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At a department store downtown for a late lunch ....
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It all started one Tuesday when my wife, Mary and I were in a downtown department store meeting for a late lunch. My office was nearby and she wanted to shop a bit afterward. The cafeteria was on the top 6th floor behind the furniture department. A pleasant time and a good lunch.

Until I noticed Mary was kind of distracted.

She seemed to be watching someone at another table behind me. When I finally stole a look, I saw that it was an older man and paid little attention, thought she couldn't be flirting with him. But I noticed Mary arching sometimes and she seemed to be displaying her large tits for the old guy. Her blue sweater accenting them beautifully. I wasn’t sure if I was right or not. But I know it excited me somehow. A little pang of lust flashed through me and I had a bit of a phallic stir.

So I left for the washroom but then peeked back across the room before I went in. Yes, Mary was now arching provocatively for the older man. While he licked his lips.

She then seemed to angle herself on the chair and open her legs a little. I watched and realized that only he could see up her skirt. He pretended to drop a spoon and had a good look. I was further excited by this sneaky action. I returned to the table, not knowing what to do about it if anything. Mary then went to the washroom herself. She gave the old guy a subtle smile as she passed him.

When she returned I could see she was flushed and wasn’t sure why, we resumed small talk but she was still a bit distracted, maybe preoccupied. Until she positioned herself on her chair again and opened her legs at an angle that would allow only that old guy to see up her skirt. I dropped my own napkin and quickly ducked beneath the table to retrieve it, Mary quickly closed her legs to my view, but not quick enough, I glimpsed a bit of her little hairy pussy down there and now knew why she was flushed! She had removed her panties in the washroom! She kept her sweet pussy trimmed a little with a nice fuzz of hair remaining which allowed a view of the darker slit. Very sexy to me.

I started to erect right away and tried to hide it. With no facial expression. She slid toward the end of her chair and I KNEW she was exhibiting herself for the old man, and judging by her angle, he could see everything up her skirt without even moving. Damn, now I had to hide my erection. No one in the restaurant could see either.

This was way too exciting and turning me on like crazy, even if it was my wife showing her lovely enticing little pussy to the old guy! And I know when she got excited from sexual activity that she became really moist and slippery down there. I wondered if he could actually see her lovely slit in the shadow. I wanted to take her somewhere and fuck her but that would have revealed my knowledge of what she was doing. This was a new aspect of my wife’s sexiness I had never contemplated before, but wow, did I like it!

I went back into the washroom, pretending to cough wildly. I knew she would watch me go this time so I went in but came right out and stood in the hallway, peeking around at my wife and the cafeteria which was now nearly empty, made like I was looking at my notebook.

She now was opening her legs more and arching to show off her tits to the old guy, who was just staring, almost with his tongue hanging out. He was getting some eye candy he hadn’t imagined could be so exciting. I wondered if he had an erection like me!

She moved a hand down under the table and touched herself. I glanced around to see if anyone else could see, but the table was against a wall and no one else could! But I knew what she was doing and could now see her hand moving on her pussy. She glanced around sometimes but no one else was interested in the lovely sexual scene taking place, even though she had tugged her skirt higher and her white legs shone for any observing eye.

The old man was transfixed and she now even had a finger at her clit, very discreetly touching it. Moving her hand slightly to rub. We were both lustily watching her masturbate! In that moment of total sensuality, I was kind of wanting more guys to see this wonderful scene.

I wondered what to do but had to go back to work. As I appeared walking toward her she closed her legs and stopped, flashing a smile at the old man. Then she looked directly at a wall clock and at her watch. I had no idea why but she seemed to be adjusting the time. It was close to 2 pm and the last diners were sparse.

We finished our lunch and wandered off to the elevators to leave. I did notice the older guy passing us and entering a wide stairwell leading down. It was poorly lit and seemed like no one used it anymore.

So it was a thrill for me to even partake in this little sexual episode even if from a distant view. It had set my lust going wild and when I got back to work I whacked off in the men's room! While Mary went on home.

Things returned to normal until the following week when Mary suggested meeting me again for lunch. Then the realization struck me about her paying so much attention to the wall clock; she was establishing the time for a future reference! Very clever. And sneaky!

Was she signaling to the old guy that this was the time she would be there again? My stomach fluttered with the thought, that if I was correct, she might like him watching her again? I waited in anticipation until Tuesday and wondered what I would do if he was there again? I loved the way she exposed herself to the old guy so sneakily and thought even if he loved watching her, he was basically harmless. Only enjoying the thrill of a younger woman showing herself off and maybe getting off while he watched.

I thought about it all morning until lunch time. Not sure what I should do until I was on my way in the elevator to meet Mary. It was then I realized how sexy the scene had been and how I came off in seconds back at my office. I had been filled with lust and loved it. I would make my decision on the spur of the moment in the cafeteria and what I saw then. But yes, I was hoping for a continuation of that scene.

I could peer into the cafeteria from out in the furniture department and Mary was already there, sitting at the same table. She had suggested a later time for lunch and again, the crowd had mostly left and there were only a few lingerers left. But one of them was the same old guy from last week. Sitting exactly at the same table.

As I went in I noticed that Mary was this time wearing a short skirt and blouse instead of the blue sweater. And the top two buttons were undone! Was I imagining all this? No, she looked sexy as hell with the enticing swell of her wonderful breasts showing in the loose top. I went to her and explained that I couldn't stay for lunch because I had to meet a colleague back at the office. At the same time my heart leaped because I thought I saw that under the blouse Mary had no bra on at all! It was not obvious right away because she wore an open cardigan over the blouse.

Mary seemed disappointed but said she'd stay and have her lunch anyway. I gave her a kiss on the cheek and said it was too bad. Even as I said it I could feel my cock swelling. I left the cafeteria and turned toward the elevators but then circled way around the furniture department to a point where I could see into the cafe. Standing behind some high cabinets. Again to look innocent, I fingered through my notebook as if I was checking my appointments and pretended to be talking on my cell.

Now I could see whatever actions Mary would get up to. My heart was in my throat because of what I anticipated and because I was being so sneaky too. Mary had always been excited over public actions and we had done sex in parks, in the car, even on park benches at dusk. Even in dance clubs we had touched each other in the darkness, and she was always very turned on by it. But exposing herself in daytime in a public cafeteria was something new. And to a complete stranger!

I watched her from afar, and could not see the old guy’s reaction, but again noticed that a third button was loose on her blouse now, revealing the white swell of her full breasts. And even from a distance away, her skirt was up high enough to show, even from this distance, the dark look of her pussy under it.

A salesman came near so I took a soft chair and ignored him.

The display of my wife continued and she finally finished her salad. Again when she thought no one could see, her hand dropped into the crevice of her legs and she seemed to stare directly at the old man while her hand moved stealthily. I guessed him to be in his seventies and still thought of him as harmless, and I am sure Mary did too. But she was enjoying her exhibition.

I wanted to head for the men's room and whack off but couldn't leave my vantage point. I was transfixed by the secret display my lovely wife was up to. Finally it looked like Mary was just sitting and waiting. The man got up and slowly walked out of the cafeteria. Mary stood and I ducked behind the cabinets again. Wondering what would happened. It didn’t appear that they ever spoke.

The old guy went to the entrance to the wide stairwell beside the elevators, and went in only when Mary appeared. She watched him go to the stairs and slowly followed, glancing once around and seeing no one else, she disappeared from my view into the murky stairwell. Now I had a decision to make and my mind was a flurry of thoughts. I could not let her catch me here again but was ready with the excuse that my client had cancelled. But if I was caught in that stairwell? I walked to the stairwell entrance and cautiously looked in. The stairs angled downward between floors with a small landing at each half level. I crept to the railing and peeked cautiously downward.

As the stairwell descended it was even darker. Still I ould see nothing. I crept down one level until I heard a scraping. Once again peeked through the railings and there, another level below, was Mary, just standing by the rail looking downward.

My heart was pounding because of these lusty furtive actions. Mary was just leaning on the handrail staring below. She glanced back and I quickly ducked out of view. Was confused until I saw a hand appear on the same railing.

Mary seemed to be smiling. And just stood still as the hand went to her breast and rubbed it, slipped into the open blouse and fondled her bare skin. Gawd, I was beside myself with excitement now. The old man was fondling my wife! But sheez it was so exciting! The stairs were old marble and echoed with footsteps floors below. I was now afraid my pounding heart would reverberate loudly and betray me. But my lust was so strong and I just helplessly watched. Even afraid to touch my cock for fear it would explode inside my pants!

The old guy was two steps lower than Mary and now I could see him a bit more as he seemed to caress her softly. Mary just standing there to allow it. Then he moved closer, knelt on the stair and pulled her skirt higher until he pressed his mouth against her soft pussy. This was almost too much excitement for me as Mary just clung to the railing and actually helped him by holding up her skirt and opening her legs for him. Her tummy and legs looked so white and alluring. From my view I could see his mouth working her slit, and her eyes closed with pleasure.

I had to adjust my own position to stop my pulse from flinging me off the landing. Mary raised one leg and the old man just clutched her rear and pulled her pussy tight to his mouth.

I stood there watching my own wife enjoy a complete stranger licking her pussy in a public place!

She started to move her hips as he sucked on her clit and I knew she would explode in moments. She sagged against the railing and stroked his hair until she started fucking his face in strong movements, then she was cumming. Clutching his head in jerky motions and whimpering with pleasure. She held his head tightly as she came again with her eyes closed. She tucked her head into her arm but was not able to suppress her cry out.

The old guy kept his mouth pressed on her, sucking her clit until she started again with jerky twists and thrusts with her pelvis. Then she held his head in both hands and just fucked his mouth in a frenzy until she came again in a loud sigh and almost fell down from weak knees. I nearly came in my pants!

Finally he pulled back. Whispered Thank you while Mary let her skirt fall back. Breathing heavily leaning on the rail. Her face flushed. Nothing else had been said at all. I could hear his footsteps clattering downward as he hurried away. Mary stood still a moment and I was worried she would come back upward but she slowly went down one more level and exited onto the fourth floor.

I had witnessed an incredible event of lust. My wife letting a stranger lick her pussy! Nothing had been said between them. How did he know she would accept his advances? She just stood there and allowed it. I could tell when she had several orgasms. And came so strong that he must have been pleased with making her feel like that. She must have been over excited from the lusty touching of herself in front of him in the cafeteria. I saw him licking his lips last week. Was that telling her what he wanted to do? Did he ask? Would he want to fuck her too? Could he? And would she just submissively let him do it? They seemed to have some sort of secret lust between them and I thought it could not have happened with a younger man.

I wondered what other adventures she might have gotten into that I didn't know about? Had there been other times? What more would she get into? Wow. Now my mind was inundated with lusty ideas about what Mary would do. Was it going to happen again next week? Or sooner? And where? Back here or other places. With other men?

My heart was still going a mile a minute as I entered the men's room of the department store, taking a stall and coming off in a matter of strokes. Even after I left the store and got back to my office my cock was hard all over again. I would get no more work done today. But it didn’t matter, I had high hopes for more events in my future.

So much to think about and look forward to.



2016-02-19 16:55:08
Wonderful tale and well written. How about continuing on at home with him telling her about watching them and then she telling him in detail about the many other times what she has done ?? THANK YOU !!!

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2016-02-19 13:51:12
Read this on the train.. Brilliant and exciting

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I love it every time my wife wants to show off her pussy because when we get home she fucks my pass off. Thanks

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2016-02-11 19:42:11
I love chicks who are exhibitionists....Wish MY partner was like that...
But thanks for the titillating story!

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