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Part 1:

I love to suck cock ! Little cocks, medium sized cocks but I especially like to suck big, big cocks. I like cocks that are skinny, I like cocks that medium in width and I like fat, fat cocks. I like short cocks, medium length cocks, and especially like long, long cocks. I just like to suck any and cocks of all sizes. I especially like uncircumcised cocks but enjoy circumcised cocks as well. I just love cocks!!!! But I have never sucked a black cock. Hopefully some day !!

I especially like to suck a cock that is initially soft and have it harden in my mouth as I suck it to the point to where it is about to cum. I like the cock's owner to slide his cock in and out of my mouth or if the owner prefers to stay stationary, I'll gladly do all the work. I love to suck on the head of the cock and/or have the cock as deep in my throat as I can tolerate – just shy of gagging. I have gotten pretty good at swallowing a fairly large cock, length and width. I like to run my tongue under the foreskin of an uncircumcised cock and to run my tongue around and around the cock head concentrating on the area on the underside of the cock where hood comes together, where the cock is very sensitive. I love to run my mouth and tongue up and down and around and around the cock. This seems to produce a great deal of satisfaction for the owner as quite often his cock will get harder and lengthen significantly in the process.

I love cum!!!! I love pre-cum, just plain cum and tangy sperm laden cum but I especially like cum that is ejaculated during the height of an orgasm. The more cum, the more I have to swallow, the better I like it. I love all cum – especially cum from a man who has had a vasectomy. This cum is sweet and tastes so good. I also like cum from a man who still has his vasdeferens (tubes connecting his testicles carrying sperm to his prostate). This cum has many different tastes. It is usually quite tangy, the difference in taste being due to what the cocks owner has eaten and the amount of sperm added to the fluid produced by the prostate. I also love to suck cock that no longer can ejaculate (no cum at all) but bring the owner to a climax. A mans motions are still the same; in /out, lunging forward at time of climax wanting as deep a penetration as possible. BUT I really love cum !!!! The more and the thicker the cum the better I like it. I also love the cum on a mans cock after it has been inside a lady, the mans cum mixed with the lady's juices. Fantastic!!!!

I especially love sucking a cock that has just cum. The head can stay very, very sensitive so that as I continue to suck on this cock, the man moves uncontrollably, pulling his cock out of my mouth and shaking all over. I love to keep the cock in my mouth as the recipient slowly comes down from his climax, his cock shrinking back to it's flaccid size while still in my mouth. I will occasionally suck on this cock, sucking it in a way that I stretch it toward its erect proportion. This is fun as quite often it causes the man to again convulse and shiver all over. There are all sorts of things to do to the mans cock while its hard and whiles it softens pre-erection and post climax. All of which give me great satisfaction and seem to satisfy all men equally.

Other men, even after extremely turned on or after they climax, stay as hard as they were before climax, their cock head no more sensitive than as when the cock got hard initially. I love sucking this kind of cock as I can lick it, suck it and nibble on its head for long periods of time.

Balls are also very enjoyable to suck on. Much care must be given, however, not to put too much pressure on the balls while they are in my mouth but just enough to cause him to moan with pleasure and enjoy the process.

I love to jack off cocks too. I love to hold a limp cock in my hand and feel it grow and harden – sliding my hand up and down the length of a nice cock. I also love to fondle the mans balls whether his balls hang nicely below his cock or if his balls are sucked up tightly under his cock. I again love the feel the cock begin to harden and lengthen as I stroke it. Than it is very pleasant to fell the cock begin to pulse just before ejaculation and to watch as the white cum shots or oozes from the cocks opening onto my hand or onto the mans body. I than love to rub the cum around and around as if it were body lotion (which it actually is) and than lean over and lick up as much as possible.

Cum also varies in smell. This is apparently is also related to what the mans eats. However, this smell is also an aphrodisiac. Especially for the cock sucker !!!!!

Part 2:

I really love playing and sucking cock. All sizes, color and sizes. Some of the cocks I have sucked are as follows.

Cock 1: This cock belongs to TH. It is a beautiful perfectly shaped cock, straight, long and large in diameter and larger than in length than the average cock. It was very easy to get this cock hard as this person is very sexual and masturbates many times a day, cumming in large quantities. This is a cock that any man would be proud to own. This person also loves to reciprocate by sucking others off. He is a fantastic cock sucker and especially loves of swallow cum and your entire ?? inches.

Cock 2: DM – is a man of Mexican descent who is rightly very proud of his cock. Having lost his natural capability to acquire a hard-on, he must resort to the an injection of prostaglandin. After injecting, he massages his cock, like jacking it off, until it is rock hard. Once it is rock hard, he enjoys walking around, showing off his cock to all, ladies and men, hoping someone will grab his cock and lead him into some private place. I especially like this cock. It is uncircumcised with a nicely covered very soft cock head. It is especially nice to run my tongue around his soft cock head and to rub my lips over it.

DM's cock is not especially long but it does have a nice width, filling my mouth nicely. His loads of cum varys but is sweet and very nice to swallow. DM is a regular visitor, preferring my lady's pussy to my mouth but when my lady is not available, my mouth is an acceptable substitute. I don't complain as DM is one of the men who can cum, stay rock hard and withstand my sucking on his cock for long periods of time. For me, the longer the better.

Cock 3: GR - Now here is one of the worlds finest cocks. It is a huge huge cock, in length and width. It is a jaw breaker and really more of a lady pleaser than a cocksucker pleaser. In its prime, this fine cock was at least 9-10inches long and a good 2-2.5 inches in diameter.

This was my lady's first really huge cock and …... she loved every inch of it, consuming the entire length of GR's cock on her first encounter. Even than we do not feel that this fine cock reached the bottom of her surgically improved vagina. She has also enjoyed it many times and still would if conditions allowed.

I also have enjoy sucking GR's cock and have done so on a number of occasions. I still enjoy doing so every chance he gives me. I can just get its diameter in my mouth but obviously can not accommodate it length. As GR has aged, his cock has diminished in dimensions. It is still quite substantial and still very enjoyable. His cum is sweet and abundant. However, as GR has aged, the abundance of his cum has diminished which is normal. No problem, just sucking his fantastic cock is satisfaction enough.

Cock 4: RS –This man has a very nice cock. Not a long as GR's but just as big in diameter. My lady has had the opportunity to enjoy RS's cock also but does not really enjoy the person its connected too. I have sucked his cock a number of times and truly enjoy its length and width. I am also lucky that this person also enjoys sucking my cock.

Cock 5: TS – I've sucked this cock many times. Sometimes as much as 2-3 times a week. TS's cock is average in size, length and width, but it could stay hard for a long time even after cumming. He can also cum a number of time in a row with just a small rest in between. I had the privilege sucking his cock for a number of years until he pasted away. He had never had sex with a woman until with my lady. He was an unlearned lover and lacked in his ability to satisfy my lady in the process of satisfying himself. We really miss TS !!!!!!

Cock 6: AW – This is a relatively new cock for me. This cock is relatively young and therefore reacts with a great deal of enthusiasm. It is a very, very nice cock when soft and especially nice when fully erect. It is narrow at the base widening nicely toward its head. This cock is a little bigger than average and starts soft but as he approaches his orgasm, it hardens and lengthens beautifully. He cums with great gusto; shivering, shaking and moaning. His cum is generous and very sweet. A great cock to suck and I hope to suck it regularly for a long time to come. This cock is also a lady pleaser and I would love to see it going in and out of my lady's pussy.

Cock 7: TT – I've only had the chance to suck this cock once. It is a very nice average but thick cock. I would really like to suck it more often but doubt if I will ever have the chance again..

Cock 8: GD – This nice cock came with our introduction into swinging. We had a beautiful in ground hot tub in our old home. We had a nudist party at this home and after all the other party members had left, GD and his wife decided to stay little longer. I left GD and my our hot tub and went to refresh our drinks. When I returned to the hot tub, I found my lady sitting on GD's lap. Finding this interesting, I entered the hot tub, reached under the water, found my lady's leg and slid my hand up her leg. Here I found a nice big cock embedded to the hilt in my lady's pussy. This start the best 10-15 years of our lives. I eventually got to suck GD's cock and did so for most of the 10-15 years. I've even had the good fortune to eat GD's wife's juicy pussy.

Cock 9: NH - This cock I have known for a long time but have only had a chance to suck it a couple of times. It is a very nice long slender cock, one that is easy to suck deep into my throat. I hope for have it visit again, soon.

Cock 10: BC - I'm disappointed that I have never had a chance to suck a black cock. Maybe some day!!!!!

Cock 11: A Russian cock - a nice cock, normal size bt very,very hard. As he came he shoved his cock deep into my throat and deposited his huge load of tasty cum. I only sucked him once.

By the way - I'm bisexual. I love to eat pussy just as much !!

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2013-08-09 03:11:47
Hi there, I love your site if I am straightforward. Wherever did you obtain it built?

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2013-03-03 06:43:24
I was once blackmailed twaords forced-bi stuff. Everything was all arranged with a local guy through craigslist, but about 3 days before it was due to happen the person blackmailing me left a message saying she was disappearing, and I never heard from her again. Needless to say, I felt I had a lucky escape.I imagine this guy won't have that luck

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