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Like a lot of women, I've had some fantasies during my 40+ years, but had never had the opportunity or nerve to live any of them until now.
My First Exposure
Meeting My Paperboy
This story is woven around an old friend's fantasy
she shared with me over a span of nearly 30 years.

"Maybe I can help him get a better look," I thought as I reached
for a napkin on the table and "accidentally" dropped it.

"I'll get it for you Mrs. Tyler," he said as he bent over to
retrieve it. I pretended to look away while he was bent over but
saw him turn his head and look up my skirt as he was leaning over.

For that moment, I parted my legs and left them open a little
longer to give him a clear view of my moist panties.

He was so engrossed at looking at them, he had to reach 3 times
before he finally was finally able to grab the napkin. I'll bet
that view got his blood flowing.

As he was reaching for the napkin and looking at my by now
sopping panties, I noticed the bulge in his shorts was still bigger
than it was a few minutes ago. And when he sat back up, the leg
opening of his shorts was gapping wide open this time


There was no doubt this time, he wasn't wearing any underwear!
I could see part of his penis, his young cock!! As I sat back
after Jimmy poured, I could see the very tip of it as it came
within a few inches of the leg opening and I could see a little
outline down the leg of his shorts! That wasn't material
bunching up that I saw earlier - That was a teenage prick!

I don't know what came over me but all of a sudden, I had a
really strong desire to be in control of the situation,,to
show Jimmy that I was a sexy woman, and I could tantalize him.
I wanted to see his cock, yes "cock", not a "penis" anymore,
grow for me. And I decided to enjoy it.

I sat back with my glass of wine, pretending I was getting
drunker with the wine than I actually was and clumsily let one
hand slide my skirt up even higher so that one side was as high
as my hip. I knew this would let him see more of what he was
hoping for.

"Boy, I think I drank too much wine this afternoon Jimmy. I'm
getting a little dizzy. I hope I don't embarrass myself."

"Don't worry Mrs. Tyler, I think you're doing great. You look
fine to me," he said as he was staring at my leg where the skirt
had risen to expose everything almost to my bottom.

"Well maybe so, but I'd better not have anymore. I don't want to
lead a nice young boy like you astray."

As I said that I leaned forward again to put my glass on the
table. I let my legs fall apart and heard him suck in a big
breath as I knew he could now clearly see my panties as my
skirt wasn't more than a couple of inches below my crotch. With
my legs as far apart as they were, he could see everything; the
flat plane of my panties stretched across my wet cunt.

When I sat back I didn't close my legs but left them open for
his greedy eyes. I was blatantly showing off my panty clad
pussy to a teenage boy and loving every moment of it.

I leaned back in the chair and started to hum and keep time to
the music with the movement of my legs.

As I opened and closed my legs, I knew that I was stretching my
panties tight across my pussy and that, wet as they now were,
he could see the lips of my pussy outlined against the wet
material. I could feel them pulsating against me to the rhythm of
my body. And those panties were getting wetter as he watched.

"This music is so mellow, isn't it Jimmy. It really relaxes me,"
I said as I closed my eyes and put my hands behind my head and
stretched showing him my hard nipples again through my thin shirt.

I'm sure he thought I was drunk and he was going to take advantage
of my carelessness. That's just what I wanted him to think.

"Keep telling me about your town Jimmy. I like hearing the way
you've been describing it."

I kept moving my legs open and closed ever so slowly to the
music and doing it was making my pussy juice up more than I had
ever experienced before.

Poor Jimmy kept fidgeting in his chair trying to get a better
look up my skirt. As he moved I kept giving him better looks as
I would open, first one leg and then the other, wider to give a
him a better view, acting as if I was just being careless.

Then I slowly stretched my arms over my head being very innocent
to the fact that my skirt was up to the top of my legs and my
nipples were about to poke out of my top.

Jimmy turned his head and pretended he was looking out the
window when he saw me stretch. As he turned partially around,
I could plainly see the condition I had put him in. The head
of his prick was near the leg opening of his shorts now and I
could see it all and it looked so cute! It didn't look as
big as a grown man's but it was so red. I almost felt sorry
for him as it must have been uncomfortable for that cock to be
that hard and held in that down position.

"I wonder what it would look like standing up, free of those
shorts so Jimmy could stroke it while I watch," I thought.

When Jimmy turned back around, I continued to move my legs with
the music and watched him stare at my crotch. He almost seemed
hypnotized and didn't seem to be aware that I was watching him
watch. I knew he could see all of my panty covered pussy as I
kept time to the music. It was time to move this along a little
bit more.

"Jimmy, are you staring at my legs now?"

He looked up to see me watching him and said somewhat sheepishly,
"I'm sorry Mrs. Tyler. I didn't mean to stare, but your, ah ...
legs look so nice."

"Oh I am sorry Jimmy," I said looking down at my legs, but not
lowering my skirt. "I seem to have had too much wine".

"First I got careless with my breasts and now I'm exposing my
legs. What you must think of me. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to
embarrass you by showing so much."

"That's ok Mrs. Tyler. They look great. And it sure doesn't
embarrass me"

"Well thank you, I consider that a complement. It makes me feel
kind of good for a young man of your age to like them. In fact it
makes me feel good that you're looking at them at all. When you
get to be my age, a lot of the sexiness seems to disappear. You
don't get looked at anymore."

"Well I could look at your legs all day Mrs. Tyler."

"That's so nice of you Jimmy. It isn't often that a woman gets
a good looking young man to pay any attention. Especially with
all those young girls you get to look at every day".

"Do you really think they look good?"

With that I brought my legs together and lifter them high off
the floor so my feet were pointing over his head as if I was
looking at them, knowing I was exposing the back of my thighs all
the way to my bottom to him.

"I always thought they were a little thin. Do you really think
they're ok?"

"They just look wonderful Mrs. Tyler. The best I've ever seen."

I brought my legs back down and put my feet back onto the floor,
opened my knees just a little and started to stroke my upper
thighs with both hands. My skirt had come all the way up now
so there wasn't even the two inches of material to pretend to
cover any more.

"That really is a compliment considering all those young legs
you see from your classmates. But I still think mine are a
little too thin, don't you?"

With those words I opened my legs wide again, brought my hands
down to gently stroke and squeeze the inside of both thighs
very slowly.

"Oh man, Mrs. Tyler, I think they're the best legs I've ever

"You're just saying that, Jimmy, but thank you. A woman always
likes to be appreciated. It makes me feel a little sexy again."

"Well, you sure look sexy to me," he said as he squirmed to
hide his bulging crotch from me.

"I'm so glad you think so Jimmy. You don't know how much that
means to an older woman like me. But do you really think they
look sexy?", I asked as I pretended to show him my legs as I
opened them wide knowing he could again see my wet panties
against my pussy.

"Oh gee Mrs. Tyler, I think it, I mean, I mean they look great",
he said as he put his hand over the opening of his shorts to hide
his growing erection.

With my hands near my panty covered pussy I said, "Jimmy, are
you getting excited. It looks like your covering a bulge in
your shorts. I hope I'm not frustrating you, but I didn't think
seeing my legs would get you excited. Haven't you seen a girls
legs before?"

"Well not like this. To tell you the truth Mrs. Tyler, I'm kind
of embarrassed to say it but I can see your underwear and that's
what's getting me so excited."

"You can?" I said looking down at my crotch as if I hadn't been
aware it was showing and covering my pussy with my hands like a
little school girl.

"Oh I'm really sorry Jimmy. I didn't realize you could see my
panties. I'm so embarrassed I feel like I should go and put some
long pants on."

"You don't have to do that Mrs. Tyler. I don't mind. In fact
I like it."

"You do? I can't imagine a young man like you wanting to see an
old ladies panties like these," I said as I slowly ran my hands
over my panties as he looked on.

"I sure do. I've never seen a woman in her underwear before."

"You must be kidding me Jimmy. Haven't you ever seen the little
panties of one of your girl friends. Even by accident."

I continued stroking my panties as I talked to him, watching him
stare at my crotch and feeling the juices start to flow again.

"No honest, I never have. I'm too busy working to date much at
all, really, and yours are the first I've ever seen. I didn't
see much, but what I did sure looked sexy. I guess I was getting
excited cause I was hoping I might see some more."

Now I knew I had to go for it. I was going to show this kid
anything he wanted to see and maybe more. I was so turned on by
the innocence and eroticism of it all, I wanted to ... no, HAD
to, MUST show all I had.

"I guess that's pretty normal for a healthy young boy like you.
Do you really want to see my panties?

"I sure would Mrs. Tyler. It would be great."

"Well, being as old as I am, if underwear is all you want to
see, that should be ok. They don't really show anything more
than my bathing suits, so I guess it would be alright."

With that I opened my legs wider open showing him my panties as
if for the first time.

"See. Nothing but plain old white cotton underwear," as I put
my hand on my panty covered pussy and rubbed up and down, feeling
the wetness and knowing this was driving him crazy. Then I put
my hands behind my bottom and lifted my hips slightly off the
chair, giving him a good long look.

"Here, have a good look at these old things. What do you think
Jimmy. If this is the first time you've seen a woman in panties,
do they look good to you? After all, they're just plain underwear.
I don't know what could interest you about these old things."

I moved my legs even wider and held them there as I let my hips
slowly move up and down a moment while I looked him in the eye.

I could hardly believe I was doing this, but it felt so good
and I could see that Jimmy was really liking what I was
showing him. I can't remember ever being this excited. Later,
Mike would love hearing my feelings on this one.

On the up stroke of my movements, I was looking at his face
directly over the mound of my pussy which was pointed directly
at him. I think both of us were thrilled ... I know I was.

"Man, they look great Mrs. Tyler. I didn't know a woman's
panties would be so tight. I can almost see right through

"They are a little tight Jimmy but I didn't think you could see
through them? What can you see?" I said looking down, pretending
innocence as I moved my hands from my bottom, ran my fingers
near the edge of my panties and lifted the material slightly at
the edges teasing him with a glimpse of what was beneath.

"Gee Mrs. Tyler, I think I can, but I'm not really sure. I
don't know what it looks like under there. I can just see like
a dark shadow," he said with a new wide eyed realization. I
could see him hiding the leg of his shorts.

The poor thing wanted to get out of there.

"Come on now, you know what's under there. Haven't you ever
seen any of those girly magazines that the boys pass around
with naked women in them? You couldn't be that innocent."

"Honest Mrs. Tyler, I've never seen a naked woman before. Not
even in magazines. Growing up, my folks were always pretty
strict about sex things."

"Well in that case, I'm sure you don't want to be led astray
and see what's under this underwear. That dark shadow is just
some hair like you have around your private parts. You wouldn't
want to see that."

"Yes I do Mrs. Tyler. It would be ok, and I really would,

"Well, I guess it wouldn't hurt to show you a little. It's only
hair after all. But just a peek."

He just stared in disbelief as I slowly pulled my skirt up to
my waist and pulled my panties down until my closely trimmed
pubic hair began to show.

"Can you see a little of my pussy hair Jimmy? I keep it nice
and trimmed. I think it looks better that way. What do you

Usually I keep my pussy shaved clean ... Mike and I both like
it that way, but with the press of packing and moving recently,
I hadn't had the time to keep myself as clear of hair as I
normally do.

In this case, I was actually glad that it was only trimmed along
my pussy lips and clipped short. The sight of my pussy was
going to be enough for Jimmy for now and the sight of a totally
bald cunt could be fruit for another day.

I continued to move my panties down until they were just at the
top of my mound which left about an inch or so of hair sticking
out above my panties. Then I ran my fingers through my pubic
hair, teasing with slow strokes. I gave him just the smallest
glimpse of where the lips started.

He was speechless. He had leaned forward on the couch to get as
close as possible to me. He watched fascinated as I exposed the
top of my pussy.

"Here Jimmy, you might as well come closer and get a better
look. It's ok."

His startled look said he sure wasn't expecting this. His prick
was getting so hard in his shorts that he couldn't stand up so
he just kind of crawled over to me on his knees.

He knelt in front of me between the coffee table and my chair so
close he was almost touching my legs. He stared at my partially
covered pussy as I moved the panties down giving him more to see
as I continued to play my fingers through the curly hair. He
couldn't speak but just kept staring.

"See, it's no big deal. Just some hair like all people have
around this part of the body. You have some too, don't you Jimmy.

"Oh man, yea I do but it's not as smooth and nice as yours."

"Mine isn't any smoother. They're all the same. Here, let me
show you. Give me your hand."

Holding my panties down to the top of my lips with one hand, I
reached with the other for his hand and gently laid in on my cunt
hair. He moved his fingers very slowly taking in the new experience.

"See Jimmy. It's no big deal. Isn't it the same as yours? Go ahead
and move your fingers through it. See for yourself."

"I can't believe it. This is too much."

He started to move his fingers through my cunt hair then started
lower near the top of where my hand held and covered my panties.
He wanted to touch what was still covered but I was having too
much fun to let him go too quick.

I led his fingers through the curly hair letting him dip a little
under the panties but bringing them back up each time. One more
time I slowly took his fingers in a circle through my hair then
let them lower underneath till he just touched the top of my pussy
lips. I just let him feel the beginning of the crack at the base
of my clit, then pulled them out again.

"Not down there young man. I don't think I can let you touch
down there."

"What's it look like down there Mrs. Tyler?"

"Well young man, I'm not going to take my panties off but ..."

Here, I hesitated as though in deep thought and then continued,

"Maybe I could show you a little more without doing that.
Here, you can have a little look at what's behind my underwear."

He was still kneeling in front of me as I leaned back in my
chair, slid my fingers under the crotch of my panties and
pulled it aside so he could get a clear view of my pussy.

"Here's what a woman's pussy looks like. Do you like what you
see now Jimmy? Can you see it good?" I ran my fingers over my
bare pussy lips letting him watch as the juices started flowing
out of my pussy and down the crack of my bottom.

Instantly, the image of what this scene must look like to Mike
flashed through my mind, and I knew if there was a way, he was
seeing this, as I leaned back in my living room chair, tits on
display, a young man kneeling before me and me pulling my panties
so he could have a clear view of my wet pussy.

The erotic sense of all this swept over me like an ocean wave.

Ever so slowly, I ran my fingers up and down the lips careful
not to let him see inside. I was saving that for later, if I had
the nerve.

He lowered himself on his haunches, licked his lips and stared
at my dripping pussy, looking like he was going to explode. His
face got flushed and he just stared in fascination.

"Can I touch it Mrs. Tyler? Like before?"

"Well ok, but just a little. Give me your hand again Jimmy."

He leaned forward again as I took his fingers and softly ran
them along the smooth moist lips of my pulsing pussy.

I was so turned on now I could come in a minute. This whole
scene was so erotic as to be almost unbearable. This young
virile boy was feeling my pussy and I was in complete control,
even though my pussy was wetter than it has ever been. I
couldn't believe the amount of clear fluid that was running out
of me.

He again tried a little to move his fingers inside the lips
but each time I let him start them pulled him back.

"Ok that's enough of that. You're getting me too turned on
young man."

By now I knew I was going to show him everything. I knew I
really wanted to and to see the appreciation that I knew would
be on his face, but I was getting so turned on by my little
exhibit that I just wanted to make this part last a little

He leaned back on his haunches in disappointment. As he did
that his prick came out of the leg opening of his shorts for an
instant. Now it was my turn to look. It didn't look very big
compared to Mike's 7+ inches, but it was cute and I wanted to
see it all. I knew I should probably stop but I had to go a
little further.

"Are you sure Mrs. Tyler. I'd sure like to see a little more.
I've never seen a naked woman before, and I won't do anything,

"I don't think I should show you any more down here, but if you
want to see naked, I guess I could let you see my breasts. You
were staring at them awhile ago. Did you like what you could see
through my shirt?"

"Boy did I," he said moving his stare to my chest. "They look
beautiful from what I can see. Would you really let me see them
naked, with no shirt on?"

He thought I had too much to drink and was trying to take
advantage. I might as well let him think he was getting his way.

"Sure, why not. I guess a better look without the shirt won't
hurt anything."

He was still kneeling in front of me as I slowly pulled my shirt
up and over my head. My nipples were so hard I could feel them
pulling my skin. I cupped both breasts holding them out for him
and said,

"Is this naked enough for you Jimmy? Do they look better when
they're not covered by that old shirt?"

"Oh man, they look great. I've never seen any of those
magazines but I bet they couldn't be any better than this. Your
nipples look so red and hard. They're great!"

His saying that made me cup one breast and hold it out for him.

"See Jimmy, when a woman gets turned on, they get hard like this.
And it feels so good to pinch them gently like this," I said as I
started to squeeze and pinch my nipple till I thought I'd scream
with ecstasy.

Then,out of nowhere, I said it. "Would you like to feel them?"

"Gee, would I ever !!!"

With his eyes wide and his mouth open he reached out and softly
felt my breast as I continued to hold it out for him, for his
and my pleasure.

He ran his fingers over the nipples then gently put his whole
hand over my entire breast. I watched as he started to pet it
softly and released my breast into his hand. Then he brought his
other hand up and with both, started to squeeze and fondle first
one then the other breast. I was getting so turned on by his
innocence I just laid my head back for a moment and enjoyed
the eroticism of it all.

"Feel the nipple Jimmy. Feel how hard it is."

Bringing both hands to my breast, he surrounded it then started
to gently feel the nipple with his fingers.

"It's so hard Mrs. Tyler. Are they always this hard?"

"Not always Jimmy. Just when a woman gets excited. I don't want
to shock you, Jimmy, but would you like to suck it a little.
I think that would feel real good to you." (Not to mention me!)

He brought his face to me and started to suck my nipple. He was
so gentle it was driving me crazy.

"Harder Jimmy. Suck it just a bit harder. It won't bite."

With that he started to really get into it. He sucked it hard then
started to lick and suck at the same time. This guy was going to
be a natural. But I wanted more.

I gently pushed him away and said, "Ok, that's enough. I don't
want you to get carried away now."

"Gee, that was great," he said as he sat back on his haunches.
As he did he prick came out of the bottom of his shorts again but
this time it didn't look as small. The head was bright red, almost
purple and hard as a brick.

He kept staring at my breasts looking like he was going to reach
out and touch them again. That wouldn't be too bad I thought.
But not quite yet.

Then his stare dropped to my pussy again, still covered by my
wet panties. I'm sure he could clearly see through them and see my
lips outlined against them.

End Part-2


2019-05-19 04:20:30
I don't usually like the slow build up like this, but for some reason it works with this story. Looking forward to part 3.

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