BJ asks me.

“No, Hugh Heffner changed the world. He made nude pictures of women into a worldwide magazine. I'm just trying to fix my company, Jaxson Inc.” I say to her.

“BJ, in the test drive you made mention that you dated an older man for a bit who convinced you to become a car salesman? By chance, was the older guy Mr. Rollo?” I ask her.

"How did you know? I thought no one knew," She says with a stunned look on her face.

“I watched the way you acted around him and the way he dismissed you,” I tell her.

“What do you mean?” she asks.

“When you thought you were supposed to go back out and wait for another customer, he just dismissed you. No recognition for selling two cars, no thank you for doing a good job. He was content to just let you go away. He really got ticked off when I told him that you were to stay since it was you that made the sale,” I tell her.

“Yeah, he’s dating the other new gal. She’s even younger than me. She’s just barely over 21 and me at 25 is now the old gal. We’re the only two ladies that work for that dealership, all the other salespeople are men,” she tells me.

Melanie comes around the corner. She kisses me and sits in the chair between BJ and myself.

“Who’s this David?” Mom asks.

“Mom, this is BJ. I hired her away from the car dealership to be Sharon’s assistant,” I tell Mom.

“David, this is your Mom?” BJ asks.

“No darling, I’m David’s boss’s widow. My husband, David’s boss just passed away and David and Jill brought me back from my house in the Hamptons to hang out here. Which I’m loving, especially with these cute guys that are here like Bobby and his counterpart Sammy, who is in the other kitchen," Mom tells BJ.

I see in BJ’s eyes that she has questions, I get up kiss Mom and even kiss BJ on the top of her head and head back towards my bedroom to take a quick shower.

When I get to my bedroom, Amy follows me inside.

“Amy, darling, where is everyone?”

“Well, John and Jennifer went downtown to get Diane from the office. The two CG guys are outside at the pool and the twins are in the pool with them. Belinda and Allison are working in the studio. Well, you know where Jill and Dakota are. Mom you just saw in the kitchen. Paula went to the limo company as she had an issue she had to correct. Donna went to the call center, she wanted to check on something that she suspects happens when she’s not there, so she wanted to give them a surprise visit. Fred is taking the limo back. I don’t know where Marcus is, and Mark Newberg said he would be back after 530pm. And of course, I’m here available to you if you want me, anytime you want me,” Amy says with a twinkle in her eye.

I put my arms around her and pull her to me. She stands on her tippy-toes to kiss me. We stand there for several minutes just kissing. I pull her tightly to me. She puts her arms around my neck. I feel her petite body press itself against me. I hear her moan into my mouth as we continue our kiss.

I hear a slight knock on the bedroom door. I look over to see Sharon and BJ. Sharon brings BJ into the bedroom. She takes Amy’s hand and walks out with Amy leaving BJ alone with me in my bedroom. BJ turns around and around looking at the sheer size of the bedroom.

“Sir, I’m not sure how comfortable I feel. This is so surreal. You take me away from the dealership, you bring me to your home, you have all these beautiful women. What the heck do you see in me?” BJ says.

“BJ you’re a beautiful woman. Would I like to have physical intimacy with you? ABSOLUTELY! But, only if you're willing. Everyone who is part of my playgroup does this because they love sex and enjoy making someone else feel good. Everything is consensual and none of it has anything to do with their job. Play, don’t play, it’s all up to you. We have lots of good-looking guys and other than John and Diane and Jill and I everyone is single. John and Diane are engaged, but they play with everyone. Jill and I are married, but we also play with everyone. If you would like to play, just pick someone out and play, we’re a very friendly bunch. If you are bisexual, virtually all our women here are bisexual. If you know what a swinger is, that probably defines us the best,” I say to her.

“I don’t know. I’m nervous. Sharon can’t stop talking about you and your ability to please a woman. But I see this beautiful petite woman who just left this room, what's her name, Amy? How do I compete with that?" She asks.

"BJ, this is not a competition. As I said, we are just a friendly bunch. When Marcus gets here, I want to introduce him to you. He's just a bit older than you but he's a real lover. All the women just love to play with him. I think that he would be a great first guy to play with.” I tell her.

“Well, sir, if you think he’s a good one to start with, I’ll be willing to try. At some point, can I work my way up to you?” She asks. Somehow, I just knew that this question was lurking in her head.

“Darling, you don’t need to work up to me. I’m available to you virtually anytime. Although, I do have a dear friend who wants to play with me tonight coming over, Dr. Ronda,” I say to her.

I step forward. I put my arms around her and lean in and kiss her. She responds a bit more than I anticipated. Her mouth parts and her tongue snakes its way into my mouth. I feel my cock beginning to tent out my dress pants. She feels it as well, reaching down and squeezing my nearly erect cock. I caress her back. I begin to unbutton her blouse. I let it drop to the floor. I reach around and unclasp her bra letting it also fall to the floor. She begins to unbutton my shirt letting it fall to the floor as well. Her hands begin to explore my chest as she pulls my tee shirt over my head. I scoop her up in my arms, honeymoon style and lay her on the play bed. I slide her slacks off her. I see that she has these cute beige lace panties. I remove them. While I’m standing at the side of the bed, I unbuckle my own pants letting them fall to the floor. I slide my boxers down as well. I hear a small gasp as she sees my hard cock pointing to the ceiling.

I get into the bed, moving my face between her thighs and leaning in to lick her womanhood. She spreads her legs grasping my hair and pulling me into her. I begin to lick and suck her tasty sex. I feel her getting wetter with each lick. I gently put two fingers inside of her scraping on her G-spot. This makes her moan loudly as she splashes my hand and wrist. She is moaning loudly now, pulling her knees up towards her face giving me more access to her womanhood. I keep curling my fingers inside of her making her orgasm more and more until the big one hit like a mac truck.

“OH GAWD DAVID, THIS FEELS SO WONDERFUL, YOU ARE SO AMAZING, SHARON IS RIGHT, YOU ARE AN AWESOME LOVER,” she says to me as a huge orgasm rolls through her body.

Another orgasm rolls through her body as I keep curling my fingers on her G-spot. “OH DAVID, I’M CUMMING SO HARD….SO HARD….SO….HAA,” She doesn’t finish the phrase as a third orgasm rolled through right on top of the second one. I let her gather her senses after the third orgasm. I pull her in close and just kiss her. She wraps her legs around me and pulls me in tightly.

“David, this is so much better than anything that I’ve experienced before. Thank you for taking me away from that horrible place. I guess at some point I need to go home and prepare for tomorrow,” she says to me.

“BJ, you don’t need to go home tonight. I have plenty of room here. We’ll work something out. I just know you will enjoy our group. This is only the beginning of your sexual awakening,” I tell her.

She pulls herself into me and kisses me passionately. She lays her head on my chest and just begins to circle her fingers through my chest hairs. It doesn’t take long before I hear her lightly snoring as she has fallen asleep in my arms.

I hear Bobby and Sammy announce that dinner is ready. I gently get up from underneath BJ and head out, putting on my basketball shorts and a tee shirt. I leave my bedroom door open. When I get to the living room, Dakota and Jill are just coming back in with huge smiles on their faces. Clearly, they loved Jill's new car. I got kisses from Dakota and a bigger kiss from Jill. I whisper in Jill's ear that we have a new member of the playgroup in our play bed. Jill smiles and says, "Well, that didn't take very long," giggling at me.

We all head down to the kitchen to get some food. I see John and Jennifer and Diane are all here. Amy asks me if I enjoyed the new gal, I just nodded yes. She smiled and said, “I suspected you would,” smiling the whole time.

I made myself a big plate of food. I thought about just how nice my life has become since I became a chauffeur. Tomorrow is another day and Jill and I must meet this investment group about the horse tracks. We all eat our dinner enjoying each other’s company.



2019-03-04 04:40:25
Another great chapter!! Can't wait for #29!!


2019-03-02 04:55:18
Your the best, that's all I can say.


2019-03-01 18:56:58
you sure never disappoint I can hardly wait for the next chapter . Bj is going to be a fun addition to the playgroup.

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