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pure fiction only. i have tried to kept the graphics out not some, hope you like my first story
My name is Sarah, I’m 15 years old, I have a sister Julie, she is 13, and a brother, David, he is 9, mom is a supervisor at the supermarket and dad is a landscape gardener designer, and works at home a lot, leaving the day to day work to his team of worker.
For the last 3 years or so I have had growing feeling towards my daddy, I’ve lay in bed fingering myself thinking about him..
This all started when I came home from school early one afternoon, dad wasn’t in the downstairs room so I thought he was in his office in the attic, as I needed to ask him something I went up looking for him, when I reached the top of the stairs I froze, and had to bite my hand to stop him hearing my gasp, daddy was completely naked coming out of the bathroom drying his hair, my eyes were fixed on his penis which was sticking right out in front of him, as he walked it bobbed a little, it looked so huge, but then to a 12 year old it would, when he had entered his room I quickly ran down stairs and out into the garden and climbed up into the tree house he had built for me and my siblings, I had a funny tingling between my legs and I soon found out if I rubbed my vagina it felt better.
I had been rubbing myself for about five minutes when I hared daddy calling me from under the tree house, I wondered how he knew I was home, then I realised my bag and coat was in the kitchen, I looked out, “what are you doing home”?
I had to think quick so I told him I had had a falling out with Tracy again, this was plausible as we were always falling out. “I don’t know why you bother with her, your falling out at the drop of a hat” “I know dad, maybe this time I’ll not make up with her”
I slid down the fireman’s pole and hugged dad, “What’s that for”? “I just felt like it, do you mind”?
He didn’t answer, he just asked if I was hungry, minutes later he was making me a sandwich, as we ate I asked him if I could have my ears pierced, he agreed as long as mom was happy with me having it done, which I knew she would let me as I had already asked her.
Over the following few months I couldn’t get the thought of seeing dad’s hard penis out of my mind and I found myself rubbing my vagina as I lay in bed, most night’s.
As I became more experienced in doing this I could give myself several orgasms, not that I knew what they were for a few years, all I knew was how good I felt afterwards.
As the year passed and I learned more about sex I grew to love my daddy more and more. For my 15th birthday he asked what I wanted to do, I asked if I cold go to the theatre, being my treat I could chose what we saw, mom and my sister and brother didn’t go with us, so it felt like I was on a date with my daddy, I would hug his arm thanking him for this treat.
After the show he drove us home, we arrived after 2 in the morning, to his surprise mom was still up watching a girly film she had borrowed off her sister, as we walked into the lounge she looked back in surprise seeing us, “I thought you would make a night of it and stop over at a hotel to save the drive home”
Hearing dad replying “I did think about it but we didn’t have a change of clothes or night wear with us” I could have screamed, to be alone and possibly naked with my daddy, would have been the icing on the cake.
Once I was in bed my fingers were working double time in my pussy and the orgasm I had was better than any before.
The following morning I stayed in bed until mid morning, I could here dad mowing the lawn and looked out of my window, he was wearing just his working trousers, his muscles flexed and relaxed as he moved the mower around the lawn, I knew mom would be at work and guessed that Julie and David would be out playing with their friends, I quickly washed and started to dress, as I pulled my bra on I had the idea of leaving it off, and maybe my nipple would harden and daddy might see, so this was put back in my draw, then I had the wicked idea to leave my panties off also.
I pulled out my shortest skirt I had and headed out into the garden, I went up behind dad and grabbed him from behind, making him jump, he looked over his shoulder, “Morning sweetheart, how are you feeling this morning”
“Ok daddy and you” this was double barrelled as I was saying I was feeling him and he could see it as me asking him how he was feeling, “Me, OH I’m OK too”
“Thank you for last night, the show was great and it was so good being just you and me” I could feel my tits mashed against his back, I continued hugging him as he turned to face me, he kissed the top of my head and said it was his pleasure, he then asked me to let him go so he could finish mowing the lawn, reluctantly I did, but not before squeezing him tight.
As I moved away I saw him look down, as I turned I glanced to my tits, boy oh boy they were hard and my nipples were standing right out, I had a little giggle, my daddy knew I had good tits now.
I sat on the patio watching him finish the lawn and he kept looking up towards me, and I saw a bulge growing in his trousers, God daddy was getting hard looking at me, my dreams were coming true, well part of them were.
As he put the mower away and headed towards the patio, I had to push things a little further, so I let my legs open a little, as he reached the steps he stopped, it was obvious he was looking up my skirt, this gave me butterflies in my stomach, after a few seconds he asked if I wanted an ice cream as the van was coming up the road, “Yes please daddy, can I have a ninety nine with sprinkles and raspberry sauce” when he came back I had my legs open a little more, handing my the ice cream he sat on the seat beside me, we ate it in silence, I was pretending it was his cock I was licking and I wondered what he was thinking.
Finishing the ice cream he got up and said this wouldn’t get the gardening finished, he went to work but he stayed close to where I was sitting, but he had to move away as he worked around the boarder, I wanted to give him a good sight so I asked if I could put the sun bed on the lawn “Of course you can” I picked it up and went down the garden, then stretched out, as daddy came nearer I slowly pulled my feet up and opened my legs, until when he was directly in front of me, he could see my pussy in all it’s glory, I saw him take a gulp of air and a small bead of sweat ran down him nose and dripped onto his chest, he turned his back to me for a second or two and I saw him fumbling a little, I guessed he was adjusting his erection.
Finishing the boarder he said he was done for the day and was going for a shower asking me if I needed the bathroom, “Not yet daddy” I stayed out side for a few minutes then crept up stairs, I could hear the shower running and wondered if dad was playing with his cock, I so wanted to walk in but I thought he would have the door locked.
I had to put plan two into operation, I went into my room and stripped off, then I sat on my bed waiting for him to come out of the bathroom, a few minutes later the water stopped running, the door opened and he stepped out, I dashed to my door and opened it, when his eyes drew on my naked flesh his cock became a solid rod, before he could say anything I went to him and hugged him tight, my tits pressed firmly into his chest and his cock pressed against my stomach, “Thanks again for last night daddy”
As quickly as I had moved to him I turned and went back into my room, my heart was pounding in my chest and I could hardly breath for the fear I had, what would dad do or say, would he tell mom, all sort of thing ran through my mind, had I gone to far, would things with us ever be the same.
I hared a tap on the door, “Can I come in sweetheart”? I was still naked but what difference did this make, he had already seen me so I said it was OK, as he stepped in I was surprised to see he was still naked and his erection was as hard.
“What do you want dad”?
“I want to know what up with you, all day, you’ve been teasing me, pressing your tits into my back and flashing your pussy”, this was it, if I backed out now that would be the end and I wouldn’t get to feel his firm cock in my pussy, I took a deep breath and dropped my head and replied “I want you to fuck me”.
He didn’t answer for what seemed minutes, but were only seconds, “You know its so wrong” “I know daddy, but I’ve wanted it for so long, I can’t think about anything else, and hearing you fucking mom all the time make’s me so jealous”.
He sat on the bed and patted it beside him, I sat beside him, “What’s brought this on sweetheart”?. I went on to explain when I saw him naked when I was 12 and how I’ve gone to sleep with my fingers up my pussy and now, I’m so frustrated I need his cock up me before I rape David.
We sat in silence, me wondering what he was thinking about, and would I finally get to have my wish come true.
My heart sank as he got up and walked to the door, I had gone to far and daddy hated me, but then he stopped with his hand on the handle, turning he looked me over and smiled, “You coming them”? holding is hand out to me, I jumped to my feet and ran to his arms, pulling me tight he slipped his hand under my legs and picked me up, as he walked into his room I covered his face with kiss’s, he lay me on his bed and settled beside me, with more loving than I had know from him he leaned forwards and licked my right nipple, then the left one, I never know how sensitive they were until daddy racked his teeth lightly over them.
I had butterflies in my stomach and my head was spinning, I never really thought this would happen, but it was, and it was better than I had imagined and he was only sucking my tits.
For five minutes he sucked and nibbled my tits then slowly he kissed his way down my smooth flat stomach, instinctively my legs parted as he moved across, my pussy was soaking wet and as his mouth clamped on my little bud I screamed out with pure pleasure, “OH God daddy, that feels so good” his experienced tongue worked up and down my outer lips and around and around, teasing me now, he then parted my lips with his tongue, and slipped a little in, Oh God, I was coming in multiple orgasms, I thought I would choke daddy with all my juices, but he was lapping it all up with vigour.
Slipping a little more into me he found my little bud, as he sucked it into his mouth I came again, his tongue danced over my clit and he sucked my outer lips in and worked his tongue back and forth, sending me over the top more times than I can remember, I had come more times in those few minutes than I had before, and the day was still young.
As I had yet another orgasm he moved up my body kissing each and every part of me as he did, finally his mouth came to mine, as I pulled his head down to kiss him I could feel his cock pressing against my pussy, as I pushed my tongue into his mouth I opened my legs a little, I then felt the tip slip into me, inch by inch his cock entered my most private place, my muscles relaxed to give him easy access and then closed around his cock to hold it tight.
He didn’t move for a few minutes, I suppose he was getting used to the feel of my tight pussy around his cock, as I was getting used to the thick shaft in me. Then slowly he pulled back, then pushed back.
Oh God it was happening, daddy was fucking me, I clamped my legs around his back as he moved more and more, I knew I had to rock with him and it took a few thrusts to get into rhythm with him, but then we were fucking like we had been doing it all our lives.
I had orgasm after orgasm and soft squelching noises fill the room, there was so much love in our sex I didn’t want it to end, but I knew sooner or later it would, I had no control over my body’s reactions and my muscles clamped tight around his cock as I came yet again, this was the one that sent daddy over the top and his cock swelled inside me, then I felt his hot seed filling me. I thought he was done but I was wrong, he remained rock hard and after a short pause he started thrusting into me again, my pussy was so lubricated he thrust into me for about twenty minutes, before the friction built up and my muscles clamped his cock again. then as I had another mighty orgasm, he creamed inside me again.
We lay there for half an hour recovering, not speaking, I for one didn‘t know what to say, I couldn‘t find the words to express how I felt, then with a gentle nudge he said, “You’d better have a shower and clean up before your mother gets home” at that I rolled off him and went into my bathroom. Having showered I went down to the lounge and found dad watching the TV, I jumped onto the settee beside him and cuddled up close, I looked up at him and said “Thanks you daddy” he bent his head and kissed me nose, “No Thank you sweetheart” I pulled his arms around me and slipped one under my T shirt so he could feel my tits, we were sat like this until mom came home an hour later, as she came in he pulled his hand from me but let my stay in his arms, mom asked how our day had been, “Fine dear” “Great mom, hope I have more days like today” I gave dad a wishful look, he smiled and gave me a little nod.
When I went to bed I didn’t bother playing with myself as I now knew what it felt like having daddies cock filling me. I went to sleep still not really believing we had do it, and I hoped we would continue.

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