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You have been 18 for a few weeks and you finally want to feel how it is to receive a footjob, lick the soles of a girl or suck her toes, luckily you have your friend kate and her beautiful feet.
ts 11 am when you wake up. You have been 18 for a few weeks and you finally want to feel how it is to receive a footjob, lick the soles of a girl or suck her toes.

Today is Saturday, so you will have all day to do this, but first, you have to pick the girl you want to test your fantasies with

Kate, the beautiful redhead you have been great friends with for years. You never really had a crush on her but damn, she has beautiful feet, to say the least.

Because of having been friends with her for years, she won't suspect a thing when you call her to come over at your place. 'Yeah, calling her to come over seems like the best action,' You think to yourself. "Hey Kate, my parents aren't home and I'm bored to death, wanna come over and watch some movies?"

"Oh hey john! I'm also pretty bored so yeah, give me about an hour and I'll be there!" Kate answers.

"Alright sounds great see you soon" You put down the phone and start thinking on how u could convince her to let you use her feet.

he has been complaining about some foot pain yesterday after gym so im sure She wouldn't mind a nice footrub" You think to yourself.

1 Hour later

Trinnggg "Well, there she is, no going back now." You think to yourself.

You open the door and there she is, the beautiful red head girl, its quite hot outside so it shouldn't come as a surprise, but shes wearing flip flops and you quickly catch a glimpse of her toes before looking at her face again and are struggling not to get hard already. "Hey kate how are you?" "Doing quite good, still having some feet pain tho, you?" She answers. "Oh im doing great! Btw i found some oil while i was cleaning, i could give u a foot rub to help relieve the pain" In your head you are quietly praying she wont find it weird you want to give her a foot rub out of nowhere. "Oh really? Sounds great, i could really use a foot rub!" She answers.

5 minutes later

"Okay im quickly gone get the oil, you can sit down there and ill be right back" You say to kate.

As you walk to your room to get the oil you feel your heart pumping in your head "Its really gone happen, im gone give her a foot rob, but ill need to think of a good idea how i could escalate it to show her my fetish" You think to yourself.

When you walk into the room again you see her siting on the couch with her beautiful feet freed of the flip flops, you can't stop yourself from looking at them for a quick sec "god those soles look so good, i would just love to have them around my cock" You think to yourself, but the quick 1 sec look now turned into starting at her feet for a full 3 seconds, she notices and says "What your looking at?" "Oh nothing, your feet are just beautiful"You say before realizing what you just said. "Well thank you i guess" She giggles.

You get down on your knees right in front of her feet and you cant stop yourself from taking a deep breath and just enjoy the smell of those beautiful feet, she notices it and before u can get the oil she pushes her sole right into your face. "I noticed you staring at my feet loads of times, but this totally confirms it, you have a feet fetish, and well i must say that i get quite horny myself at the idea of somebody licking my soles and sucking my toes." She says smiling. Righ after this you start slowly kissing and licking her soles and she slowly starts moaning "Oh yes keep going that feels amazing" The taste, the smell and her moaning make your dick rock hard but you know the footjob can wait for some time, you are just in heaven right now, her soles taste so good, the combination of her skin taste, the sweat,and the smell, make it taste even better then you would have ever imagined, after licking her soles for sometime you slowly move up her foot and start slowly sucking on her beautiful toes, you had been dreaming all day of sucking her toes with those beautiful red painted nails, and finally it was happening.

After some more time of enjoying her feet you stand up and Start kissing her "I want you to give me a footjob babe" You say while looking in her beautiful green eyes. "Oh yes i can do that." She says before pulling your pants and underwear down revealing your rock hard cock. "Oh john its so fucking big." She moans before kissing the precum covered tip of your cock, she slowly pushes you a bit back and places her feet around your cock and starts fucking your dick with her feet.

"Oh god babe it feels so good" You moan while feeling the intents pleasure of her soles going up and down the shaft of your cock, after doing this for some time she says to you "Hmm john i want your fucking cum over my feet, give me your cum, shoot it all over those beautiful little feet." The intense pleasure of your cock between her feet and her saying she want your cum makes your dick have the most amazing orgasm you ever had "Babe im gone cum, im gone fucking cum" You say before shooting loads of cum all over her feet, you know the orgasm only lasted around 10 seconds but if felt like you where shooting cum all over her feet for minutes long, While you are still breathing heavily and recovering from that amazing orgasm you see her bring her flexible feet to her mouth and starts licking the cum off them, after licking all the cum of her feet she says "Hmm john that was so much cum, and it tasted so damn good, never in my life did i think your cum would taste this good."she says while showing her tongue proving she swallowed every single bit of cum she licked of her feet. "This is the best orgasm i ever had kate, your amazing" You say to her. "Hmm, i didn't orgasm tho, ill come back to your house at 10 pm and ill let you do with me watever i want, as long as you give me a amazing orgasm" She says while looking you straight in the eyes.

After this she gets he flip flops on again and walks to the door, "Remember ill be here at 10 pm again."

You are sitting at the couch when you hear the door close and think to yourself. "This was amazing, can't wait to fuck her tonight" As you wipe of the last bit of sweat of your forehead.

It's 10:45 pm And you are patiently waiting for Kate to arrive in 15m.

You are thinking about what you are going to do with her and remember what Kate said: "You can do anything with me as long as you make me orgasm."

'Well this could be quite interesting, I still have that oil for the foot rub, you could go and use it as a lube to fuck her nice ass.' You feel your dick get hard again while thinking about it, she's always had such a lovely little ass. You quickly go get the oil and wait for Kate to arrive.

15 minutes later

Trinnnngg You hear the bell and look at the clock. 'Its 10 pm, looks like its time to go and use that body of hers.' You open the door and there she is, She looks at you with her sexy green eyes and says, "Hey John, are you ready to let me orgasm?"

You kiss her on her mouth and whisper to her, "Oh yes babe, I'm gone make you cum so fucking hard"

You walk to the couch with her and tell her to sit down and take off her flip-flops. Afterward, you get on your knees and start sniffing her feet. Just like earlier today, you smell her nice sweaty soles and slowly start kissing them. After some time, you start to lick them and don't stop before you've gotten all that salty sweat off them.

Having gotten your fill of her taste, you tell her to take her clothes off, get on her knees and take your dick out. She takes all her clothes off slowly revealing her C-cup size tits and her already wet pussy. She then gets on her knees and slowly pulls your pants and underwear down. "Hmm, I see you're already rock hard for me babe." She says, slowly brings your cock to her mouth and starts to lick the precum covered tip of your dick while bringing your cock into her mouth. The warmth of her mouth around your cock feels great as she slowly begins sucking you. After getting your dick nice and wet, you tell her to get up and lay down on the couch. You can see her beautiful pink pussy and decide to fuck her pussy before fucking her little ass. As you get the oil and put it all over your dick, Kate looks at you and says, "Oh yes John, put your rock hard dick into my fucking pussy!"

You slowly put your salvia and oil covered cock into her cunt and start to slowly fuck her. "Oh Kate you're so fucking tight," You moan.

You move your hips faster and faster and hear kate moan louder, "John oh yes this feels so fucking good oh yes."

After pounding her for what feels like ages, you feel the familiar sensation of an upcoming orgasm coming closer, but you haven't fucked her little ass yet so you quickly pull your dick out of her pussy and as you hear Kate's confused, lust-drenched moans, you thrust your iron rod deep into her ass and feel her tight anus clench around it. Her first reaction is a scream of surprise, but after a few seconds, she starts heavily moaning. "Oh god! Fuck, babe, my asshole is getting stretched so hard by your cock." You see her bring her hand to her pussy and start rubbing it insanely fast while you piston in and out of her anus. You hear her moan faster and faster as feel your own orgasm come closer. Quickly grabbing her leg, you bring her feet to your mouth and start sucking her toes, after just a few seconds, you hear Kate moan super loudly and feel her ass get almost uncomfortably tight forcing you to come. The pressure of your dick deeply buried into her anus, the great taste of her toes and her moaning like a woman possessed, makes you last well after Kate has stopped shaking. "Hmm babe, I had the most amazing orgasm ever, and your cum feels so good and warm inside me," she breathes out. You pull your dick out of her ass and see cum slowly dripping out. She puts one of her fingers into her asshole till its covered with cum and then she slowly sucks it off her finger. "Hmm, the taste of my ass and your cum is so good." she moans, looking straight into your eyes. She repeats the display until her ass looks mostly cleaned of your cum and then you both put your clothes on again.
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