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Becca was nervous about her first date. She had recently turned 14 and she lived with her Dad. One of the gifts she had asked for on her birthday, was to have her Daddy take her out on a pretend date, and do things that a boy might want to do when they were together.
Becca was nervous about her first date. She had recently turned 14 and she lived with her Dad. One of the gifts she had asked for on her birthday, was to have her Daddy take her out on a pretend date, and do things that a boy might want to do when they were together. At first, her Dad was hesitant, but after she promised to never say a word to anyone, he reluctantly agreed. Let’s join them now as their pretend date begins. They had just stopped off at Baskin Robbins for an ice cream cone. In this role-play . . . she wanted to be picked up on her way home from school.

"Do you live around here?" she asked suddenly.

"Yeah, Washington Avenue."

"Really? So do I. Number 16596."

"Oh, I know that house. Cream stucco, green window shutters . . . right?"

"Yeah, that's the one," she said smiling broadly, as she looked at her Daddy as if he were a cute guy she had just met.

"I'm about 300 yards further up the hill, 18433. I can give you a ride back if you like."

"I’d like that."

So, Becca, how old are you? Fourteen, fifteen?"

She giggled. "Fourteen. In fact, my birthday was last Thursday."

"Well . . . Happy Birthday! I apologize for thinking you were older. I know girls are particular about their age." I always loved her giggle, sweet and sexy. God, that little blush was even hotter. Although I had not done it in years, I thought to myself, I'd like to hold her small face and kiss her, and comb my fingers right through her gorgeous blonde curls.

"It's okay. I don't mind."

"You shouldn't. You're so pretty you are going to be getting many compliments from everyone you meet. And I bet half of them will think you're way too mature to only be fourteen."

"I'm pretty?"

"Damn right you are" I replied with a grin. "Pretty is probably the wrong word though. Too childish. More like gorgeous, I think. You're a lovely girl."

Her blush intensified, a rosy red on her cheeks. I wanted her . . . just the way I am sure this guy that would be taking her out would want her. The way she shyly looked down was so sexy, so innocently sexy which made her even more attractive.

"So can I give you a lift?" I asked as she finished her ice cream, licking the back of her spoon . . . her sexy tongue curling. I had a sudden . . . very strong vision of that tongue licking my stiff cock.

"Sure. It's hot today."

"Come on then." I reached for her delicate hand, thrilled at how hesitantly she took it after a slight pause.

"Is that your car?" Becca asked, looking at my restored '67 GTO. "Cool."

"Nice, huh? Hop in."

We drove with the windows down. Becca looked even more petite on the bench seat next to me. "So, want to see the view? It's spectacular."

With a speculative look at me she agreed. "Okay. Is it far? I have to be home by five. My Dad’s coming home then."

Looking at my watch . . . 2:30, hmm, plenty of time to enjoy her company. "No problem. Before five it is," I said with a smile.

As I parked on top of a secluded turnoff, at the end of a small rutted lane that lead through a small thicket of trees, we faced a magnificent view of the valley. "So, come on," I said getting out. "Isn't this amazing?"

She grinned. "It's incredible. Look how small the cars look down there!" Her voice was animated as she pointed out different things that caught her attention.

Sitting, I invited her to join me. "Here. Come sit on my lap, Becca. Don't want to get that skirt all dirty on that bench."

After a short hesitation, she sat on my lap, petite, light, and the slight color in her cheeks made her amazingly cute. Without subterfuge or sneaking, I wrapped my arms around her slim waist, her back to me, and her small firm buttocks in my groin. Leaning forward I inhaled the aroma of this girl, soft, sexy, fragrant shampoo. "You smell good, Becca " I said softly, almost a murmur, hugging her just a little tighter.

"Thanks," she replied, quietly, shyly.

"You've got such beautiful hair. I bet your friends are jealous."

"Not really."

Using my fingers, I combed my hand through her soft, silky blonde curls. "It's fine, but thick. Very unusual. Most girls have thin hair. Is it natural?"


"Beautiful," I murmured, inhaling her sexy aroma again. I started caressing her stomach gently as my other hand played with her hair, brushing it aside to expose her slim neck and dainty ear. Leaning in, I kissed her neck gently. "Sorry. Just couldn't resist. You've got a sexy neck."

She moved on my lap, a small wiggle. My cock thickened. "Would you believe me if I told you . . . you are one of the prettiest girls I've met?" I asked softly, kissing her neck gently, soft silky skin against my lips, little girl aroma making my head spin, and my erect cock lengthen in my pants.

"No . . . I'm not," she said softly, sighing, head bending slightly to expose more of her neck.

At that moment . . . a charge went through me when, caressing her tummy, the thumb of my hand briefly touched the bottom of her bra. "Becca. You're very pretty," I murmured, kissing her softly just below her dainty ear.

She leaned back into me, her hand resting over mine, fingers slipping between mine as I felt her flat stomach . . . my thumb touched her bra again on each stroke. "Pretty ear studs. Are they white gold?"

"Mm-hmm," she said with a smile.

Her hand over mine wasn't stopping me or directing me, just resting, her fingers in between mine. Kissing her slim neck again, I let my thumb slide part way up the slope of her petite breast and back. I felt a slight shudder in her body. It was exciting to feel what was turning her on.

"Beautiful, simply beautiful," I whispered. Using my other hand, I caressed her side, moving up and down from her slightly flared hips to her chest. Slowly I lengthened the movement until the tips of my fingers felt the side of her small breast . . . kissing her sweet neck when they did.

She twitched slightly but said nothing. "Becca? Do you think I could give you a kiss?" I asked.

She turned her sweet, pretty face, towards me with her blue eyes wide. "You want to kiss me?" she asked surprised but knowing her date would probably want to.

"Lord yes," I said, "You're just so attractive."

A small smile graced her luscious lips. "Okay," she whispered bashfully.

God her lips were soft, warm and sexy. My nightly kisses on her forehead were nothing compared to this. Her lips closed innocently, inexperienced, with a slight bit of pressure. A perfect first kiss. "Wow," I said softly when our kiss broke, "fantastic."

Her small blush inflamed me, my erection hard and tight in my pants. Turning her slightly . . . to sit across my lap I lifted her face with my finger . . . looking into her eyes and I smiled. "Great kiss," I said, "Can I have another?"

With one hand on her slim neck, the other caressing her tummy, I drew her to me slowly, looking into her eyes. Bending my head, I kissed her, thrilled when her arms rose to circle my neck. Her soft sexy lips . . . were the best! Tentatively I touched those lips with the tip of my tongue. Her murmur thrilled me . . . my cock now throbbing. When her tongue touched mine lightly, hesitantly, my erection pulsed with desire.

The kiss ended, a fantastically arousing kiss, youthfully sexy. Taking her hand, I held it to my chest. "Feel it? Can you feel how hard my heart is pounding? It was your kiss that did this," I said.

She looked surprised. "Really?"

"Yup. In all the kisses I've had, yours ranks right up there with the best ever."

She giggled softly, her smile broadening as she rested her head on my shoulder. We sat in comfortable silence until she broke it. "Can we kiss again?" she asked quietly.

"Becca, you don't ever have to ask me. I'm afraid I'm addicted to your kiss already." My comment brought on a blush on her face as she leaned in.

We kissed again, soft lips touching me, her tiny tongue tickling my lips. When I touched her tongue, I traced the side of my thumb up and over her perfect breast lightly, very lightly. She moaned, pushing her mouth against me, her tongue moving faster, god, her mouth opening wider. With her arms around my neck, sitting sideways on my lap . . . she kissed me so erotically, I caressed her small breast again . . . feeling the hard bead of her nipple begin to rise.

Becca pushed her chest into my hand as her tongue probed between my lips, entering my mouth. She wiggled on my lap when I cupped her firm breast while gently sucking her tongue, her hot little breaths puffing against my cheek through her nose.

The kiss ended. I was hot and flushed . . . turned on beyond belief. She was so sexy and desirable.

"Okay. You just moved to the top of my ranking, Becca. That was an incredible kiss. Where did you learn it?" I asked.

She blushed furiously. "Um... Amy and I practiced," she said, looking down.

I tilted her head up and looked into her blue eyes. "Well thank you Amy," I said with a smile. She grinned. “So that’s what you guys were doing under the covers when she stayed over last time?” Becca immediately turned red and nodded her head. My mind went wild . . . curious whether they had stripped naked and fondled each other while they were practicing how to kiss.

This time I asked. "Can I have another?"

We kissed . . . our passion building as she held my neck. I probed into her open mouth, warm and moist, as I held her apple-sized breast in my palm, rubbing gently across her small, firm, arousing, pubescent hard little nipples.

As our kiss intensified . . . I opened the top button on her blouse, waiting to see her reaction. She turned her body slightly giving me even easier access. With mounting excitement, I unbuttoned her blouse, slowly, actually teasing myself. I was going to feel her small bra and her bra-clad breasts . . . soon to be bare to my touch.

It was my turn to moan. I couldn't help it when I slipped my hand under her blouse and held her breast in my hand, small, firm, perfectly shaped, warm, and god so sexy . . . so very sexy. Her kiss intensified when she felt me caress her breast over her bra, pushing herself against my hand, moaning into my mouth as her tongue pushed in.

I was in heat . . . urgent needs pounding my body as I fondled this fourteen-year-old girl. But God . . . I wanted more. I wanted to feel her panties, I wanted to feel underneath her panties . . . that virgin pussy, probably now dripping with desire.

Breathing hard I broke the kiss. "Sorry, Becca. I have to stop. You're way too exciting, too hot for me. I'm afraid of what I'm feeling for you right now. I don't want go too far . . . and spoil it."

She smiled bashfully, speaking quietly, almost hesitantly, "I don't mind what you are doing . . . in fact . . . I like it a lot."

Caressing the top of her slim sexy thigh I ask, "Are you sure?" pretending to be her future date.

"Uh-huh. It feels nice and my body is like all quivery and hot when you touch it."

"Have you ever done anything like this before?" I asked. She shook her head no. Lifting her face up to look at me I continued, "Becca, this is important, really important. If I do anything, anything at all that makes you in the least bit uncomfortable . . . you have to tell me, okay? I promise I'll stop right away." Sadly, I doubted younger guys would be saying this . . . but I felt it should be said.

When she nodded, I leaned back to her, kissing gently at first, my hand on her bare knee. As our tongues touched again, I slipped my hand between her soft, silky thighs . . . so slim I could hold half of it in my hand. Tongues toyed, played, little murmurs uttered as I caressed the inside of her thigh, my excitement mounting as I slowly approached her crotch, my cock both pounding, and leaking at the same time. God I wanted to feel her panties. What type was she wearing? How would it feel to touch a fourteen-year-old pussy, a teen pussy?

As my hand slipped higher and higher, she tightened her arms around my neck, her little tongue slipping into my mouth. My erection pulsed when, feeling her other thigh touch the back of my hand, she parted her legs slightly, an invitation? almost like her sayings . . .'feels good, keep going'.

Precum leaked copiously, dampening my underwear, my hand trembling slightly, as the edge of my index finger touched her soft cotton actually warm cotton panties. Lordy, a young girl’s pussy! Gently . . . very gently, I explored the shape with my fingertips. Becca parted her legs slightly more, moaning into my mouth when I turned my hand to cup her small plump pussy. Exquisite, mounded, and prominent . . . filling up her crotch. A pubescent teen pussy, so exciting, so very arousing to the touch.

She was warm . . . her soft cotton panties felt so girlish, so chaste. Our kiss broke suddenly. She gasped when I drew my middle finger up her cleft, small tremors racing through her body.

"Is this okay?" I asked quietly.

"Uh-huh," she uttered softly, almost a sigh.

I looked at her cotton bra . . . fully exposed between her open blouse, the gentle mounds of petite breasts with small poking nipples now stiff with excitement . . . I caressed her young pussy, with my finger . . . tracing her cleft, cupping and squeezing her gently . . . fondling, her moist 14-year-old privates. She sighed and rested her head on my shoulder, aroma of a young girl filling my nostrils. My arousal was pulsing through me . . . both exciting me, and driving a need deep inside . . . yes a deeply forbidden need.

Another large drop of precum oozed out of my stiff cock when I touched a damp spot at the base of her sweet pussy. Becca was marvelously aroused! Her quiet moan was detected . . . when I pressed the damp spot. Her bottom was now moving on my lap when I caressed her pussy. Her hand dropped to cover mine, up against her damp love tunnel . . . almost causing me to cum at that very second.

I withdrew my hand and picked her up, arm under her legs, arm behind her back, her head resting on my shoulder. "Let's go somewhere more comfortable," I whispered. Carrying her to the car in my arms, I opened the door, placed her close to the door in the back seat. I quickly went around the vehicle and climbed in the other side. I immediately pivoted so that my legs we up on the seat. Becca shifted to face me. She looked sexy sweet . . . with her pretty face all flushed, her blouse fully open, displaying her girlish white cotton bra . . . softly holding those sexy little breasts. I wanted her. I wanted Becca.

With some encouragement, Becca straddled me, with her knees at my side. "You're one very HOT girl." Her bashful smile had me pulling her to me, kissing gently, sensuously as I slipped my hands up her back, under her blouse, feeling for the bra clasp. The gentle opening of the clasp sounded loud in the car. Her kiss was ready for me as I leaned over . . . finally touching those pink lips. Becca sighed, as her tongue started moving around again, teasing me, playing with me.

She released my neck when I slipped her blouse off her small shoulders, still desperately kissing her. Her cotton bra fell down her young chest. When I touched her teen breasts, she moaned and pushed her tongue deep into my mouth.

My erection was now painful as it pushed at an angle down towards my crotch. But I made no move to touch or reposition it, worried I'd scare her. Breaking the kiss, I pushed her back slightly so I could see her bare breasts.

"God Becca, their beautiful," I sighed. Somewhat small, but perfectly formed, gentle mounds that rose from her chest with perfect symmetry, pink flushed areolae with tiny hard nipples, her breasts were perfect, pure pubescent glory at its best. Leaning forward, I bent and kissed a hard nipple . . . then moved across and kissed the other one . Holding it, I licked her areola as her hands caressed my head still allowing me to observe its near perfection. She groaned when I sucked in her perfect breast and pulled my head tighter to her.

"Perfect. Your breasts are perfect" I said heatedly. As she bent to kiss me, a hot kiss, an aroused kiss, blue eyes shining . . . I slipped both hands under her skirt to hold her sweet bottom, soft small cotton-clad buttocks firm in my palms. She thrust her tongue into my mouth, holding my head firmly when I traced her pussy, and touched her damp arousal. "Can I take them off?" I asked, my finger playing with the leg band elastic.

After looking into my eyes, she nodded, lifting her knee from my side, kneeling next to me. I caressed the outside of her slim thighs, seductively curved thighs, moving up under her blue pleated skirt and felt for her panties. Hooking my fingers into the waist at either side, I tugged them down, my erection pulsing and still leaking. I was pulling my daughter’s panties off!

White cotton fell to her knees. I reached for the button and zipper on the side of her skirt, questioning her with my eyes, encouraging her with my smile. She smiled, a half smile, reached for her skirt, undid it and, with a brief hesitation, let it fall. She was now . . . totally naked.

Still straddling over me she leaned back slightly . . . allowing me to look down and see her naked pussy, the thick V-shape opening with a slight dusting of silky, blonde pubic hairs that didn't hide a tightly closed cleft, or the beautiful labia curving downwards in between her slim thighs.

Tearing my eyes away from her seductive pussy, I smiled at her. "I've never seen anything more beautiful, Becca." Reaching for her, I pulled her sideways into my lap, kissing her gently while caressing her petite breasts. Our tongues began touching, as our mouths opened. Slowly I moved her skirt and cotton panties to the floor. Unable to resist, I let my hand slide up her leg and groaned into her mouth when I felt silky soft pubic hair, new, young, fine pubic hair, thinly spread. I was delirious with desire, excited to touch a willing teen sexually . . . my dream, my wish, and what I'd longed for . . . long before she plotted this imitation date.

My fingertips explored the remarkably mounded pad of her pubis, tracing the deep creases at the side before feeling for her cleft. Suddenly I needed to taste her youth, her freshness. I needed to feel her teen pussy on my mouth. Turning, I laid her back on the back seat and, kneeling in the foot well, bent and kissed her mound. Her slight soft hairs tickled my lips, with her seductive aroma of an aroused girl filling my nose. With gentle pressure her legs parted, one slipping off the back seat.

Her labia curved down, as her sweet little slit peeled apart to reveal her virginal secrets. I fumbled with my pants as I looked at the sweetest pussy I had ever seen. Her long clitoral hood, with the nub of her clitoris half way down was protected by a cowl. My heart was pounding with excitement when I saw the shadow of an indent, the entrance leading to her vagina, glistening with her arousal.

Moaning with need, I pulled down my zipper and yanked out my erection, damp, stiff, thick, and pulsing. Next, I bent down between her legs and kissed her plump labia . . . silky soft, warm, young, and so yielding. My tongue slipped between her lips, and slid along her clitoral hood. I squeezed my shaft hard for a moment, as I tongued her clitoris and then slipped down further to probe at that moist indent, so delicious, lightly flavored, with the barest hint of musk, and pure teen pussy.

Thoroughly aroused . . . I drove my tongue deep inside her, turning my head slightly to allow the depth to increase even more. Her shaking hands held my head as I thrust with my tongue again and again . . . as I sucked her nectar before moving up to suck her hard little clitoris. Her hips were jerking with excitement as I let my tongue play the role of a stiff cock. Deep thrusts continued as she whimpered her excitement. Around and around I licked her bud, knowing I was taking her places she had never been before. Her moaning continued to increase in volume as I continued my mission.

“Daddy . . . that feels so awesome . . . I can hardly stand it,” she screamed as my tongue and lips continued to make love to her sweet pussy. Her legs were now circling my head as her body kept asking for more. Soon I felt her frame begin to shake with orgasmic relief.

“Oh yes . . . YES . . . YES . . .” she screamed now with her entire body shaking with pure and total satisfaction. Slowly she began to go limp, and her slim legs no longer covered my head. I lifted my head up to look at her, and there were tears of joy coming down her cheeks.

“I can only hope . . . if we get naughty on our date . . . that Michael can do that to me,” she said still staring at me. I laughed quietly and then said:

“Don’t be too disappointed if it doesn’t happen. I know his mind will be thinking more about his cock . . . and needed relief . . . if he takes your off clothes, honey. But don’t be afraid to encourage him anyways.”

“Look at your cock,” she said, pointing and staring at my shaft that had remained at full length during my lovemaking.

“Now it's your turn. Off with your clothes!" she exclaimed.

I unsnapped the fastener at the waist of my shorts, drew the zipper down and let them fall to the floor. I had purposely left my boxers off that morning when I got dressed, and my semi-erect cock flopped out. Becca looked at it and smiled.

"I knew it, I knew it," she said. "I always imagined your cock would be big and beautiful, and it sure is." Becca leaned forward and tentatively took my cock in her hand and squeezed it gently. It was immediately back to its full size and as hard as a rock.

"Sit back," she said, so I complied. She elected to sit next to me as she leaned over, inches away from my erection. I closed my eyes and soon realized, I was going to get a blowjob . . . from my fourteen-year-old daughter.

"I've never done this before, Daddy. I've only seen it done on the Internet, so tell me if I'm not doing it right, okay?"

Becca proceeded to lift my rock-hard cock off my stomach and lowered her mouth over its end. I groaned with pleasure as she sucked on it and stroked its shaft. If this was her first time and she'd learned how to do it by watching porn with her friend, then whomever her long-time boyfriend would be, he had better hold on for a hell of a ride.

She lifted her head off my cock and asked, "Am I doing it right?"

"If you hadn't told me this was your first time, I'd have thought you'd been doing it for quite a while," I told her.

"I'll take that as a yes then," Becca said.

"No, Becca, that's a HELL YES."

I almost lost it and spurted as she cradled my balls in her spare hand and squeezed them gently. She fellated me for five minutes, and I almost climaxed three times. I don't know if she did it on purpose, or it was just a coincidence, but just as I was about to explode, she stopped. I think her jaws were getting a little tired, and she switched to licking my whole shaft from root to tip with a broad tongue. I was moaning loudly as she continued to suck, lick, stroke and squeeze my cock.

I mused whether I should tell her I was about to cum. Then I remembered it was her first time. Better to let her know . . . since I didn't want her to choke or snort my semen down her nose.

"I'm close to cumming, Honey," I said. "You may want to breathe through your nose if you're going to let me cum in your mouth."

She was so sweet. She lifted her head off my cock and said," You want to cum in my mouth?"

"God, yes if you'll let me."

She went back to sucking and stroking my cock. I was so near. I felt my ball sack draw up and a nice warm feeling started to spread throughout my groin. Then I felt my cock swell, and I exploded in her mouth. I don't think I had spurted so much cum in my life. To Becca's credit, she took it all, and I could see her throat moving as she swallowed my teeming liquid. All the time I was spurting; she never took her eyes off mine.

Becca smiled, as she squeezed the last drop of semen out, licked it off and swallowed it. She licked her lips. She said, "I didn't think I'd like the taste, but it was okay. I let you cum in my mouth because I've read that guys like that. I was then going to see if it tasted okay to swallow."

I smiled at her and said. "You were incredible, Becca. I can’t wait for our second date!”


2019-03-14 02:33:08
Pammie and I used the back seat of the car often. At the mall, the store, the driveway at home. When her mother was away, we’d go outside, crawl into the back, and get it on. At 12, she didn’t have tits, but her nips were delicious. I’d suck on them for 10 minutes or so before sliding her skirt up on her belly and going after her sweet pussy. Once I’d brought her off, I’d slip my cock inside her warm cunt and we would fuck until we both came. We’d ride up the highway at night, pammie sitting on my cock while I drove. I’d play with her nips and she would slowfuck me. I’d pick a straight section of the road so that I could fuck up into her precious cunt and spew my load. At home, we’d fuck again before going to bed. I love you, Pammie Jean!


2019-03-07 19:21:55
Such a sweet daddy-daughter love story. He has such beautiful care for his little girl, as any father should. Loved this beginning and hope you continue it!


2019-02-19 18:02:34
Super story. Reminds me of seducing Carol, when I was 13. First pussy i ever saw. I'm over 80 and your story brings back great memories.

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