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“Is that the last one sweetheart?” I asked my daughter Katrina when she handed me her last bag. She nodded her head and I closed the trunk. We both decided to go camping this year but since my wife had some bad experience with camping, it’s just me and my daughter.

“Have fun!” Megan, my wife said and I gave her a quick kiss on her lips and squeezed her ass tightly. It’s
going to be hard living a week without sex but I promised my daughter so I got in the truck and waited for
my daughter.

“Let’s go dad! I am all ready” Katrina said excitedly as buckled her seatbelt. I gave my wife a wave and took
off. “We are staying there for a week right daddy?”

“Yeah…” I answered looking at her. Katrina was a beautiful girl at the age of 15, with long blonde hair with
brown highlights which came up to her shoulder blades. She kept herself fit by coming to the gym with me
and playing softball for her school. Her breasts were almost as big as her mothers, which were 35 C and
her ass was gorgeous.

I loved when her green eyes sparkled with excitement and her cute laugh whenever I would say something
to make her laugh. Over the last year, she grew into a stunning girl with good looks, great grades, and
cheerful personality. The fact that boys would be trying to get into my daughter’s pants is a little troubling
but I had faith in her.

“Dad…let’s put some music on!” She said enthusiastically and put the latest songs which she
downloaded on to her I-pod. The drive to the camping sites was about an hour and thirties minutes but
with the traffic we got there in two hours. I rented a small cabin for us and parked the truck right next to our
cabin. It took us 15 minutes or so to get all our supplies into the cabin.

“What are we doing now?” I asked her and her eyes sparkled. She had a white tanktop and blue shorts
which just managed to cover her ass.

“Hmm how about we hike that big mountain?” She said pointing at a small mountain which was at least

“Are you sure? It looks quite big and a little steep” I asked her and she nodded her head. I grabbed a back-
pack and loaded it with drinks, snacks, and food. “Alright let’s get it”

Honestly if I didn’t hit the gym every day, I would have embarrassed myself. It was much harder than it
looked and quite steep. But we managed to climb up to the top and had our lunch there. It was great as we
hung out together, we talked about everything. She told about her friends in school and how immature the
boys were. She asked me about my work and I explained to her what exactly I did with cars but I don’t think
she completely got it but she listened intently. It was really fun spending time with her, after a while we
went back down the mountain. Later that day, we swam in the lake enjoying the cool water and finally
played some Frisbee to end the day.

“Daddy do you mind if I take some pictures of the moose I saw couple of minutes ago….” She asked me
and I nodded my head.

“Don’t go too far…” I called after her and set up the fire. I grabbed a beer and enjoyed the peace. I waited
for about 15 minutes and started to worry a little but knew that she was a big girl and can find her own way.
I decided to go look for after 20 minutes.

“Kat? Kat? Katrina!” I yelled for her and looked for 10 minutes before I found her by the lake. “Oh my god!”

It looked like she tripped on a piece of wood and fell into the river. Luckily, it was her just her body which
was completely wet and not her head. I ran to her and scooped her up in my arms. She opened her eyes in a daze and hugged me tightly as I took her back to the cabin. She was shivering badly and I quickly took off all her clothes and put her in bed.

“Daddy?” She stammered “I am c..cold”

“I know sweetheart I know” I tried to think what I should do and quickly took off my clothes and got in bed
with. I cradled her and held her tightly in my arms. I started rubbing her back in an attempt to heat her up
and kissed her face. “Shhh…it’s alright baby…you are safe…”

“So cold…” She shivered and I continued rubbing her body with my hands. She finally calmed down and
held on to me tightly wrapping her legs around me. I stroked her soft hair and kissed her face to quiet her
down and she finally fell asleep. I don’t when I fell asleep but when I woke up, I was hugging her tightly.
Her ass was pressed firmly against my cock and one of my hands was on her breast while the other was
on her pussy.

I don’t why but I gently started rubbing her pussy while playing with her now hardened nipples. I heard a soft moan which turned me on and I continued playing with her clit. I grazed my finger over her nipple and tweaked it.

“Ohhh” She moaned softly as I rolled her nipples in my hands. I pressed my erection into her ass and pulled her closer to me. The warmth of her body pressing into me was amazing and I slowing started kissing her neck. God I wanted to do this for so long! What!?! Why did I just think that? I have a gorgeous wife at home and I am molesting my own daughter!

“Don’t stop daddy” She whimpered as her pussy got wetter by the second. The heat radiating from her pussy was simply incredible. I started to move my hand from her breast but she grabbed it and held it firmly. “Please? Don’t stop…”

How could I disobey my daughter? I continued making a trail of kissed on her neck and gently sucked on her earlobe as I started humping her. She moaned in delight as I entered her tight pussy. I pushed my two fingers deep inside and curled them to find her G-spot. She withered in happiness as she edged closer to her orgasm. I pinched her nipple and tugged it with my index and thumb.

“Oh god daddy oh god!” She cried out as I massaged her g-spot feverishly. She started humping me back and suddenly let out a scream as her juices gushed. I held her tightly as her juices spewed out of her pussy.

She turned around looked into my eyes and smiled in satisfaction, “I wanted this for so long!” I cupped her face in my hands and kissed her soft lips gently at first. I pushed my tongue at her lips and she gently opened her lips allowing me to enter. I pushed my tongue forward and moaned as our tongues met for the first time. I slowly explored her mouth and pressed her tongue down as I tickled her roof.

“Mmm…” She moaned as our kiss began to intensify. I stroked her hair and pressed her body tightly against mine. I felt her scorching hot pussy graze my dick and her hard nipples trying to pierce my skin. She ran her hands over my hair and then my back. Our tongues wrestled in a hopeless battle as our hips grinded towards each others. She seemed to be melting right into my body.

“I love you so much Daddy…” She said looking deep into my eyes. I smiled in response and kissed her softly on the lips before telling her how much I love her. “I want you to be my first…”

“Katrina? I don’t know…we shouldn’t be doing this…” I argued. She didn’t say anything but removed the blankets and got between my legs. Before my mind completely grasped what was going on, I felt her gorgeous lips wrap around my purple head. I then felt the warm wetness of her lips slowly consuming my cock.

“Oh god oh my god” I moaned as I softly stroked her soft hair. This was certainly not the best blowjob I received but the fact that it was my daughter giving me the pleasure intensified it by 10x. My hips involuntary pushed myself deeper into her mouth, she began to lick and swirl her tongue around my cockhead and down his shaft.

“Shit baby it feel so good” I gasped as she came back up sucking as hard as she could. I almost lost it right then and there; she pulled her tongue into my slit and massaged my balls with her tiny fingers. “Baby I am going to cum!”

She immediately took me deep and pressed her face into my stomach, I gasped as her throat choked my cock. I held her head tightly as I shot load after load of hot cum. Each time she swallowed, her throat strangled my cock making me drown her with cum. She kept on sucking even after I was limp.

“Daddy you taste so damn god…” She moaned as she straddled my chest and gave me a deep passionate kiss.

“It’s my turn sweetheart…” I said lifting her up and laying her down the bed. I cupped her breasts in my hand and sucked on her nipples gently and tenderly bit into it. She gasped and grabbed on to the sheets next to her. I twisted her other nipple in my hand and pulled it gently with my teeth and flicked it.

I made a trail of kisses down to her stomach and brushed her light layer of soft pubic hair with my lips. I slowly slid my fingers back and forth over her moist cunt. I began to feel her fluids oozing out onto my fingers. She placed her hands on top of mine and began to move her body with the motion of my massaging. She was slowly grinding her pussy onto my fingers and was letting out her adorable little whimpers and moans. When I slid my middle finger into her pussy she let out a cry as she tossed her head back and jutted her chest out.

I listened to her voice, which was getting closer, so I thrust my finger in and out, faster and faster, harder and harder. I was really enjoying seeing my sweet little Katrina on the bed with her back arched and her pelvis gyrating, gasping in a desperate attempt to stifle her cries of pleasure. It was so fucking erotic. I kept ramming it in and out, as deep as it would go, until finally she reached the peak –and grabbed my free arm, digging her nails into my skin and gasping as her whole body quivered, then collapsed, dribbling her fluids all over my hand. I pulled out of her tight and sucked all her pussy juice off, licking my fingers. I looked at her limp body on the floor and bent over and kissed her on her pussy, then on her lips for several seconds.

I stared at Katrina’s bare, sweet, pink pussy for the first time, then bent down towards it. Her breathing got heavy and fast even before my tongue started lapping against her clit and darting in and out of her hole. I had to hold her waist down because she couldn’t keep still as wave after wave of electric pleasure surged out from her pussy and rippled through her tender female body.

She moaned, and groaned, and cried into the pillow.

It was so fucking erotic.

I raised my head and wiped the fluids off my mouth and chin. Her top and bra lay on the floor and her pink nipples stared at me. I let her catch her breath for a second, then slowly began penetrate her vagina with my forefinger and middle finger together. I entered her hole and slowly pushed inwards. She held my hands to guide me so I wouldn’t hurt her and helped me go deeper.

When we had established a reasonable comfort zone, I began the finger fucking. She grabbed my free hand and held on to me as I kept sliding my fingers in and out of her pussy. I bent over and bit on her nipple, still fucking her, and licked her tits, causing her to moan and grab my head. As I began to fuck her deeper, she began to moan louder and louder. I looked up to watch her face, her movements, and was timing her…then I saw it coming. Just as her she arched her back, I thrust my fingers into her tight pussy as deep as I could. She grabbed her tits squeezed them as she screamed. When I pulled my fingers hand out of her pussy, they had some blood on them. That was done. She gasped and jerked when I licked a nipple once more and smiled.

“Daddy? I want your cock in me now!” She demanded as I rubbed my erection against her slit. I wanted to fuck her so hard. “You gave me two amazing orgasms…no wait…three!”

I lifted her ass up lightly and directed my dick to her pussy, and then slowly entered. It was so warm and wet inside; her pussy muscles gripped my cock tightly. She wrapped her legs around me, her soft yet firm thighs around mine. I moved myself in and out of her warm pussy gently. I slowly increased my pace. I managed to shoved my entire shaft into her body. Then I did it again and again and again. Each time she would let out a cry.

When she learned to fully take in my cock, I began to bang as hard as I could into her pelvis. I held her up by her thighs as I impaled the young girl on my spear. I wanted her to feel my cock inside her body as much as she possibly could. In a little while she was screaming my name as I fucked my little, sweet Katrina harder and harder and harder and harder.
It was so fucking erotic.

I could see the sweat forming between our hot bodies as I rammed my rigid cock repeatedly up into her tight pussy. Her wet, hard nipples rubbed against my chest each time I lowered myself to thrust upward into my girl once again

All of a sudden she gripped my body. Her legs tightened around me. She cried out and arched her back. She was flying through the stars – she was cumming. Her pussy was squeezing hard on my cock. I began to lose it.

“Oh shit! Oh baby! I’m cumming” I cried

“Yes! Cum inside me…please…cum inside me!” she cried as her pussy muscles kept pulsating around my shaft.

I just couldn’t stop myself.

In one final powerful thrust I released all the sexual pressure that had built up inside my balls over the last few weeks.I came, flooding wave after wave after wave of my hot, thick, creamy sperm into Katrina’s tight, little pussy, filling her belly with my sperm as her beautiful orgasm burst into a rainbow of intense, sweet pleasure surging through the inside of her beautiful nubile, body.

I cuddled with sexy daughter on the bed with the smell off sweat sex still lingering in the air. We were, still in our sexual embrace, with my limp cock inside her. My sperm slowly seeped out of her onto the floor and slowly washed away into the drain by the warm showering water. She sobbed as she held on tightly to my body, and I held on tightly to hers. Several teardrops rolled down her cute cheeks.

“I love you Daddy…”

“I love you too sweet heart…”

We remained there for some time, enjoying the precious moments and the feeling of each other’s skin. I
was enjoying her naked body on top of me, and she was enjoying being on top of my naked body.

“What are we going to do today?” I asked her and she leaned toward me and whispered. I could feel my
dick getting hard again.


2018-07-18 00:24:17
Pammie led me up the mountainside, her strong legs keeping her just ahead of me. Her skirt flapped with the motion of her walking and I got several glimpses of her light blue panties. We were off the trail heading to our favorite overlook, secluded from walkers but having a view down onto the valley below. When we reached the overlook, Pammie spun around and pulled me into her arms. We kissed hungrily, not having had many chances at home the last week. I reached under her skirt and felt her moist pussy through her panties. She grabbed at my cock through my shorts. In seconds all our clothes were on the ground and we were holding each other tightly. "In me, I want you inside of me!" I lined my cock up with her pussy and in I sank. What a delicious feeling. My thirteen year old daughter and I fucking in our favorite place. I picked her up and we rocked. Back and forth until she started to moan and then cum. I speeded up my thrusts and came inside her cunt. What a great lover.

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2016-02-13 00:44:16
Honestly, your transition from the lake to the bed to the shower were a bit choppy. It was better written then most people screaming fuck and oh baby, but seemed a bit quick.

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2014-10-20 04:32:41
It made me cum


2013-12-17 13:05:54
"Camping With My Daughter, Katrina; Day 1" - Katrina and Daddy - (Daughter and Father)

The story is pretty well written; the character's are fun, intelligent and easily converse with each other. The context and theme of the story is great. Both father and Katrina express deep feelings--an even deeper love--for each other!! Though Katrina was a virgin fifteen year old young teenager, there is no discussion nor mention of birth protection! It causes the reader's imagination to wonder, is fifteen year old Katrina now pregnant with her first child and her a new brother or sister, her father's second child and both parent's first grandchild???

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2013-11-10 17:36:07
I have no idea why idiots like yourself try to throw the word sperm into these stories. It must take a profound degree of stupidity to fail to realize that incongruity of telling a story of this type while insisting on trotting out clinical terms.

Baddie McBadwriter is a badwriter.

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