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Like a lot of women, I've had some fantasies during my 40+ years, but had never had the opportunity or nerve to live any of them until now.
My First Exposure
Meeting My Paperboy
This story is woven around an old friend's fantasy
she shared with me over a span of nearly 30 years.

Like a lot of women, I've had some fantasies during my 40+
years, but had never had the opportunity or nerve to live
any of them until Mike took me for a fantastic massage
last month.

I ended up feeling physically great and so very excited that
I was nude under my towel as Mike watched another man give
me a really professional massage. But the best part was
after ... on the ride home and later in bed as Mike and I
re-talked all about that massage, the masseur and how it
turned us both on.

One thing that did for me, besides the obvious, was to free
my mind to the possibility that fantasies are good but living
them is, although maybe scary, even better.

Living with Mike has allowed me to throw away all the prudish
and conventional things I was afraid of and to start living and
thinking more independently and freely about life and what I
enjoy in life.

Mike loves me very much. I know that and he takes such
compassionate care for my well being that, around him, I can
really be the person I want to be, safe in the knowledge that
he'll always be there for me.

So, Gradually, over time, I started letting my brain wander
to other possibilities for my mind and body to experience.

When we moved into our new home recently, a young man came by
to see if we wanted to subscribe to the town newspaper. This was
not my image of the average Paper Boy. If he was still in his
teens, he must be at least 17 or maybe even 18. But ... things
happen to change our lives' schedule and who was I to criticize.

Since we were very busy and right in the middle of unpacking our
"stuff" Mike told him to come back next Saturday and we'd talk
about it. After he left, Mike winked at me and said, "Here's
your chance to add to your flashing fantasy and give the young
guy a real treat at the same time."

I just laughed at him and said, "Are you kidding. I'm too old to
do anything like that; too old to appeal to a man that young. And
besides, I wouldn't have the nerve anyway."

Mike said, "At least you'll get the chance Saturday. Hey, if it
feels good, go for it. The kid is coming by about 3 in the
afternoon and I've got to go to work for a couple of hours in the
morning, but I can be here discreetly to support you if you need
so....." as he showed me his devilish grin.

When Saturday came, I was still undecided whether to do any
flashing for the paperboy. But when Mike returned after his few
hours of work, I started thinking about it more seriously. And the
more I thought about it, the more I thought, why not.

But what I would wear to tease a teenage boy.

Mike hadn't said a word since arriving home, but I knew what
he wanted ... as much for me as for his enjoyment, but he was
leaving it entirely up to me. Supportive, but not controlling.

After a few minutes of pondering, I decided I could at least
put on some clothes that would allow a little flash if the
opportunity (and my nerve) came up.

I was really scared stiff at the thought of what I was
considering. All sorts of negative thoughts ran through my
mind. What if he doesn't like me? What if he thinks I'm ugly?
What if ... ... ...?

But what I had recently learned about myself and about human
fantasies, sure, they can be scary, but the inner fright
only serves to heighten the enjoyment ... or so my Mike said.
And, so far, he had been right.

To top that off, I knew with him around I would be safe and that
he'd bail me out if I got into a situation that I really didn't
like or want.

So with that thought, I decided to put on a knee length loose
blue skirt and a white cotton shirt that had a low scoop neckline.

Mike bought it a month ago for me but because it was so thin and
revealing I didn't think I would ever have the nerve to wear it
in front of anyone except Mike.

In fact I hadn't even tried it on yet. But, what the heck, I
decided to try it.

The panties I put on were some thin cotton bikinis I had. This
was conservative enough that if I decided not to do anything but
show a little of my breasts through the shirt that would be ok.
But they also gave possibilities if I decided to flash a little
bit more.

The white top seemed thin enough to show a little of my nipples,
but if they behaved themselves and didn't get hard it would be OK.
Well, not that thin, really. Even though you could just barely
see my nipples through it. I'd seen far more revealing blouses on
the street.

I laughed to myself about finally getting into the current

After getting dressed I checked myself in the mirror.

Not too bad for a 47 year old lady, but I hadn't realized how
clearly I would be able to see my nipples showing through the
shirt. It was much thinner than I thought. I decided to practice
a little and see what I could do to show them off even more.

Standing in front of the mirror, I put my hand under my shirt and
started to play with my nipples. After a minute or so, I put my
shirt back down and took a look. Wow, they really showed through.
Not only could I see the outline of the nipples, but the areola
surrounding them showed through very clearly. It was almost like
wearing nothing at all!

I bent over pretending I was reaching for something to see how
far you could see down the front.

Boy!!, this shirt had all kind of possibilities. It was a little
loose and you could see all the way down to my stomach through
the cleavage.

I put my arms together causing the shirt to gap more and I could
clearly see my nipples! In fact, if I moved just right they almost
came out of the shirt!!!

I felt like a wicked woman as I studied my body in the mirror.
But this was fun.

How about up my legs, I thought, how can I show a little panty,
if I decide to that is.

I brought a chair in front of the mirror and practiced crossing
and uncrossing my legs. If I was slow enough, I could see well
up my legs but not all the way.

I pulled my skirt up a little higher and opened my legs to see
how far I would have to go to show my panties. Now, that sure
looked sexy.

As I opened my legs wider and pulled up my skirt, my panties
drew up tight in my crotch and I could make out the lips of
my pussy outlined against the thin cotton panties ... which
were now getting moist at all my brazen thoughts.

This was opening up all kinds of possibilities.

After checking some more moves with my legs and figuring out
what each view showed I went downstairs and opened up a bottle
of wine. I might need a little more wine induced nerve to even
wear this shirt in front of anyone let alone show any more.

Mike then came in from the back of the house .. took one look
at me and broke out into a big boyish grin. Seeing me dressed
as I was and with a glass of wine in my hand (I'd have had my
favorite - a Rum and Coke, but I didn't want to get too tipsy)
he knew precisely what I was thinking. He saw the mood I was in
and knew that too many words right now could break my trend of

He didn't say anything about my clothes, but merely held out a
glass for a bit of the wine I was having and put his arm around
my shoulder while he told me that he'd be around ... handy in
case I needed him, but that no one would know he was even home.

We had just finished our glass of wine when the doorbell
rang, right on time at 3 o'clock. Delighted by my own
brazenness in practicing how to flash I almost skipped to
the door and opened it.

"Hi. I'm Jimmy. Mr. Tyler said to come by today and see if
you wanted to subscribe to the paper."

"Hi Jimmy. Mike had to go to work but said for me to find
out about your paper and decide. Come on in. I was just
having some cool wine to drink. Can I get you a coke or

Jimmy was a medium size boy, a little taller than me and was
wearing baggy shorts and a T-shirt. Even though older than most
paper boys, he looked shy as he came in and shook my hand while
keeping his head down. He looked so young! Maybe I shouldn't do
anything after all.

"Yes, thanks Mrs. Tyler."

"Go on over and sit on the couch while I get you a coke."

I went to the kitchen, where I found Mike standing close behind
the door smiling at me lovingly.

With Jimmy so close, he didn't say anything, but did give me a
"thumbs up" approval sign as I got the coke, returned to the
living room and sat in my chair opposite Jimmy.

The couch he sat on was only about 4 feet in front of my chair
with a small coffee table in between. We had set it up as a
intimate conversation area, so as we settled in it became a cozy
little corner for the two of us.

As I sat down I saw Jimmy glance at my breasts then quickly drop
his eyes. The poor kid was embarrassed already. But I quickly
noticed that as we started talking, his eyes kept darting to my
breasts as if taking in the hint of forbidden sight of my barely
revealed nipples showing through my thin white shirt.

As I set the drinks down on the table I said, "So Jimmy, tell me
about the newspaper."

As he was telling me about the paper, I took the opportunity to
watch him while trying to keep up my part of the conversation.

He was a good looking young guy with what appeared to be a good
lean body. He was younger than I was, by far, but still older
than most "paper boys", and I felt my juices flow a moment when
I thought about what Mike had said about living my fantasy.

Did I dare flash a little more than my shirt was already showing?

I didn't know yet, but, so far, this was feeling pretty good.

"How long have you worked for the paper Jimmy," I said trying
to find a way to see how old he was.

"I just started Mrs. Tyler. You have to be in high school to
work for them and I needed a job. I'm a senior this year".

It must have been a look on my face, but he quickly added that
he'd been out of school for over most of a year and had just
returned to get his diploma. That put him at easily 18 and
maybe a bit more.

Another pleasant surprise I had right away was that I noticed
when he moved his legs apart as he was fidgeting around his seat
talking to me, his loose fitting shorts were gapping opened and
I could see up his leg.

I found myself looking for his next movement so I could see up
his shorts. I smiled at myself with the thought that now I was
being the voyeur instead of an exhibitionist. Me, a 47 year old
woman looking up the pant leg of a young teenager looking for
his little prick. Boy was I wicked, I thought, smiling to myself.

I found myself enjoying sneaking a look as he went on about his
job delivering the newspaper. I even leaned over a little to try
and get a better look but still only saw skin as far up as I could
see. Maybe this could be fun after all.

"What else do you do for recreation Jimmy when you're not in
school or working. You must be in sports with that lean body of
yours. Your legs look in great shape," I said letting him see me
looking his legs over.

He blushed and said, "Yea, well thanks Mrs. Tyler. I'm on the
track team and run a lot. I try to keep myself in good shape."

"You sure look like it to me. You're a very handsome young man."

His cheeks turned red and he looked like he was about to say "Aw
shucks". But he continued to talk about his school.

My mind wandered again to my fantasy about flashing to a young
boy. And he seemed like an innocent sort of guy which was also
part of my fantasy. Of course, I didn't have any experience in
this myself. We'd just have to learn together. But I was starting
to get excited thinking again about the possibilities.

"Do you work out with weights to Jimmy? I hear that runners have
to work their upper body also."

I looked at Jimmy with a smile as I asked that question and saw
that he was staring at my chest again. I followed his gaze and
saw what held his attention ... thinking about my little
fantasy had hardened my nipples. They were even more revealed
now as they pointed out through my thin white cotton shirt in
a way that couldn't be missed. I knew he could see my
protruding nipples surrounded by their darkness as if they were
naked for his viewing. I felt my face grow hot as an unexpected
surge of warmth radiated from my pussy, making it hot again.

"Yes I do Mrs. Tyler. I workout at the YMCA a few times a week
to try and build myself up," he said as he kept returning his
wide eyes to my hard nipples that I knew were clearly visible
through my shirt.

"Boy it sure is warm today, don't you think so Mrs. Tyler?"

He was young, but obviously a male. His eyes kept going quickly
from my eyes to my chest. I knew why he was getting warm. My
hard nipples on my full B cups were giving him quite a show. I
wonder if he'd ever seen a naked breast before.

Now it's time for a better look young man, I thought

"Have some more coke to cool off Jimmy. Here, let me pour you

I leaned over to pour his coke. As I bent over I knew that my
shirt was loose and would gap open. I made it a point to stay
bent over as long as I could without giving away the game by
making it obvious as I looked up at Jimmy and saw him looking
down the front of my shirt. "I was giving him a lot cleavage to
see this time," I thought with grin.

"Maybe this will cool you off a little. And I think I'll have a
little more wine too," I said.

He sure looked like he was getting hot and I had a feeling he
was going to get a lot hotter as this was beginning to really
turn me on. I hadn't realized that flashing my body to an
innocent young man could be such a turn on.

Now, how about giving him a better look at my rock hard nipples!!

After I slowly poured his coke giving him a clear view down my
shirt, I set the can down in front of him moving to give him the
best angle for what was about to come.

Then I poured my wine moving my arms together to hold the bottle
with both hands, taking my time and letting my shirt gap open as
far as possible. As I squeezed my arms together, I could feel my
breasts rise to the top of my low scooped shirt and then did the
little move I had practiced earlier. I could feel my nipples
being free from touching the material and knew they were being
totally exposed to his young eyes!!!

I was showing my naked breasts to my young paperboy and loving
every moment!!!! I didn't want it to end..

I knew he could see everything now as I held this position. I
could see him losing the fight to not look at my nearly naked
breasts. He almost spilled his drink as he stared at them, and
I was sure seeing my hard nipples at the top edge of my wide
open shirt. He kept trying to look away but brought his eyes
back to my breasts right away.

Still bent over after setting the bottle down I said, "Is this
a nice neighborhood Jimmy? We just moved in and don't know
anyone yet. You're the first person I've talked to here."

Jimmy, still staring at my revealed breast said, "Yea, it is.
I think you'll like it. And it sure would be nice to have you
as a customer."

Smiling, I finally leaned back, put my arms on the back of the
chair which now stretched my shirt against my breasts giving him
a new eyeful, letting him see my protruding nipples, hard and
erect now after my first experience of flashing my body.

And I loved it!

And speaking of hard and erect, it looked I could see the first
signs of Jimmy getting that way. There was a little bulge in his
shorts that wasn't there before. His crotch had a little tent in
there. It would be nice to see the innocent hard penis on my
paperboy. Maybe I could encourage it a little more.

"Your right Jimmy, it does seem to be getting warmer. Whew, I
need a fan."

With that I pulled the bottom of my shirt from my skirt, pulled
it away from my body and fanned myself with it letting him see my

I continues to flap it for a moment getting a little careless and
rising it just enough, I hoped, to let him see just the bottom
curve of my breasts. The way he was staring, I had a feeling he
saw something he didn't expect....again.

"Tell me more about the town Jimmy. I'm anxious to learn more
about the area."

After my little show I gave him a little time to recover and the
conversation turned to places to see around here. I was enjoying
this new experience and the warmth of both the wine and my new
found brazenness.

Then I saw that Jimmy's eyes had drifted down to my legs and the
darkness between them where my skirt had risen above my knees.

His stare made me unconsciously press my legs together, and I felt
the soft warm moisture left from earlier fantasizing.

At first I had thought that I may not have the nerve to do much
more than wear this shirt. But after the last 10 minutes of
flashing my breasts and two glasses of wine, I was having too
much fun to stop now. Why don't I show my young friend some leg.

Better yet, how about my panties!!!

He surprised me by saying, "Can I pour you some more to drink
Mrs. Tyler?" as he reached for the bottle of wine.

I giggled as he leaned forward to fill my glass "Why Jimmy,
you're such a gentleman. I've probably had enough but another
glass won't hurt me. Thank you very much."

"You're welcome, Mrs. Tyler," he said with an embarrassed smile,
"It's my pleasure."

Was it that or was he thinking he might see some more if I had
more to drink. He was young, but not blind.

"It's a little quiet in here. I think I'll turn on some music,"
I said as I got up and turned on the stereo. I needed an excuse
for what I was about to do.

"So keep talking. I want to know all about this lovely town."

As he continued talking about school and the area, I came back
to my chair and decided to really give him something to look at.

In sitting down I let my legs fall apart, and instantly I
felt the horny thoughts that were echoed in Jimmy's look. He
was staring directly between my legs, imagining what was up

I wonder if he'd ever seen a pussy.

I almost laughed out loud at the horny expression on his face,
recalling my earlier practicing to do just this. It was ironic
that my first leg flash had been accidental but not this one.

I also noticed the little bulge in Jimmy's shorts was getting
bigger. It looked like his young penis was outlined through the
material?!! Was I seeing a teenage prick? It wasn't very big but
I imagined it was kind of cute under there.

Maybe he's not wearing underwear! I tried to look up his shorts
again but had no luck seeing anything new. It would be fun to
tease young Jimmy till I found out what was under there.

I wonder what his little hard on looked like. How big are boys
at this age? I thought. After all, Mike told me to go for it.
And his youth and innocence was extremely erotic to me.

I closed my eyes again, as if I hadn't noticed Jimmy's stare
or the bulge in his shorts, leaned back and slowly started
humming the melody of the music.

"Do you like the music Jimmy? It's probably too slow for your
generation?" Then, as if wrapped up in the music, I started to
open and close my legs, keeping time with the music.

"No problem Mrs. Tyler. I'm really liking it."

I could feel Jimmy's staring gaze trying to penetrate the dark
shadow of the opening beneath my skirt and between my smooth
thighs, and the mere thought made me tingle.

I could feel my juices beginning to stir again, wetting my still
damp panties even more. For the first time, I knew the forbidden
excitement of sexual power. I had never felt this way before. I
had never felt so delightfully sexy and in command of the situation.

I was the one in control, to hide or show my moist panties as I
desired and Jimmy had no choice but to sit and stare or stop and
leave. With each slow beat of the music, I opened and closed my
legs, each time a little slower, each time a little wider knowing
he was getting a look, but at only my thighs. But for a teenager,
that must be a huge turn on.

"I wonder if he's ever seen a panty covered pussy before", I

Finally Jimmy managed to speak. " If you don't mind, I think
I could use another coke Mrs. Tyler."

Knowing that Mike was listening to every word, I also knew
he'd not be in sight when Jimmy got his coke from the
refrigerator. No dummy, my Mike!! And I knew he was
enjoying this almost as much as I was, so I said, "Go ahead and
help yourself. They're in the fridge. I'm too mellow to move."

"OK, thanks"

While he went into the kitchen, I looked at my skirt to see how
high it was and how much he could see. Until now, I knew he had
only seen part way up my thighs.

I decided to give him a better look when he came back and
rearranged myself by moving my skirt up just a little more and
changing my position in the chair to give him a better angle.

When he came back and sat down, I saw that he noticed the
position of my legs right away and sat directly across from me
in front of them.

That nasty little boy was trying to look up my dress, I thought
with a smile. My excitement was increasing and I could feel my
pussy getting wet again.

"Hmm," I said dreamily, watching his eyes try.....but fail.....
to turn away as I reached for the wine bottle. His gaze kept
darting back to the point where my thighs melted into darkness.
"I think I'll join you Jimmy," I said.

Now's the time to really give him the show, I thought.

First the breasts again to get him ready for what I decided was
to come.

As I reached over to refilled my glass, I used both my arms
again and gave him another deep look at my breasts. As I put the
bottle back on the table I stayed bent over placing my elbows on
my knees. It felt like my breasts were almost completely out of
my shirt and I knew my nipples were exposed again.

"Lets see what he'll do with this", I thought as I shifted my
position as if to get more comfortable, which only produced a
little wiggle that brought my breasts out even more, pretending
all the time I was unaware of anything wrong.

Jimmy almost dropped his glass. His eyes got as big as saucers
as he ogled my tits with the rosy hard nipples clearly showing.

"What's wrong Jimmy. Is something wrong. You're staring so much?"
I said.

To play the game I looked down to my shirt front and saw that my
breasts were almost completely out and almost in plain sight.

"Oh my goodness. My breasts are out of my shirt! I'm so sorry
Jimmy. This shirt is just too darn loose. I shouldn't have worn
it today," I said as I reached up with one hand and gently .....
and slowly ....cupped each breast and put them back in my shirt.

"I hope it didn't embarrass you Jimmy. That's what I get for
drinking too much wine and getting careless."

"That's ok Mrs. Tyler. I'm not embarrassed. I understand.
Accidents happen." He said obviously flustered at what he had
just seen.

As I sat back, I let my elbows brush back my skirt several inches
as if by accident.

Now he couldn't take his eyes off my legs. The poor guy didn't
know where to look now.

My skirt was up past mid thigh and as he leaned over to put his
glass on the table, I again squirmed around a little pretending
to get comfortable, but really giving him a good look of my
panties as my legs opened and closed for an instant while he was

End part-1


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You're right. Thanks for the reminder

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