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The twins next door introduce them to nudity and sex.
The Move

If you were to ask Ben, my brother, he’d tell you that the move our family made from the city out to the suburbs was the best thing that ever happened to him in his life. It was great for me too.

He was thirteen at the time of that move. I was an elderly fourteen hehe. Puberty hit me early, and by the time of our move, I had grown a very nice set of 32C tits. Ben noticed. In fact, he noticed them all the time. If we were in the same room together, his eyes never left my chest, regardless of how conservatively I was dressed, as was my normal practice.

Three days after moving into our new home in a nice upper middle-class neighborhood, I met the neighbors. I was unpacking some things in the garage with the door open when Gina and Tina walked in and introduced themselves. They were my age, and identical twins. They didn’t dress the same or wear their hair the same though.

The twins were nice enough, both tall at about five nine, blond hair, blue eyes and very, very shapely bodies. That last point was hard to miss, since they dressed anything but conservatively. Both had on tight shorts and halter tops which left no doubt their D cup breasts were unrestrained by bras.

After the initial introductions, they invited me over for some lemonade. “It’s too hot to lay out, so we’ll probably just sit in the shade of the umbrella out by the pool and get to know each other.”

Up to that point, other than their drop-dead gorgeous looks, everything was pretty normal. I had to admit to myself that I was somewhat intimidated by their looks. I was much more plain and unremarkable. Also, I guess I was a little flattered that they wanted to be my friends, so I accepted their invitation.

* * *

Once seated in the shade of their umbrella, it didn’t take long for me to realize how far out of my conservative element I’d strayed.

When Tina handed me a glass of lemonade, Gina said, “We put a little Vodka in ours—not much, just enough to take the edge off. Have you ever tried it?”

I felt myself blush instantly so I looked down at the glass, “Uh . . . no—no, I’ve never had any alcohol.”

Tina asked me, “Would you like to try some? We don’t use enough to get drunk or anything, just enough to make us tingle.”

And then Gina added, “Don’t worry; no one can smell it on you. That’s why we use Vodka. You can’t smell it at all.”

Still somewhat intimidated and flattered by their attention, and not wanting to come off as a goodie-two-shoes, I said, “Okay. I guess I can try some.”

“Oh goodie!” Gina exclaimed, clapping her hands. “We’re going to become great friends.” And Tina took my lemonade and disappeared into the house. She returned a minute later and sat the glass back in front of me.

I could feel their eyes on me as I took a tentative sip. Actually, I couldn’t tell the difference at all. It tasted the same as the straight lemonade they’d given me when I first got there.

“Well?” Tina asked.

I shrugged, “I can’t tell the difference.”

“See” Gina said, “We don’t put much Vodka in there, but it will make you start to tingle in all the right places after two or three.”

“So” Tina asked, “Are you a virgin?”

I felt myself blushing again, so I averted my eyes, “Yes.”

Gina surprised me by saying, “So are we, but we’ve heard stories about city girls—that they’re really wild.”

That caused me to chuckle, “We’ve heard the same thing about girls from the burbs.”

And then the conversation took a strange turn. Gina asked me, “So, tell us about your brother. You said his name is Ben, right?”

I shrugged, “Ben, yes. What do you want to know?”

Tina answered with another question, “Is he a virgin?”

I couldn’t imagine why they wanted to know that, but I answered “He’s only thirteen, so yes, I’m almost certain he’s still a virgin. Why?”

It was Gina’s turn to ask a question, “Is he a cool brother, or is he the kind of boy who kisses and tells? Do you trust him to keep a secret?”

“I . . . I guess. I’m not sure what you’re asking. I think he’s a very cool brother . . . and yes, I trust him, but I don’t understand why you’re asking.”

I’d just finished the last of my lemonade, so Tina took my empty glass, as well as both of theirs and went into the house. While she was gone, Gina reached over and put her hand on mine and gave it a little squeeze, “Hun, do you know what an exhibitionist is? Do you know what it means?”

“Sure, why?”

“Tina and I are exhibitionists.”

I wasn’t sure I understood the implications of her revelation, “Okay, so what does that have to do with Ben?”

“Have you ever let him see you naked?”

“God no!” I said too quickly.

“What are you afraid of?” Tina said as she sat a glass in front of me. “It doesn’t hurt.”

“Try to put yourself in his shoes.” Gina added, “He’s a thirteen year old boy. He probably wears his tiny little pecker raw fantasizing about seeing a girl naked.”

The thought of my brother jacking off in his room made me chuckle, “I suppose, but his pecker isn’t that small.”

Both girls gasped, “You’ve seen it?” Gina asked.

I shook my head, “Not really, but he fell asleep in his swimsuit out by the pool and he got a boner.”

“I would have peeked at it.” Tina said with a giggle.

“Me too.” Her sister agreed. “How big was it?”

“I’m not sure. I only looked for a few seconds. It did make a big tent in his trunks though.”

And then Tina shocked me, “We want you to join our club.”

“We call it the ‘E Club’. Our last name is Edwards, so people assume the ‘E’ is for Edwards, but it’s really for ‘Exhibitionist’.”

My brain was whirling. These two very sexy girls wanted me to join their club. Being in their club would probably mean that we’d hang out together at school. That would surely make me instantly popular. I was so flattered; I couldn’t force myself to say no. “Okay”.

Both of them got all giddy, squealing and clapping their hands. And then they raised their glasses and Gina said, “Here’s to the E Club gaining a new member.” And we clinked our glasses together.

“How many members are there?” I asked hesitantly.

“Three now. It’s just the three of us, but you have to pass the initiation first.”


“Don’t worry about it.” Tina assured me. “It’s a piece of cake.”

Gina asked, “Is Ben home now?”

“He said he was going to ride his bike to the park. Why?”

My jaw fell open when they explained what they wanted me to do. Of course, they wouldn’t know if I really did it. Tina said, “We operate on the honor system. We’ll trust you to tell us the truth.”

And then Gina took my phone and added their numbers to it. “You go get ready. We’ll keep a lookout for him. If he comes before you’re ready, we’ll distract him until you’re ready.”

* * *

I was just getting out of the shower when I got a text from Tina, “He’s here. Gina’s flirting with him. Let me know when you’re ready.”

I took a long swig from the lemonade they gave me to help with my nerves. It was a lot stronger than the previous one. I shuddered and took another huge gulp. Then I tied my towel around my head and walked out of the bathroom. One last drink, and I texted Tina, “Ready”.

I was shaking all over while I went to the fridge, opened the door, and waited. Less than a minute later, the door to the garage opened. I jerked around and found myself staring face to face with Ben. Of course, he wasn’t looking at my face.

Calm down, calm down, don’t cover up, I kept telling myself as I saw the deer in the headlights look on my brother’s face. “Ben! I didn’t expect you back so soon.” Don’t cover up. Don’t turn away. “Are you just going to stand there and gawk at me?”

Even as nervous as I was, I almost laughed when he just nodded without answering. So I said, “You’re acting like you’ve never seen a naked girl before.”

Never in my wildest imagination did I expect it to last this long. I thought he’d turn and leave or hurry past me, but no, he just stood there frozen, his eyes wide and glued to my tits. It must have been almost half a minute. Finally, I reached into the fridge, extracted a bottle of water and started to turn and leave, but something stopped me.

I turned back toward Ben and saw him still frozen in place. For some reason, that had a calming affect on me. I felt totally in control of the situation. And when I noticed the tent in his shorts, it made me feel powerful. “Okay, if that’s the way it’s going to be, just let me know when you’re finished gawking at me.”

He finally managed to grin and look up at my face, so I teased him a little, “Seen enough?”

“Wow, sis! You’re fucking hot!”

That made me giggle, “Oh, so you’ve seen enough naked girls to know the difference, huh?”

“Just online.”

“That’s not really the same, is it?”

He just shook his head, so I finally turned and headed out of the kitchen. On my way out, I said, “If you promise not to tell Mom and Dad I was running around the house naked, I might just do it again sometime.”

I was almost to my bedroom when I heard him behind me, “I won’t . . . tell. I promise I won’t.”

“Good” I said, turning to give him one last look as I closed my bedroom door.

* * *

“You didn’t!” Gina squealed when I told them how long I stood in front of Ben naked.

Tina asked, “When it was over, did you get yourself off?”

I giggled, “Oh yeah.”

And then Tina leaned over and put her hand on mine, “Now for the big question, and this is important: what were you thinking about that got you over the top?”

I grinned, “The look on Ben’s face when he was just standing there staring at my tits.”

Both girls squealed again, “Perfect. See, it’s fun, isn’t it?”

I had to agree, “Very”.

Without saying anything, Gina got up and started removing her bikini. When she was totally naked, she grinned at me and then turned and jumped into the pool.

“C’mon” Tina said as she began removing her bikini top and shorts. “Let’s go for a swim.”

For some reason, I was almost as nervous getting naked in front of my two new friends as I was with my brother. After all, they were gorgeous, and I was rather plain. But they prodded me on until I was jumping into the pool naked with them. Their pussies were totally shaved. I kept mine closely trimmed so it wouldn’t stick out the sides of my bikini bottoms.

We horsed around in the pool for a few minutes, and then, while we were drying off, the twins told me what they’d like to do the next day.

When I got home, I found Ben in his room. “Do you have any plans for tomorrow?” He said he didn’t, so I told him, “The twins next door have invited us over for a swim.”

“I can swim over here if I want to.”

“Yeah, but then you wouldn’t be in the pool with three totally naked girls.”

That got his attention, “They’re going to be naked . . . you too?”

I giggled, “That’s the plan.”

He looked skeptical, “What’s the catch?”

“No catch. I was just telling them about you catching me in the kitchen naked and that it was kind of fun letting you look. So they said they’d like to try it. That’s all there is to it—no catch. We’re supposed to be there at ten.” And I turned to leave his room.

“Wait! It was fun for you?”

I just laughed and headed for my room.

* * *

I had to laugh when Ben walked into the kitchen the next morning. He was wearing his swim trunks and a T-shirt, and he was holding his towel in front of his groin.

“What?” He asked me.

“Just thinking about what we’re going to do has you hard already. You might as well quit trying to hide it. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about.”

Hearing that, he tossed his towel over the back of a chair and stood there defiantly. “Satisfied?”

I giggled, “Nice tent you’ve got there, Bro.”

“Uh, thanks.”

* * *

I didn’t know quite what to expect when we entered the twin’s side gate into their backyard. I thought they might already be naked in the pool, but instead, they were sitting under the umbrella sipping lemonade. They both greeted Ben with friendly smiles. “Have a seat. We’ll get you some lemonade.”

While Tina was inside, Gina began teasing my brother, “So Ben, are you looking forward to what’s going to happen in a few minutes?”

I giggled, “Hell, he’s had a tent in his swim suit all morning.”

Ben blushed bright red. I could tell he was scared to death. Gina noticed, “Don’t worry. Tina’s going to put something in the drinks that will help you relax.”

“Vodka.” I added. “You’ll barely be able to taste it.”

When Ben was about half finished with his drink, Gina got up and stood right in front of him. Very slowly, she began pulling her T-shirt over her head. When she tossed it to him, she pushed her incredible tits together and pinched her nipples, “Do you like my tits, Ben?”

When he just nodded, Tina spoke up, “No, you can’t just nod. If you like her tits, you have to tell her.”

When I saw how red his face was, I felt a little sorry for him, but I kept quiet. This was their game. Finally, Ben managed, “I . . . uh . . . like your tits.”

Hearing that, Gina released her tits and unsnapped her shorts, teasing at lowering the zipper, “Do you want to see my pussy, Ben?”

“Yes.” He answered without being prodded.

Very slowly, Gina began tugging her shorts down. When her bald pussy was visible, she teased her lips with her fingers. Then she let her shorts fall to the concrete and kicked them away. Turning toward the pool, she looked over her shoulder and said, “You’re turn, Liz.” And she dove into the pool.

I downed the last of my drink, got up and stood in front of my brother. I wasted no time taking off my T-shirt and removing my shorts. And then I just stood there for quite some time enjoying the look on his face before joining Gina in the pool.

Tina was standing in front of Ben, but she wasn’t undressing. “What’s she doing?” I asked Gina.

“C’mon, let’s go find out.” And she headed for the steps. I followed her out of the pool and over to where Tina was standing.

She was playing with her tits through her T-shirt, “You know, Ben, it makes me really, really horny to have a boy see me naked.”

Gina elbowed me and whispered, “Let’s give her a hand.”

Seconds later, Gina and I were pulling Tina’s shirt over her head. Gina unsnapped her shorts and both of us began tugging them down. She was talking to Ben the whole time. “You’re about to see my tits and pussy. I hope you like what you see.”

I’m not sure quite how it happened, but I ended up standing right in front of my brother with one of the twins on each side of me. Without warning, as if it was choreographed, each of them reached up and groped my tit nearest them. That was the first time I’d felt someone else’s hands on my tits, and it made my legs shaky. “Your sister has awesome tits, don’t you think, Ben?”

“Uh huh.”

“No, Ben.” Tina scolded him, “Tell her. Tell her she has awesome tits.” And both of them began gently playing with my nipples.

“You . . . you have awesome tits, Sis.”

Gina spoke up, “Okay, good, now, we’re going swimming. You can join us or not. It’s your choice. Whether you do or not, it would be nice if you’d take off your suit. You don’t have to, but it would be nice if we can see the effect we’re having on you.” And we all jumped into the pool.

Out of Ben’s earshot, Gina said, “I hope you don’t mind us feeling you up. It was for your brother’s benefit.”

I shook my head, “N . . . no, I didn’t mind. Did you see the look on his face?”

Tina giggled, “It was priceless.”

I was watching Ben out of the corner of my eye. He drained the last of his drink and then stood up, yanking his swim suit down in one quick motion. And then he walked toward us as if it was the most natural thing in the world, his hard dick waving in front of him with each step.

“Ooooo, You were right.” Gina said, “He does have a nice cock.”

“I can’t believe he’s doing it.” I told them with some degree of pride. “Can I have another lemonade?”

“Sure, c’mon.” Tina said, heading for the steps. Ben was standing in the shallow end. When we walked past him, Tina said, “Nice cock, Ben.”

“Uh, thanks.”

When we were inside the house, Tina asked me “Isn’t this fun?”

“Yes, it’s incredible.” I answered honestly.

We carried the four fresh drinks out and sat them on the table under the umbrella. When I turned to look toward the pool, I got quite a shock. Gina was sitting on the edge of the pool. She had her legs spread and her fingers were spreading her pussy open. Ben was standing waist deep in the water right in front of her, his face only perhaps two feet from her pussy.

Tina giggled, “She’s showing him her pussy.” She sat down and took a sip of her drink, “Let’s give her some time.”

For the next ten minutes or so, Tina and I just sat in the shade, sipping our drinks and watching Gina expose her pussy to my brother. I almost lost it when she began rubbing her clit. “Oh my God!” I exclaimed loud enough for only Tina to hear. “She’s whacking off.”

Tina let out a loud giggle, and then called out, “Doesn’t she have a beautiful pussy, Ben.”

“Yes.” He called back to us.

“Then tell her.” Tina shot back.

Barely loud enough for us to hear, my brother mumbled, “You have a very beautiful pussy.”

Hearing that, Gina threw her head back and began rubbing her clit faster, “Ummm, that feels so nice.” And she worked two fingers inside her pussy and began fucking herself with them.

“She’s close.” Tina told me. “When she puts her fingers in her pussy, she’s really close.”

A few seconds later, Gina let out a loud grunt, “Argggggg” and collapsed backward onto the concrete.

Tina let out another giggle and called out, “Ben, we got you a fresh drink. Come out here and join us.”

When he walked up the steps, his hard dick was still waving in front of him. All I could do was stare at it. It was the first one I’d ever seen in person, and now, he was walking right toward me. When he started to sit down, Tina stopped him. “Wait! Don’t sit down yet. Come over here in front of us so we can have a good look at your nice hard cock.”

Dutifully, my brother didn’t hesitate. He stepped over in front of us, his hard dick only a couple of feet away and pointing straight up at the umbrella. “Tell him” Tina said to me, a degree of awe in her voice.

I knew what she wanted, “You have a very nice cock, Bro.”

And then Tina said to him, “Thanks, Ben. You can sit down now.” When he did, she said, “That’s probably the first time you’ve seen a girl get herself off, huh?”

“Yes, it was awesome.”

“Well, I’m sure I can speak for all three of us; if you’re a good boy and don’t ever tell anyone what we’re doing, and if you do everything we say, you’re going to get to see a lot of that. You may even get to see some other special things too.”

I had no idea what ‘special things’ she was talking about, but I didn’t ask.

Gina got up and dove into the water. She swam immediately over to the steps and walked out of the pool. “Whew! I need something to drink.”

Tina giggled, “That was a good one, huh?”

“Yes, very. It made it better because Ben was watching me do it.”

“Oooooo, I’ll have to try that Monday.” And then looked at me, “we can’t play like this on the weekends when our parents are home.”

That made sense to me. Ben and I had the same problem. Our folks would die if they knew we were doing this.

Gina looked at me, “You’ll have to let him watch you. It’s so fucking hot. There’s no describing it.”

I almost protested, but I caught myself. In truth, the idea of my brother watching me get off was exciting. “I might just do that.”

* * *

It would be a couple of hours until our mom got home, and our dad sometime after that. I was so horny, I couldn’t resist, so the minute we got inside, I led Ben to my bedroom, stripping my clothes off on the way. He followed like a little puppy dog.

“I’m horny, so you can watch me if you want to.”

“Sure, I’d like that.”

I got my vibe out of my drawer and lay back on my bed. I drew my feet up and spread my knees. “Just watch. Don’t say anything, okay?”


So I started teasing my pussy, stroking my lips and sliding my fingers inside them. Then I turned on my vibe and began running the tip around in circles around my clit. Ben was just standing beside my bed, watching me closely like he was in a trance.

I knew it wasn’t going to take me long. I just kept watching him watch me. And then, the minute I pressed the vibe to my clit, I came . . . hard. “Uggggggg”. And then, even before I began coming down from my orgasm, I looked over and saw the tent in my brother’s trunks. I came again.

“God, Ben! Take off your trunks. I want to see your hard cock.”

Thankfully, he didn’t protest. He immediately lowered his trunks and pulled his T-shirt over his head. His cock was throbbing and bobbing up and down. “Do it Ben. Stroke it for me. I want to watch you while you’re watching me.”

With only a second of hesitation, my brother slid his hand around his throbbing cock and began stroking it. The vibe was still humming on my clit, and I came hard again, this time arching my back and letting out a loud moan.

And that’s when it happened; Ben’s cock began shooting gobs of cum on me, on my tits and stomach. Oh God! I came again. “OH FUCK! BEN, YES, do that. Cum with me, “OH FUCK!” And then my world went black.

* * *

I couldn’t have been out for over a few seconds. When I opened my eyes, my brother was standing over me, his softening cock still oozing cum onto his hand. “I need water.” I said, still gasping for breath.

He grabbed some tissues and cleaned the cum off his hand and from the tip of his cock. Then he headed out of the room, not bothering to get dressed.

When he returned and handed me the bottle, he chuckled, “Damn, Sis, you’re a mess. I’ll get you a wet cloth.”

“No! I’ll clean up later. Just leave it for now. I like having it on me.” And then I confessed to him, “Ben, I’ve never cum like that before . . . so many times . . . so many great ones. Thank you.”

And then he began pulling on his trunks, “I’m going for a swim. You can have the shower. Don’t fall asleep like that. Mom will be home soon.”

* * *

I thought Monday would never come. I did enjoy teasing Ben all weekend though. I’d give him a teasing wink when our parents weren’t looking, and I even squeezed my tits a couple of times.

We weren’t supposed to be at the twins’ house until eleven, so that gave me almost all morning with just me and Ben in the house. I knocked on his bedroom door less than a minute after Mom and Dad left for work.

He didn’t answer so I opened his door enough to peek inside. Ben was still sound asleep. I left, but I didn’t close his bedroom door. I just made my way downstairs and went into the den. For the first time, I went behind Dad’s wet bar and surveyed the contents.

Sure enough, there was a large bottle of Vodka there. I went to the kitchen and got a glass of ice and some OJ from the fridge. And then I spiked it with some of the Vodka. I just sat in Dad’s recliner, sipping the drink and wondering what might take place at the twins’ pool later. What had they meant by “special things”?

Just as I was finishing my OJ, I got a text from Tina. It read “Come on over, but just you.”

I texted her back, “On my way.”

When I entered through the side gate, they were already sitting outside. There were three glasses on the table. “Better hurry and drink up. You’re going to need it.”

I didn’t tell them I’d just had a glass of spiked OJ. “Oh, why am I going to need it? What are we going to do?”

They both giggled, and then Tina said, “Our delivery man will be here in a few minutes. We have to pay for the Vodka.”

I didn’t understand, “You should have told me. I didn’t bring--”

Their laughing cut me short. “Liz, we don’t need money. You’ll see.”

I probably would have jumped up and run home, but they’d told me they were both virgins, so I felt sure there wasn’t going to be actual sex involved.

Tina’s phone dinged with a text message. She read it and then said, “He’s here.”

As we were getting up, Gina took my hand in hers, “Just go along with it. He used to just want to see us naked, but he’s been getting more demanding lately.”

The three of us went inside and headed straight for the front door. I was a bundle of nerves, especially when they opened the door and I got my first look at the man. He was old, maybe over fifty, and he had a huge beer belly.

Gina spoke, “Jim, this is our new friend Liz.”

I gave him a hesitant little wave. Tina took the sack from him and set it on the small table in the foyer. Gina took Jim’s hand and led him into the living room. Once there, she turned her back to him, “You want to do the honors?”

Jim grinned while he was untying her bikini top. Then he hooked his fingers inside her bottoms and began tugging it down. When she was totally naked, she walked over to me. With her back to Jim, she whispered, “Just go along.” And she and Tina immediately began pulling my T-shirt over my head. I was shaking really hard, but I managed to raise my arms so they could get it off.

My shorts and underwear were next. Jim’s grin got wider, “Very nice.” He mumbled.

Gina began pulling her sister’s bikini bottoms down, so I untied her top and pulled it free. This time it was Tina who whispered to me, “Just go along.”

Seconds later, the twins began running their hands over each other, playing with each other’s tits and even teasing their pussies. When I forced myself to look at Jim, he was pulling his shorts and underwear down. When the twins began deep kissing, he started stroking his short fat cock. It looked totally gross.

While I was looking at him, Tina spun around and hugged me. She put her hand behind my head and drew me in for a deep kiss. I didn’t resist. I just kept saying to myself “just go along”. That was the first French kiss of my life, and I was enjoying it. In fact, I was kind of glad to be doing something instead of just standing there. Feeling her body against mine felt fantastic, especially her tits smashed against mine.

I felt Gina behind me, pressing her tits against my back. Her hands slid around me and Tina eased our hug enough for Gina’s hands to find my tits. While still kissing me, Tina slid one of her hands down my body until her fingers found my pussy. I forgot all about Jim.

A short time later, no more than a few glorious seconds, he let out a loud moan and all three of us turned to watch him cum on the floor. There wasn’t much of it, just a few drops. I was too distracted by the four hands on me to think much about it.

Finally, Gina disappeared, emerging a short time later with a roll of paper towels. She handed Jim one and used another one to clean the hardwood floor. He cleaned his dick and hand, then said, “I’d better get going. It was very nice meeting you, Liz.” And he was gone.

The twins started laughing. Gina said, “Wow, he was quick today.”

Tina handed me my clothes. “You did great.” And then she took the liberty of squeezing one of my tits again. We were afraid you’d freak out.”

“Hell, she enjoyed it.” Gina said with a giggle. “Didn’t you, Liz?”

“Maybe.” I said with a grin. “So that’s it? You just have to make out for him and he gives you Vodka?”

Tina reached into the grocery bag and showed me the two large bottles. “Yep”.

* * *

When we were back outside, I asked them, “So, what do you have in store for Ben today?”

Gina spoke up, “We don’t really plan things out. We just wing it. Is he up?”

“I don’t know. He was still asleep when I left.”

“We should all three go wake him up.” Tina said.

I chuckled, “He’ll love that.”

So the three of us headed over to my house. Sure enough, my brother was still asleep. We undressed in the hall and then slipped quietly into his room. Gina put her fingers to her lips, and then she whispered to us what she wanted to do. Just the thought of it made me instantly wet.

The twins got on either side of me. A couple of seconds later, they each took one of my nipples into their mouth. God! That felt so incredible. Gina tapped me on the arm to remind me to wake Ben.

“Ben . . . Ben . . . you might want to see this.”

Slowly he began to wake up, trying to focus. And then his eyes shot open. “Holy shit! That’s hot as fuck!”

Gina giggled, “Why don’t you give us the bed?”

My brother threw back his sheet and crawled off the bed. Gina took the inside against the wall, while Tina lay on her back in the middle. “You lay down too.” Tina said to me. So I lay down next to Tina.

After telling Ben to stand at the foot of the bed, Tina drew her knees up and apart, giving him a good look at her shaved pussy. I had already learned not to be shocked by anything the twins did, but it did surprise me when Gina reached down with her hand and began playing with her sister’s pussy.

Tina turned her head and looked at me, “My tits are all yours.”

I didn’t hesitate. I’d never felt another girl’s tits. I began licking the nipple nearest me and kneading the other with my hand. God! I loved doing that.

“Ben,” Tina said in a sexy purr, you can jack off if you want to.”

I was a little surprised when I looked around. Ben was naked in a flash, his cock standing up proudly. He immediately began stroking it.

Gina worked two fingers into her sister’s pussy. Tina reached down and began rubbing her own clit. “Ummmm, this is nice. Stroke it, Ben. It’s okay if you cum on me.”

I began sucking harder on her nipple and twisting and pulling the other one. “Mmmmmmm, yes. Do that.” She told me.

It wasn’t long before Tina began bucking her hips up. She sped up rubbing her clit, and Gina began finger fucking her faster. Her orgasm was very powerful. When she stopped rubbing her clit, she pulled me up and kissed me deeply.

When Ben let out a grunt, Tina and I broke our kiss just time to watch him cum all over her legs. “Now that’s what I call a nice load.” She told him.

“I’ll say.” Gina added.

By that time, I was so horny I couldn’t stand it. I had to reach down and start fingering myself. When Gina saw that, she told her sister to trade places with me. They were on me the second my head hit the pillow.

They were both licking and sucking my tits. Tina moved my hand so she could finger my pussy and Gina began rubbing my clit. I knew it wasn’t going to take me long to cum, but when I looked to the foot of the bed and saw my brother stroking his cock again, I came.

Gina giggled, “Oh wow. That didn’t take long.”

I licked my dry lips and managed, “Don’t stop. Please don’t stop.”

“Oh, she wants another one, or two, or ten.” Tina said with a chuckle.

Gina added, “Don’t look now, but it runs in the family. He’s hard again and giving his cock a real workout.”

“Ummmm” I moaned as I stared at my brother’s cock. And then I came again, this time much harder.

My most intense orgasm came when Gina thrust her tongue in my mouth while Tina was sucking my nipple hard. I was just coming back down to earth when my brother began shooting his warm cum onto my legs.

* * *

The twins said they had some chores to do. Each of them gave me a hot kiss before they left. I laughed when I saw the mess on Ben’s sheets, so I gathered them up and headed to the laundry room. My brother’s cum was still on my legs.

When Ben came into the kitchen, he was still naked. I was sitting at the table drinking a bottle of water, so he got himself a coke and sat across from me.

“Well?” I asked him when he was seated.

“Well what?”

I rolled my eyes, “What did you think about what we did in your room.”

“It was hot as fuck.”

I could tell by his expression that he had something else to say, so I prodded him, “What’s on your mind?”

He shrugged, “Nothing . . . it’s just that you all get to touch each other and stuff.”

I finally got what was bothering him. “Ben, they are exhibitionists. They get off on you seeing them do things. The touching and kissing and stuff are just to give you a better show.” Of course, I knew that was only partially true.

“Yeah, I get that. It’s just . . . I’ve never felt a boob.”

I had to chuckle, “Hell, until today, I hadn’t either…other than my own of course. And I’d never felt someone else’s hands or mouth on mine before we moved here.”

I got up and walked around the table, “You can feel mine if you promise to be gentle. They’re very tender right now.”

His eyes got really wide. When he saw that I was serious, he reached up and put a hand on each of my tits. “You can squeeze them a little.” And he did.

“Wow! They feel even better than they look.”

I giggled, “Well, you have to promise not to tell the twins I let you do this.”

“Hell yeah. I promise.”

I must have been standing there for a full five minutes, his fingers gently kneading my tits when I looked down and saw that he was hard again. I really, really wanted to touch it so I said in as sexy a voice as I could, “I’ll let you kiss them if you let me feel your cock when you’re finished.”

“Fucking A! You’ve got a deal.”

“Okay, you’re on the clock. You have two minutes.” In all honesty, I loved the way his hands felt on me, and when he kissed my tits, I almost came just from that.

I almost let him go over the two minutes, but I forced myself to step back. “Time’s up. Now stand up here so I can feel of it.” When he did, I didn’t hesitate. I reached out and put my hand around it. God! It felt wonderful.

I started moving my hand slowly up and down on my brother’s hard cock, “Am I doing it right?”

He shrugged, “Not really, but it’s okay.”

“Show me then. I want to learn how to do it.”

With that said, he reached down and put his hand over mine. He forced me to tighten my grip so that my hand wasn’t sliding over it, but instead, the skin moved up and down. “Can you cum again?”

“Probably, but it will take a long time. It will be easier if you give me a few minutes.”

“Okay, how long?”

“About an hour will be perfect.”

I reluctantly released his cock, “Okay, one hour it is.”

“Do I get to play with your tits some more then?”

In for a penny, in for a pound, “Yes.”


* * *

I mixed myself another OJ with Vodka and sat in the den watching the clock. I made a mental note to get some Vodka from the twins to replace what I’d stolen from my parents wet bar. Exactly sixty minutes to the second, my brother found me waiting for him in the den. “Wow! You’re still hard.” I teased.

He looked down at his hard cock, “Thinking about playing with your tits.” And then he looked at my legs and chuckled, “Still haven’t cleaned the cum off yet, huh?”

“Nope. I’m hoping to add to it. Now, where do you want me, standing or sitting?”

“Standing.” He responded quickly.

So I stood up and held my arms out from sides, “They’re all yours. Five minutes this time.”

“Kiss them too?”

I let out a giggle, “Whatever you want.”

Ben was on me in a flash, touching, kneading, licking and sucking my tits. It was making me so horny, I wasn’t sure I could take it for a full five minutes, but I managed.

“Mmmmm, that feels nice, Bro. Suck on my nipple and flick it with your tongue.” Two minutes in, I couldn’t resist sliding my hand down and gently rubbing my clit. I came at the four and a half minute mark.

When I finally made him stop, he stepped up next to me on my right. “It’ll be easier like this.” When I reached over and slid my fingers around his hard cock, he put his hand on mine and said, “I’ll help you get started, and then you’re on your own, but I’ll take over when I get close.”

“Yes, I want to be in front of you so you can cum on me.”

He chuckled, “No problem.”

I loved stroking him. It felt so strong and powerful in my hand. He put his arm over my shoulder and started playing with my tit again, but I didn’t protest. I was concentrating on my task at hand . . . or in hand, hehe.

“Grip a little tighter and speed up some.” He instructed me.

When I did, it only took a few seconds for him to stop me and he told me to get in front of him. I almost just stood in front of him, but I decided to sit and lean back, bracing myself on my arms. “Hit me with your best shot.” I said with a silly giggle.

“Face, tits or legs?”

“Face and tits if you can.”

Sure enough, another few strokes and cum started flying out of his cock. Seeing it from that angle was incredible. One shot hit my chin and the rest landed on my tits. I was a little disappointed that there wasn’t more of it, but he’d already warned me about that.

“I dare you to taste it.” He said just as the last drops were oozing out.

“Have you?”

He grinned down at me, “Yes, several times. It’s not bad.”

So I used my finger to scoop some off one of my tits and quickly put it in my mouth before I could chicken out. It had a strange texture, but not much taste.

“Well?” He asked me.

“Nope, not bad at all.”

“Good, then next time you can open your mouth. That’s what the girls on the internet do.”

I decided to tease him a little, “Oh, so you think there’s going to be a next time, do you?”

“God! I hope so.”

That made me laugh, “I’ll think about it. Just remember: Not a word about this to the twins. It’s our secret.”

“No problem.”

* * *

End of Part One


2019-01-29 23:30:22
Very nice. More pls.

Anganell BrigetteReport

2019-01-14 02:30:38
I believe this is the fourth or fifth of your stories I have read. I can see the improvement with each story. Your first story about the virgins, while the most realistic as regards the plot, the prose was a tad rough. This story, though a stretch as far as plausiblility is very well written, excellent word crafting. I believe with some practice you have the talent to publish and be paid for your work.


2018-12-20 19:24:46
All ican say is WOW


2018-10-20 17:52:17
Very nice story! Please write a sequel...


2018-07-05 08:00:03
Hot little story, love the subject matter and characters,so glad to see it's getting good ratings.

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