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This story will start slow as far as sexual encounters are concerned. I'll try to refrain from using bad grammar as English is not my first language. I'll try avoiding silly words like "Pussy" and "Cock" - since finding these in stories usually make me disinterested. Also please give feedback - this is my first time writing so be gentle.
This story is the adventure of Carl, a 17 year old Alaskan, who has a run in with an ancient spirit. This
spirit had been roaming the earth since its conception and had since gotten. She had decided to start
entertaining herself by playing with mortals. And in doing so, over the eons, she had created several
myths all around the world. But in the time of this story she was working on a new project... that lead
into a whole new one. She ends up bestowing powers onto Carl; these powers will be the drive of the
story in later chapters.

Chapter One - A Not So Lonely Night

It was a cold winter night; the Alaskan sky was lit up with stars from horizon to horizon. A small cottage
standing alone amongst thousands of acres of wilderness glowed with light and the promise of warmth.
Inside the cottage a boy, maybe 17 years' of age was busy throwing fuel on a fire that burnt in the
middle of the room. He was alone and his body was filled with fear to his very bones.
He had gotten lost while he was out with a hunting party from the town. In the corner of the room there
was a hunting rifle with a scope on it. The stock was worn and it had tape around it to keep a split from
spreading. The boy's clothes were also old and worn, hand downs from a previous generation. It was
made up of leather, harvested from the Alaskan wild.
The boy grabbed another old book from the book shelf behind him and through it into the fire. He had a
harsh sorrow gathering in the pit of his stomach as he stood with his hands over the fire.
In the distance he could hear a pack of wolves howling at the full moon. He looked over to the rifle in
the corner of the room then let out a sigh. He had heard stories of a strange woman dressed in black
attacking groups of travelers then pulling one off into the darkness. For now he was more scarred of the
wolf pack close by.
"Come on Carl... you have to be strong now. You aren't a boy anymore!" He announced his thoughts out
load in a manner that only someone who thought they were alone could.
Out of Carl's sight from afar eyes were watching. They were the eyes of a woman. She smiled with evil
anticipation showing a row of teeth that were crowned by fangs that a wolf would be proud to bare.
Then she paused watching the young man as he walked to the rifle and picked it up. He peeked out the
window with the rifle in hand forcing her to step in behind a tree.
Once he went back to tending his fire and ruining her cottage she paused, thinking of a new approach.
An approach that was out of the ordinary, she told herself that she had baited the others way too easily.
It was time for a challenge.
Once she had made up her mind she reacted as though she felt a surge of pain rushing through her
entire body. She collapsed to her knees holding her ribs with both her arms. The snow around her
started melting as her appearance started to change. The black dress she wore started to crumble and
with the first breeze the shreds danced off with the wind.
Once her transformation was complete she was lying naked in a pool of steaming hot water.
She stood up and used the pool of water as a mirror. She observed that she had tiny lacerations and
scars littering her body with dull blue bruises visible at parts. She looked thinner, with her breasts and
bum still ample. She had a perfect hourglass figure now and her, which was black as night had now
turned a burning hazel.
She looked for flaws in her transformation then noticed her eyes were still their natural glowing purple.
She closed them for a second or two then opened them slowly. Her eyes were now the color of the
midday sky. She was pleased with the crystal blue so she proceeded to the next part of her
transformation. She walked over to a dead shrub and pulled some of the twigs free; she then went on to
rub these into her hair so that she looked even more bewildered. She then started walking confidently in
the direction of the cottage just before she reached the tiny porch breeze came by carrying on it tiny
pieces of cloth that stitched itself around her. She felt her self being dressed in cargo pants that were
torn, on one leg, from the knee down. The other hose was ripped even shorter exposing most of her
Her shirt was also well worn, with the rips and holes making up most of the material. Then as an after-
thought the remaining material formed a thick rain coat that was also visibly worn. She then crept up to
the door ready to for her game to begin.
She deliberately took a hard step forward sending a load thud into the cottage. She then halted waiting.
She could hear him crawling backwards into the corner and aiming the rifle at the door. She took
another step and then slowly opened the door before she could be seen the door creaked with a
metallic screech. Carl pulled the trigger of his rifle and a bullet hit the door frame above her head.
She fell to the floor holding her hands over her head screaming and crying while the Carl frightened
cogged his weapon. It took him a second of dumbfounded staring to see what or rather who was laying
in the door. He dropped the gun at his side and ran towards her.
"Please! Please, please don't hurt me!" She was holding both her hand above her to block and attack.
"I... I'm so sorry!" He was as shocked as he was sincere. He took a few steps back and lowered himself
onto his knees while holding his hands out to her motioning that he wasn't going to hurt her. Her hair
was in chaos hanging like curtains over her face.
They both grew silent as she lowered her hands and looked at him through her hair. He looked into her
crystal blue eyes and felt himself disappearing into a trance. For only a moment before he snapped out
of it.
"Are you alright?" He crawled a bit closer. She shied away from him so he closed the distance even
more. She was turned her head away from him this time smiling as he placed a hand on her shoulder.
"Look I'm lost and scared and I really just don't want to hurt you... please just tell me if you're okay so
that I can help you!" For the first time in what seemed to be an eternity she felt something more than
hatred towards a mortal. It was strange so she decided to entertain it.
Her smile faded and she looked back at him with the eyes of innocence itself. Then without warning she
through her arms around him, pulling him down into a hug. She was crying and Carl found himself
dumbfounded. He didn't know how to react so he just moved his body closer and put his arms around
"You'll be okay now..." his words were muffled by her hair. He was surprised, despite the way she
looked and the state of her clothes she had a sweet scent radiating from her skin and hair. He was
worried though she still wasn't speaking, he let go of her body then started to stand holding her just
below her back as he pulled her up. Once they were both standing he placed a hand on her shoulder
and then took a step back he looked at her from her head to her toes making sure that there weren't
any wounds.
She smiled with false sincerity and said "I'm okay". Her voice had a husky nuance and to Carl she looked
like she was around 22 years old. She had fine features with a fine nose that curved upwards ever so
"Uhm... okay... t-that's good" He swallowed noticeably then walked away from her motioning to a spot
opposite where he was going to sit by the fire. She walked over slowly then before sitting asked "Is there
something I can hang this coat on, it's soaking wet?"
She trusted him to find something as she undid the zip. She pretended to struggle so that he could come
to her rescue and help her... and he did. He moved in behind her and helped her free of the coat. He
then went over to the window cracking it open ever so slightly and then pinning the top of the coat on
the corner of the window frame. When he looked back to the fire he saw her clothes in tatters and
something inside him started to stir. He tried to push past his awkward ways to make her feel more
"So, I'm Carl, what's your name?" He started.
"Danielle..." She hesitated before answering but he didn't seem to notice.
"How'd you end up out here in the wilderness? By the state of your clothes I'd say you've been out here
a while..." He casually poked the fire with a twig.
"I... I'm not sure. I've been walking around for days... maybe weeks? I can't remember anything really..."
she looked confused for a second before continuing.
"All I know is I was woken up in the woods by the pain from a wound on the back of my head and then I
started walking... until I got scared and started running... I'm not even sure how I got here..."
"Wow... that's harsh... at least I know how I got here..." Then it went awkwardly silent.
"Well who knows maybe you're an angle and you fell from heaven to keep me company until we can get
out of here!" He laughed at his own joke and saw that she was also amused.
"Oh come on, I bet you've heard that one before?" he said still laughing.
"Actually no, no I haven't... but it was sweet... thank you!" she was smiling with true sincerity this time.
"We better get some sleep... and then we can travel in the morning see if we can get you into town and
find out who you are maybe even have the doc take a look at you" he looked around for a place he
could sleep and crawled over into the same corner he hid in when he heard her outside. He had a back
pack with him and decided that he'd use it as a pillow, and then he rolled into a small ball to conserve
his body heat and tried to sleep keeping an ear open in case she had any comments or questions.
"Can I put the fire out, I don't want to wake up to a burning room?" he looked over to her and saw that
she was standing holding her hands over the fire.
"Well it'll get quite cold then... and it's not like we have any blankets to cover ourselves with..." he
noticed that she was very cold. Her right arm was over her chest and the left arm was vertical with the
right. He could see now with the lighting as it was that her clothes didn't give her much protection from
the cold. Not to mention that her shirt and the lower part of her pants was completely soaked.
"That shirt and your pants... are they also wet?" He asked despite having already observed. She nodded
in silence.
"Okay I'll tell you what..." he stood starting to unbutton his shirt.
"You hang those up to dry and put these on, and then we'll just have to lie together so you can keep me
warm, ok?" By the time he finished his sentence he had stepped out of his trousers too.
"O-okay, thank you so much..." she looked surprised. She quickly spread the shirt and trousers he
handed her out around the fire then asked him to look away. She stood close to the fire as she slowly
undid her blouse revealing that below that tatter piece of cloth she was completely naked. Soon her
Pants were also discarded and kicked aside.
Danielle felt a shadow of seduction fall over her. She picked up the shirt from the floor and hung it over
her shoulders without donning it properly. She then walked over to him pressing her bare chest against
his bare back. He wanted to turn too look but her arms slid around his body from below his armpits.
"Shhhh" she hushed with an index finger pressed softly against his lips. She let her weight guide Carl
down until they eventually were lying together in the corner of the room. She pulled the shirt over them
and then she snuggled in close to him making sure as much of her body was in contact with his as
possible. She could hear his breaths were short and untimely. Her palm fell flat on his chest and she
could feel his heart was racing. She smiled and started sliding her other hand down his chest until
eventually she reached inot his boxers. She felt exactly what she had expected- she slowly withdrew her
hand and then used both hands to lower his boxer to knee height. She then snaked a hand through the
gap between his midriff and the wooden floor. She gripped his manhood and slowly started stroking it.
"Perhaps you are a boy after all..." she said picking up speed, her words had triggered something in him
though. Something he didn't quite understand. He felt a pulse of lust going through his body and a tinge
of anger making his moves a bit more rugged. He stopped her and, after freeing his cock from her hand,
he spun around.
His hand slid in between her legs and he could feel her closing her legs around his hand. It was a failed
attempt at keeping him out. He started rubbing her sex simply exploring until he found the key to her
desires. He moved his fingers from left to right over the little button that seemed to make her bow to his
whim. She was still trying to get him away from her but now she was much less reluctant, only feigning
He moved faster and faster until his hand was but a blur then he stopped, much to her dissatisfaction.
She didn't use the opportunity to get away from him though; she was still savoring the pulses of
pleasure going through her body, radiating from between her legs.
"I'm just a boy? I'll show you how much of a man I am" He didn't seem like himself. To him it felt like he
was outside his body just watching as it all happened. He turned her onto her back and forced his knees
in between her thighs.
"I didn't mean to... Please stop!" She seemed frantic on the brink of tears.
"Carl, I don't want it to go this far!" He grabbed her by the wrists and forced each one onto the floor
with a separate hand. Then her words broke him free, throwing him back into reality.
He stopped his manhood right by the entrance to her sex. He lifted his weight from her wrists and stood
taking a few steps back. Suddenly he looked stronger, more proud and respectable.
"Interesting..." Her voice rang with a deeper more sinister tone. To Carl it sounded like a different
woman speaking, not the sweet innocent girl he just had every intention of rapping.
"Usually you mortals are so predictable... I didn't think that you'd stop" her body that had been lying
horizontally levitated dropping her onto her feet into a vertical position.
"Wha... what, who are you?" Carl stood his ground this time usually at a sight like this he would flee but
he had an arrogant confidence about him now.
"Oh ignorant child... you would comprehend even if I told you" she walked over to the window to fetch
her jacket.
"Oh yeah, try me!" When she looked back after putting on the jacket he had a rifle pointing at her. She
"Cute, no need to get worked up though... I'll tell you what you want to know" He stood at ease letting
the barrel of the gun drop.
"Okay... good" he stood starring at her in anticipation.
"Well... what do you want to know?" She said looking at him like he was some form of primate.
"You know what I want to know!" He lifted the barrel again.
"Who - are - you?" he pointed and retracted the barrel with each word.
"I have been known by many names; In Greece I was known as Echidna and in Japan - Kuchisake. In
Europe I gave birth to the idea of witches, in Scandinavia they called me a Vampire" She walked around
the room running her fingers over the course stone walls.
"You're trying to tell me you're hundreds of years old?" He looked confused but she sensed that he
believed her.
"More than just hundreds" She turned to him and he noticed that the color of her eyes were purple
"I can sense your fear... but rest assured I won't be killing you like the others. Usually men... and
humanity is so predictable. But you surprised me... I'd even dare say that you intrigued me" she had
moved closer, circling him now. Her fingers ran along his bare back and then his chest as she drew a
slow circle around him.
"So then... what's next?" He asked wearily.
"Next?" She said rising and eyebrow.
"You must be here for a reason... if you're not going to kill me what are you going to do?" his body was
frozen as her nails, which had grown at least an inch in the time she was circling him, scratched his skin
lightly annoying the top layer.
"Well, I might reward you... or curse you... or a bit of both maybe" she stopped when she was in front of
him again facing him. She looked into his eyes locking him in a trance. He bent down to kiss her. When
their lips met a strange tingle ran over his skin from his lips to the back of his head all the way down to
the tips of his toes. She started giggling then stepped back as he collapsed to his knees. She walked past
him heading out the door.
"Things are going to change Carl... I'll be in touch" were the last words she said before he lost

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2014-05-06 23:00:52
Good story. Needs better editing and paragraphs.

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2014-01-09 01:35:34
yolandi & carl - Kan nie onthou weanner laas ons soveel pret gehad het nie! Dankie vir die pragtige fotos. Sal dit enige dag weer doen!

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2014-01-07 07:30:41
Black is the new black. Glossy black is really the new black. Looks nice Carl. Bet Carl can not wait to get his new frame back in his hands.

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2013-11-08 03:59:47
I want meaningless sex.... lots and lots of meaningless sex.

I wonder who the fuckhead is that came to an erotic story site to make the remark about being happy to find an author who can write a story WHITout all the meaningless sex. Is jerking off in your oatmeal your idea of satisfying sex?

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2013-11-08 03:34:23
They DO let us authors reply to feedback. Just sign in and we'll know it's from you.

Yours is a good story line but it was a bit too short. It took only about three minutes to read it.

You were right about needing assistance with your English. Get someone competent to proof your work before you post it.

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